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(I am an area supervisor of my store and if I’m the only one there I am also the manager on duty. I end up getting called up to the front to help with a customer return)

Me: Hello, sorry for the wait, how may I help you?

Customer: Yeah, I want to return this. I just bought it but it doesn’t work.

Me: Okay, let me see your receipt?

(He hands me the receipt that has the same days date on it. Our store policy is that we need ID for the first 24 hours of purchase for any returns, and our computers will no process the returns at all without them)

Me: Okay we can do the return, but we will need to see your ID.

Customer: What? I don’t want to give you my ID!

Me: I’m sorry but it is our store policy that we have to have ID within the 24 hours that you purchased your items. (I go on to explain that our computers won’t except his return without it, and that we don’t have access to any of his personal data once it’s entered into our system.)

Customer: I don’t want to give you my ID. You’re trying to trick me!

Me: (feeling slightly baffled by this but still keeping my customer service attitude) We aren’t trying to trick you, it is just our policy.

Customer: Then use your ID!

(He yelled this in front of several of my employees as well as other customers.)

Me: I can’t do that, it is fraud and I could get in trouble.

Customer: But it’s okay to trick me then?

Me: Like I said, we are not trying to trick you. If you don’t wish to give us your ID then may I suggest coming back after 24 hours and returning it then?

(He decides to take this route, as he grumbles about us trying to trick him into giving us his ID.)

Doggo Is Uncomfortable When We Are Not About Doggo

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(I work IT for a retail company and I work remotely from my basement. That means that the dogs come and hang out with me during the day when I’m the only one home. I’m used to them coming over and nudging me occasionally if they think they’re being ignored. One day, I’m on the phone with an end-user.)

Me: “Okay, you’ll want to reboot really fast and we’ll confirm that we’ve fixed the issue.”

Caller: “Okay, how long will that take?”

(While we are talking, one of the dogs comes over and sits next to me. I absentmindedly start petting him while talking to her.)

Me: “Shouldn’t take long to reboot; if it’s been a while since it was rebooted, it might take a little–”

(I’m interrupted by the dog howling in my ear.)

Caller: “Um, what was that?”

Me: *trying not to laugh as I side-eye the dog* “I’m sorry! I work from home and the dog has decided he’s being too ignored!”

Caller: *starts laughing* “Oh, good! I thought it was a dog, but I was wondering why you would have a dog in the office!”

(Her computer reboots and we verify the issue has resolved itself.)

Caller: “Thank you so much. Enjoy your day! And give those puppers some love!”

Me: “Enjoy your day, as well, and I will!”

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Here At The IT Service Desk, We Deal With Mean Machines  

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(I work at the IT service desk for a large retail company. Our salespeople have a password that allows them to track their commission, etc. Recently there was a change made to the system itself and, unfortunately, they are unable to reset the password when they get the notice that it’s expired. If they try to follow the steps — old, new, confirm — they get a server error. There’s a couple of workarounds, and we can walk them through them over the phone. The one thing we can’t do is provide a temp for this password. This is one of the only systems where we can’t.)

Me: “Service Desk, this is [My Name].”

Caller: “I can’t reset my password; I need a new one.”

Me: “Which password? Are you receiving an error of any kind?”

Caller: “I just need to reset my password for the register.”

Me: “Okay. We don’t have the ability to give you a temporary for that password. But are you near a register?”

Caller: “I just need to reset my password! I can’t do my job without it!”

Me: “I understand that; however, I’m unable to give you a temporary one. I can walk you through resetting from the register, though.”

Caller: “I already tried that. It didn’t work. I can’t do my job without this password! You need to help me!”

Me: “I understand that you’ve had trouble with resetting, but are you in front of the register?”

Caller: “You need to stop being mean and help me! I can’t do my job!”

(I am slightly taken aback, as I don’t think I’ve been mean so far; I’m just trying to figure out where her trouble is.)

Me: “I understand that you need the password. Are you in front of a register currently or a desktop?”

Caller: “You need to stop being mean and help me! If you want to continue working here, you need to help me!”

Me: “I’m sorry that you’re frustrated. Are you currently in front of a register or a PC? I can walk you through resetting this password.”

