Must Have Cruised Right Through School

| Related | September 27, 2013

(We are on a cruise in western Europe. We are from the US.)

Mom: “This is going to sound stupid, but when we’re here, does the sun still set in the west?”

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Sanity Overboard

| Right | July 12, 2013

(I work for the boutiques onboard various cruise ships. Even though jeweler is my professional position, we also have emergency duties such as lowering the life-boats, guiding guests and such. Mine is to muster guests to their muster position before the abandon-ship signal is given. The guests are all sitting in the grand dining room which is at the very back of the ship.)

Guest: “So when the emergency signal is sounded, we just all come here?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, this is your muster station in the event of an emergency. When the abandon-ship signal is given, we guide you to your assigned lifeboat.”

(Because there are so many guests on the ship, we don’t take them to the lifeboat when it is just a drill like this; we explain to them over the PA the procedure.)

Guest: “Why haven’t you taken us to our lifeboats already?!”

Me: “That was just explained, ma’am; as you can see, there are a lot of guests onboard, and it is really unnecessary—”


(The guest then looks out of the window at the back of the ship; all you can see in the sea behind us.)


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Using Flipper To Flip Out

| Related | July 7, 2013

(My family are on a cruise ship. My sister and I have just gotten in a fight about how she thinks I don’t care about her. I follow her into a gift shop, and she purposely wanders away from me. A man approaches my sister.)

Man: “Hello there.”

Sister: “Umm… Hi?”

Man: “Where are you from?”

Sister: *clearly uncomfortable* “New York?”

Man: “Where from New York?”

Sister: *clearly not interested* “Brooklyn.”

(I wander over into the man’s line of sight, pretending to look through the stuffed animals. I pick up a large stuffed dolphin.)

Man: “Oh, well how about after the cruise finishes, you and I go somewhere nice?”

Sister: “Um… no.”

Man: “Why not? I’m a nice guy, and a pretty girl like—”

(As he says this, I glare at the man and make a big show of angrily crushing the dolphin. Thankfully for him, he catches on quickly.)

Man: “Oh… uh… never mind.”

(The man flees from the store. My sister turns around, and realizes what has happened. We made up shortly afterwards!)

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Fruit Loopy

| Right | February 28, 2013

Me: “Alright ma’am, I’ve entered all your requests in the reservation. Have a great day!”

Caller: “Wait, I’m not finished! I want a fruit basket in my room to be there when I arrive. And there better not be any grapes! They’re nasty! They’re dirty and full of germs! I only want fruit with skins I can peel off!”

Me: *being a fellow germophobe* “I definitely understand that. Bananas and oranges.”

Caller: “If I find any skinless fruit, I will immediately throw the entire fruit basket out of the window into the ocean! Do you hear me?”

Me: “Ah, well then we have to move you to a room with a balcony, because the window in your stateroom doesn’t open. The upgrade would cost $2,100.00, is that okay?”

Caller: *long pause* “No, I will just carry it upstairs to the deck and do it from there.”

Me: “Alright, sounds great. Anything else I can help you with?”

Caller: “No thanks dear, have a good day.” *click*

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Not Harnessing The Brain Waves

| Right | October 26, 2012

(I work at guest services aboard a cruise ship that does 5-day cruises to Canada. We get pretty wacky questions sometimes. A man comes up to the desk.)

Guest: “Excuse me, I have a question.”

Me: “Yes, sir?”

Guest: “Where does the water in the pools come from?”

Me: “We actually convert seawater into freshwater and put it into the pools.”

Guest: “Oh, so that’s why the water’s splashing so much!”

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