Email Trail, Meet Vicious Cycle

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Over the weekend, our email was migrated and on Monday, none of them were working except for two coworkers. Our team leader raised an incident report. On Tuesday, still no email.

After lunch, our team leader decided to check the incident board. The incident was closed.

Reason: “No response received on email.”

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The Light In His Brain Is Definitely Off

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Customer: “Hello, my router isn’t working properly.”

Me: “Okay, what lights are on?”

Customer: “The hallway and the kitchen.”

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(I pick up the phone for a tech support call. This happened five minutes ago…)

Me: “Hello, [Company] technical support, this is [My Name].”

Customer: “Hello? Who is this?”

Me: “This is [My Name] at [Company] tech support.”

Customer: “What’s your name?”

Me: “[My Name”]

Customer: “Well, that’s all right if you don’t want to tell me.”

(Customer went on with the call and was quite pleasant, but I’m still not sure how he didn’t catch my name, which is a very common one)

Monitor This Situation More Closely

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(For years, we’ve had a certain brand of desktop computers and recently, my company decided to switch the whole office to laptops that we can connect to a docking port at each of our desks that connects to two monitors. The IT people work all day in the office, setting up each person’s ports and monitors. I notice that my monitors are reversed; in order to move from one monitor to the other, I have to move my mouse in the opposite direction — move left from the left monitor to work on the right-side monitor, instead of just moving simply left-to-right. I notify one of the IT guys and the following exchange ensues:)

IT Guy: “Huh. Weird. I don’t know why that’s happening. I’ll have to switch the monitors around.”

(He takes out his cutters and begins snipping the zip-ties off the bundle of cords running behind the desk.)

Me: “What are you doing that for?”

IT Guy: “I have to switch the cables first, and then move the monitors.”

Me: “Why don’t you just pick up the monitors and physically switch them? Put the left one on the right and vice versa?”

IT Guy: “Oh. I like your idea a lot better.”

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I work for a very large, very well-known international company that produces electronics. While supporting the company’s products, I talk to people all over the world. This customer was chatting with me from India.

Customer: Where are you located?
Customer: I wish to chat with someone in India.