Caller: “You know what? I can’t deal with you being mean. I can’t do my job without this password, but I can’t deal with you right now. If you want to continue working here, you really need to change your attitude!” *click*

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(I work in a specialty clinic that, due to the nature of certain chronic conditions, also functions as a primary care clinic to a select group of patients. Follow ups with these patients tend to be fairly routine. We rarely see them for urgent issues, as any serious illness is easily enough to sent them to the hospital. Since we are fairly specialized, and contracted with a local hospital, we often get last minute add-on consults from the Emergency Department up the street, when the patient isn’t ill enough to be admitted. On this particular day, we have a completely full schedule from 0830 to 1700, with no breaks, even for lunch. We have also been booked out for several weeks, so everyone on the schedule has been there for quite a while. We also get a call from the hospital, saying there’s an emergent patient who needs to be set up with specialty infusion services, and we’re the only clinic around who can coordinate that. Cut to: it’s 1500 and we’re booked solid, with hour-long consults squeezed into 15 minute slots and bored children running around while their parents are seen. No one in the back office has eaten. Patience is in short supply for anyone who isn’t both very ill and very polite. A man, one of our primary care patients, comes up to the front desk.)

Patient: I’m here for my (routine follow up) appointment with [Doctor].

Patient Services Representative: I’m sorry sir, I can’t find you on the schedule. Let me check with the medical assistants.

(She comes back to my desk with the patient’s info. He’s not on the schedule, he doesn’t have any upcoming appointments, and there is no record of anyone in our office having spoken to him at all in several months. All patient calls are documented, and even canceled or rescheduled appointments remain in the patient’s record, so if there are no notes it means no one spoke to him.)

PSR: I’m sorry sir, I’ve checked with the back, and unfortunately we have no record of that appointment. Do you remember who you spoke with?

Patient: NO! You should know who I spoke with. I want to see [Doctor]!

PSR: I’m afraid that’s not possible, sir, we’re already overbooked today. I would be happy to make you an appointment for tomorrow, if that works for you?

Patient: Absolutely not! I will see [Doctor] today. I’ll wait here. I want to speak with a medical assistant and [Doctor] immediately. I’m not leaving until I have.

(She comes back again to tell all of this to us. At this point I am tired, hungry, and have 3 patients waiting on me, as well as a procedure to assist on. My coworker has been on hold with an insurance company for 2 hours and can’t leave her desk, so it falls to be to make this man leave.)

Me: Good afternoon, [Patient], what seems to be the issue?

Patient: I have an appointment with [Doctor], but your stupid secretary won’t check me in!

Me: I reviewed your chart myself, sir, and we have no record of any contact with you since [date several months ago]. I apologize for any miscommunication, and we would be happy to set up an appointment for another day.

Patient: YOU have no idea how busy I am! *shoves his computer with his iCalendar on it in my face* I cancelled meetings to be here! The appointment is right here! How do I have this appointment written down in my planner if I never made it, huh?

(He looks at me smugly as if this is a particularly clever point.)

Me: I’m not sure, sir, but I can tell you with confidence that we do not have you scheduled to see [Doctor] today and he will not be able to work you in, as we are already overbooked. What else can I do for you today to make this easier?

Patient: I want to talk to [Doctor]. I’ll wait here. Go and get him. He knows me personally.

Me: That won’t be possible sir. He’s currently performing a surgical procedure, and he’s got back-to-back patients for the next 2 hours. He won’t be available until 1630 or 1700 at the earliest. I would be happy to have him call you this evening when clinic is over.

Patient: FINE. This is ridiculous, I am incredibly disappointed with your patient care.

Me: I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, sir. If you’ll just come up to the front desk, we’ll get you scheduled and on your way home.

(He does so, grumbling the whole time. When I tell the doctor about all of this, he barely remembers the man, not having seen him for nearly a year, and tells me he has far too many notes to write and therapies to arrange to call him before 1730, at which point he will be going home. I’m so looking forward to this man’s next appointment, I’m sure he’ll be just delightful.)

Rising From The Ashes

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(It’s Ash Wednesday, and I have an ash mark on my forehead from having gone to mass earlier in the day; it’s a once-a-year deal some Christians do at the beginning of Lent, a period of preparation before Easter. My next college class is about to start, and some students are laughing about a joke one told. The teacher calls the class to order, and the students are still snickering. We students have been in the same series of classes for three years, but the teacher is new and he doesn’t realize someone told a joke before he entered. He keeps shooting them stern looks while starting his lesson.)

Teacher: *sternly to the laughing students* “That is enough. I can’t believe you’re laughing about this; I expect you to be more adult.” *normal tone, to me* “[My Name], you have something on your forehead, and instead of quietly pointing it out to you, your classmates are mocking you.”

Me: “They’re laughing at a joke. It’s Ash Wednesday.”

Teacher: “You mean, you know it’s there?”

Me: “Yes, it’s on purpose. Thanks for looking out for me, though.”

Teacher: *turning red* “Everyone, never mind. Today’s lesson…”

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