Freshly Chipped

| Auckland, New Zealand | Right | November 11, 2015

Customer: *selecting a small bag of potato chips and waving it in my face belligerently* “Are these FRESH?”

Me: “I’m sorry; I’m not sure what you mean. They’re as fresh as any other potato chips, I guess.”

Customer: “I bought a bag of chips here once and they were not fresh. Is this a fresh bag? How long ago were they made?”

Me: “Well, honestly, I’ve never thought about it before. I don’t know where they are made or how long it takes them to get here. But I can tell you that we restock the shelves a couple of times a day, and a truck comes once a week to deliver more of them. So, I guess those chips probably got put out on the shelves this morning.”

Customer: “So they were fresh this morning?”

Me: “They weren’t made this morning, if that’s what you mean by fresh.”


Me: “Ma’am, I think the only way you can do that is to buy a potato and slice it up yourself and fry it into chips at home. Any bag of chips we sell here is perfectly safe to eat but they’re a commercial product, they come from a factory somewhere and I don’t know exactly when or where the chips in this particular bag were made.”

Customer: *throwing down the bag, and taking a different bag of chips of the same brand* “FINE. I’LL HAVE THESE ONES INSTEAD.”

Can’t Take The Weight Of Her Daughter’s Behavior

| Oklahoma City, OK, USA | Right | November 7, 2015

(I am at the cash register ringing up people when I notice a mother and her daughter walk in the store. The little girl goes one way, towards the frozen yogurt, and the mother goes the other. The girl gets the biggest cup we offer and fills it all the way to the top with frozen yogurt and puts the dome lid on, then proceeds to fill it up the rest of the way with toppings. Like all frozen yogurt establishments, the price is dependent on the weight of the items. The mother and daughter walk up to the register at the same time.)

Me: *as I start ringing up the mother’s items* “Can I get you ladies anything else?”

Mother: “No, that’s it.”

Me: *talking to the daughter now* “Okay, sweetie, can you please put your yogurt on the scale so I can figure up the price?”

(Daughter complies and puts her yogurt on the scale. I quickly noticed this transaction was going awry when the mother noticed the price on the scale said $9.09.)

Mother: “That price can’t be right!” *now talking to her daughter* “Pick that up! Now set it back down! Pick it up! Set it back down!”

(20 seconds of this later:)

Me: “Ma’am, the price isn’t going to change because it’s dependent upon the weight.”

Mother: “No! You’re wrong! We came in here last week and got the SAME EXACT AMOUNT of frozen yogurt and it was only $3! How do you even know how much it is per ounce?! There’s no signs!”

Me: “Well, if you would look back at the frozen yogurt section, you would see that there are two electronic signs stating that the frozen yogurt is [price].”

(She looks back at the signs and whips her head back around to me.)

Mother: “Those signs aren’t at eye-level! How is anyone supposed to see those! They don’t walk in the store looking up at the wall when the yogurt is at eye level!”

Me: “I don’t know what to tell you. If you got the same exact amount of yogurt and toppings as last time, which would be almost impossible by the way, the yogurt total today would come out to $3. My guess is that last time you were in here, she was supervised when getting the frozen yogurt.”

(She pauses, stunned for a second that someone dare talk to her or about her darling angel this way.)

Mother: “Well I’m not paying for this s***! This is unbelievable! I want to speak with your manager!”

Me: “I’m the manager on duty. ”

Mother: “Come on, [Daughter]! We’re going to get you ice cream at [Fast Food Place]!”


Mother: “Okay, honey, I’ll get it for you this time, but next time mommy isn’t going to spend so much money on ice cream.” *she then turns to me* “We WILL NOT be coming back here… EVER!”

(I physically restrained myself from throat-punching the woman by holding onto the sides of the register.)

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Her Brain Is A Void

| USA | Working | November 6, 2015

(I work at a convenience store that accepts electronic checks. Before going electronic, the registers would endorse the check and they would go in our cash drawers. Now, the checks get processed electronically. The register scans and accepts the check as payment, then we flip it over to the written side and the word ‘void’ is printed on it before being handed back to the customer. The money comes out of the customer’s account, and they get the now-voided check back to prevent reuse or fraud. I ask my manager about some rumors I’d heard about a coworker having a problem with the electronic checks.)

Me: “Hey, [Manager], what happened with [Coworker] and somebody’s check?”

Manager: “Oh, my god. This lady’s check wouldn’t process electronically. So she just wrote ‘void’ on it and gave it back to her.”

Me: “She VOIDED it!?”

(Instead of putting the check in her drawer like we used to, she voided it and sent the customer on their way with more than $70 worth of stuff. For free. My coworker had to pay that back herself. We still shake our heads at that stroke of genius!)

Like Popeye To Spinach

| NY, USA | Right | November 6, 2015

(It’s nearly closing and there are not many people as we’re in the suburbs, not the city. I watch a woman in her 20s stumbling in, looking really tired or drunk and all out of breath. She stumbles towards to the cashier.)

Woman: “Seaweed… seaweed… dried seaweed snacks.”

Cashier: “Second aisle near the middle.”

Woman: “Thanks.”

(The woman stumbled over, crashing into the first aisle before disappearing from view. A moment later the woman appeared holding several packages of dried seaweed snacks. One package nearly got dropped on the ground before she threw them on the checkout counter along with a bill. She then flopped on the ground opening one of the packages, and shoved as much seaweed as she could into her mouth. The cashier was now done ringing her up and tried handing her change, which she ignored for a while. As there was no one else paying the cashier just sat patiently. A few minutes later, the woman had eaten one entire package. She stood up, full of energy now, took the rest of her seaweed and change and left, walking out really fast. I still don’t know what I witnessed back there.)

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Go To Work Like A Pirate Day

| Robeline, LA, USA | Working | October 26, 2015

(At the beginning of October, we got permission from the store owners to wear costumes on Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I go all-out and sew myself an elaborate pirate costume including a wide-brimmed hat decorated with a large dyed-red ostrich plume. Needless to say, my coworkers are impressed.)

Coworker #1: *touching my coat sleeve* Oh, my god, is that velvet?!

Me: *grinning* “It sure is. I got it on sale, too, or I would have used velveteen because it’s much cheaper.” *I point at my shirt* “And I made this from a twin-sized bed sheet that I caught on sale. It’s the same type of fabric I needed but it was much cheaper this way.”

Coworker #2: *pointing at the purse at my waist* “Did you make that, too? It looks really neat.”

Me: *nodding* “I had to have something to carry my money and cell phone and a modern purse just wouldn’t look good.”

Coworker #1: “Okay, but can we just talk about how awesome your hat is?” *she reaches for it then hesitates* “Can I get a closer look at it?”

Me: “Sure.”

(I pull off my hat and she and Coworker #2 look it over, murmuring to each other how amazing it is that my stitches are so straight and that it looks professionally made.)

Coworker #2: *pointing at my head* “Did you make that bandana, too?!”

Me: *even bigger grin* “Yes, I did! I couldn’t find one that I liked so I pulled some fabric from my stash box and made it last minute. It keeps the wool hat from making my hair all static-y and crazy.”

Coworker #1: “Okay, [Coworker #2], I know you’re about to clock out and are getting ready to leave but I’ve just got to have a picture of her costume, so please do me a big favor and cover the register for her.” *she holds up a digital camera* “I brought this to take pictures of my friends and family’s kids when they came in but you look awesome.”

(Coworker #1 then proceeded to take several pictures of me from different angles, with and without my hat. That was three years ago and she still has those pictures saved to her computer in an album of Halloween photos.)

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