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(I was at a very popular amusement park with my family about to get on a roller coaster. I was designated to put the bags in the lockers while they got in line. A cast member is yelling at people lining up to have one person drop off bags and they can go join up with their group after. After putting things in the locker I start moving through the line saying “Excuse me, so sorry! Im just getting to my group! Im so sorry!” No one has a problem until one guy very obviously elbows me in the ribs. Note: Im 5’6 and weigh 115 lbs. He was 6’1ish and about 250lbs?)

Him: Oh yeah sure. You have a group.

Me: Yes, I do. Im going to meet them. Sorry. They tell you at the entrance you can rejoin with your group when you drop off bags.

Him: Why dont you wait in line like everyone else you liar.

(There are a lot of children around and I noticed he has his own two young kids in costume. Im usually pretty ready for a conflict but I wasnt about to start a shouting match in front of a bunch of kids so I waved him off and kept going up the line.
My family was sitting just beyond the metal detectors.)

My mom: You wont believe this but your father kept his phone in his pocket so now we are waiting for him.

(I tell my mom about the rude guy who basically assaulted me. She insisted I point him out because shes more aggressive than even me. I refused explaining I wasnt going to cause a scene in a family place. She picked him out anyway.)

While the guy is walking by my mom yells: THANKS FOR LETTING MY DAUGHTER JOIN HER FAMILY!

(Guy gives her a mean look but says nothing and keeps going with his kids. Kicker is, it was a double roller coaster. Once my dad rejoined our group we got back in line and picked a side. We still got on before that rude man. I feel bad for his kids.)

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I work in a popular theme in the stores. In my area we bounce around the entire area but have our “home” stores which we get scheduled kn most often. About 2 months before this story my friend from my home store has been promoted from part time to full time in another store and afterwards hadn’t been scheduled my store. She was missing her original home so one day we swapped shifts and I work in her new store which I had worked before but was not completely familiar with. In her home store there were 2 sections of the floor where everything was in boxes by names and then a display case of all the items in the section (minus the names, so you basically just had to know by the item). With nearly 30 different items I was only familiar with about 10 of them so most of my time on this section of the floor went similar to this:

guest: who did this one belong too?

me: good question, i have no idea. let’s go on a scavenger hunt

And then me and the guest would proceed to open all different names until we found the right one. Most guests found it funny or were very paitent and understanding that I didn’t usually work in that store. The ones that were in a hurry to get out I’d ask to wait a moment while I asked someone who did work in the store which box it was.

Overall the adventure was fun and I enjoyed the new location for a day.

Demanding ID Has Become A Throwaway Line

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(I used to work at an alcohol stand at a popular theme park. Whenever somebody wanted alcohol, I’d need to check their ID even if they were clearly older than 21, then give them a wristband so security would know that they bought it legitimately. 99% of customers totally understand this, and even when they don’t, most are fine with it when I explain it. Now, I speak with an Aussie accent, which is fun for both me and the customers, as they have a good time trying to guess where I’m from. During one shift, a woman who’d already come up came back for more alcohol, but without the wristband I’d given her, with two other people who also want drinks.)

Customer #1: “Hi, I’d like to get another drink.”

Me: “Certainly, can I see your ID again?”

Customer #1: “What? Why? You already saw it!”

Me: “I understand, but it’s the policy.”

Customer #1: “Well, I don’t have my ID. My husband has it.”

Me: “Then I’m sorry, but I can’t give you your drink.”

Customer #1: “Where are you from?”

Me: “What does it sound like?”

(She shoots off a few guesses like Ireland and England.)

*Me:” “No, none of those.”

Customer #1: “Can I get my drink?”

Me: “I need to see ID.”

Customer #1: “You didn’t ask for it last time!”

Customer #2: “It’s true! I saw that.”

([Customer #2] wasn’t even there the previous time. Eventually she storms off, but not before guessing Ireland and England as my country of origin a few more times. I even sing a few words from a song involving kangaroos, then try the Aussie national anthem, but she still doesn’t get it. A few minutes later, she storms back up with her husband and her two friends again. The husband is glaring at me, but he pulls out a bag of IDs.)

Husband: “One.” *tosses ID* “Two.”

(He repeats the process until there are four IDs in front of me. Having had enough of this nonsense by this point, I pick up the IDs and look at them before tossing them out on the counter, one by one, after checking them. His glare hardens.)

Husband: “Where is your manager?”

(They complained and my manager gave me a talking to for a minute, but I think she knew they were being ridiculous. I served them their drinks without further incident. Even though they kept guessing, including Ireland again, they never figured out where I was from, and kept cutting me off every time I tried to tell them.)

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(I work at a popular theme park at one of our 3D attractions. We can fit a little over 400 people per show, but this requires essentially stuffing the lobby prior to everyone entering the theater. I’m the one directing people where to go at this time.)

Me: *into a microphone, standing in the middle of the crowd* Ladies and gentlemen, please continue moving all the way forward, up to the yellow line! If there’s any available space in front of you, please move in into it!

Random man right behind me: *VERY loudly, enough for the mic to pick it up* THERE AIN’T NO DAMN SPACE!

Me: *dumbfounded* I’m sorry…?

(I understand it’s crowded and hot, but seriously, do you want me to magically expand the lobby? Because I can’t do that.)

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(I am at a theme park, travelling with a group, including a girl with Downs Syndrome and someone in a wheelchair. We decide to take the train up the overwhelmingly steep hill to the gate to leave. We’re waiting, one train arrives and goes, and then another. The queue is slowly going away and the group is becoming restless. Then the third train arrives. Bear in mind that around the train are numerous signs all saying one-way trip. If you catch the train down, you have to get off for other people. Same in the other direction. On the train is a woman and a baby, who doesn’t want to get off. In fact, she openly believes having a baby means she doesn’t need to get off the train and join the queue.)

Woman: *pointing at the sleeping baby* “Well I have a baby!”

(This goes on for a few minutes until someone else in the line shouts out:)

Guest: “And we have disabled children!”

(The train conductor made a half hearted attempt to shush us as I end up yelling to the woman:)

Me: “So, you can’t read if you have a baby then?!”

(Then the whole queue begins yelling, but the woman is still insisting she doesn’t need to move. Then the baby stirred, being awoken by the noise. All of a sudden the woman is happy to get up and walk off, yelling:)

Woman: “F*** you!”

(As she does the walk of shame the crowd cheers loudly, ignoring the attempts at shushing us from the worker. At this she points the middle finger at us.)