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Sometimes Karma Really Hurts

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This story was told to me by one of the participants. There is a lot of background and associated internal politics and policies that I’ll not go into for the sake of brevity.

In a Japanese private hospital in the 1990s, there is a doctor — let’s call him Dr. Painful — who firmly believes that all painkillers, and especially the stronger opiates available, are not necessary and are even harmful. He either doesn’t prescribe any or seriously under-prescribes. Despite protests from the nurses and other doctors, he persists in this belief. His direct management, as well as their manager, are spineless toadies who refuse to overrule this doctor’s decisions, and his colleagues aren’t allowed to directly interfere.

One day, a patient is admitted claiming extreme pain in the abdomen. Dr. Painful claims it can’t possibly be that bad and predictably refuses to prescribe sufficient painkillers. This woman is crying in pain, but he won’t budge, despite the protests of the patient, the nurses, and other doctors. Finally, one of the nurses loses it and jumps several levels of management to browbeat the director into taking action.

Another doctor from a different department overhears this conversation and volunteers to take the patient for an MRI, where they discover a cancerous growth. Yes, its location would cause extreme pain. At this point, the patient’s mother has already moved the patient to another hospital, so there’s no follow-up. The nurse is reprimanded for daring to jump over direct management, despite an acknowledgment that nothing would have happened had she not done so. Nothing happens to Dr. Painful, as far as anyone knows.

Sometime later, Dr. Painful is admitted to that same hospital for a hernia. He’s in a lot of pain. The doctor he’s assigned to writes his prescription, quote: “Dr. Painful special treatment: no pain medication.” Dr. Painful is crying in pain and begging for painkillers, but the nurses and the other doctors refuse to give him any. He is shown the prescription, saying that he’s receiving the same treatment he gives to his own patients, and they wouldn’t want to insult him by doing anything different. They quote him at every turn, using his own excuses against him each time he asks. Lucky for him, the hernia is shortly resolved and he’s discharged.

Dr. Painful never stinted on painkillers after that episode. Seems pain can teach empathy after all.

Don’t Pass On The Bad Stuff To The Next Generation

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My mother purchased a bathing suit and wore it to a water park, got a (smallish) hole in it on one of the rides, and tried to return it.

Mother: “I hadn’t noticed it when purchasing it and I want a refund.”

I, elementary school age, was with her and did not understand she was trying to be sneaky, and said:

Me: “No, Mom, you got that hole on the water slide, remember?”

This was decades ago so I don’t even remember the outcome but man. My parents raised me right even if they didn’t follow their own parenting advice!

Could Have Painted A Terrible Picture

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I am a new customer service rep at a popular hardware store chain. I’ve just been allowed to start processing returns on my own without supervision when this happens. It is a very hot summer day.

Me: “Welcome to [Hardware Store]! How may I help you today?”

Scammer: “I’d like to return some paint.” *Gestures to a flat cart with four five-gallon buckets of paint.*

Me: *Starting to feel a little overwhelmed.* “Um, I think I can do that for you as store credit, as long as that hasn’t been tinted. Let me see what I can do.”

I glance around, but as there is no manager nearby, I go ahead and start processing the return. It comes out to over $700 in store credit.

Manager: *Walks up after the customer has left.* “Who returned this?”

Me: “Um, I did.”

Manager: “He never bought it. He just grabbed some paint off the shelf and pretended to forget his receipt. Feel this.” *She lays her hand on the paint bucket.* “It’s cool. If he really bought it, it would be hot from bringing in from outside.”

Me: “Oh no…”

Manager: “Don’t worry, people like him try to scam the new cashiers all the time. Just be more careful when processing such a large return!”

I had been worried of losing my job, but thankfully my manager is a wonderful person!

Disappearing Clients Are Part Of The (Graphic) Design

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I was 21 and working as an assistant graphic designer at a large charity and once had a colleague approach me and ask if I did freelance work. He was starting up his own consultancy business and needed a logo and stationery created for his new business. We met in our lunch breaks and after hours to discuss and I presented him with many options and refined the concepts, etc.

Once all the work was done and supplied and printed, he began avoiding me. I supplied him with my invoice, and he cut all ties. I spent a few weeks chasing him, calls, texts, emails, walking up to his (now unoccupied) desk, trying to get a hold of him, but he had disappeared.

Turns out he knew he was being made redundant from the organisation and had been trying to poach clients for his new business. I ended up bumping into him at the café around the corner and he rattled off multiple excuses for not paying me (not to mention that the total cost of the invoice was around $150) but ultimately, I told him that his payment was two months late and he agreed to pay it that day as to not incur and additional late-fee.

He paid me eventually but that’s how I learned the hard way not to supply final artwork until the invoice has been paid.

Blind To Employees’ Medical Needs

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I’m a cashier at an upscale grocery store. My eyesight is getting bad, so I am told to wear sunglasses at work, so the fluorescent lights won’t harm them further. Most of my customers are understanding, but not one lady.

This witch would make up stories about me. One day, she said I was talking about how much I had to drink the night before; I don’t drink. Another time, I was too busy chatting with a coworker; I was telling him how to use the phone to call customer service!

The surveys were anonymous, but I always knew it was the same lady because she’d end her complaint with “and she was wearing sunglasses!”

I’m not allowed to protect my eyes, I guess?