The Wife Is Telling Porkies

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I work as a cashier at a grocery store, and one of our goals is to have fresh meats, so if they are getting less fresh, the manager marks them down. There were some expensive cuts of pork, normally $20 or more for a package, marked down to less than ten, so all day I had enthusiastic customers telling me how excited they were.

One woman wanted hers on a separate order, because she was going to throw away her receipt, pick the label off, and tell her husband it was venison — deer meat — because he didn’t want pork in the house. He was Muslim, and it was against his religious beliefs to eat pork.

I actually have a great work environment, and want to keep my job, so I continued to treat her as I would any other customer, but her disrespect of her husband’s religion disturbed me.

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(I work in the express lane, but if it’s super crowded I will sometimes hop on a register to help out. I’m not familiar with what all the produce looks like, and more than once I’ve asked the produce manager for help when picking an order. A woman comes through my lane with a lot of produce. I get through the produce I recognize first, and then pick up something I’ve never seen before.)

Customer: “Do you know what that is?”

Me: “No.” *I type in a number and charge her for it*

Customer: “Then how did you know what to charge me for it?”

Me: “There’s a sticker.”

(I show her where the sticker is with the PLU number on it.)

Customer: “Oh.”

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I am a personal shopper at a grocery store and all our regulars know what we look like.

The person I am shopping for ordered eight or so bananas. All the bananas on the display are not great looking, so I get some better bananas out of the boxes below the display.

The first batch I picked didn’t have enough bananas. The second I turn to get more, an old lady comes out of nowhere and takes the first batch. She giggles at me and leaves before I can stop her.

Cash Back Attack, Part 8

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(I’m the self-checkout attendant, and have just put a “No Cash” sign on one of our registers.)

Customer: “Does this register take credit?”

Me: “Yes, sir. If it didn’t, we’d just shut it down, as it doesn’t have any cash.”

(I have to leave at this point to help another customer. By the time I’m finished, I notice the first customer is having trouble paying.)

Me: “How can I help you, sir?”

Customer: “I used debit to get some cash back, but it isn’t working.”

Me: *dies a little as I excuse myself to call a manager to transfer the customer’s cash*

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(I volunteer at the aquarium, and we have several different stations. One of them is a touch pool with several animals including horseshoe crabs in it. One of my first times at that station, I see a visitor trying to get his daughter who was no more than ten years old to touch the horseshoe crab.)

Visitor: “Why don’t we pet the horseshoe crab?”

Visitor’s Daughter: “No, it’s scary!”

(This sort of exchange goes back and forth for a few minutes until I hear this part:)

Visitor: “How about I touch it first?” *pets horseshoe crab* “See it didn’t hurt me. Don’t you trust me?”

Visitor’s Daughter: “No, I don’t!”

(The visitor gave up after that.)

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