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Unfiltered | February 27, 2016

(A large group of customers approaches my register with an Xbox One, three controllers, three games, and several other gaming accessories. I start ringing items in, in no particular order, as they place them up on the counter.)

Customer #1: “Wait, what did you just scan?”

Me: “I scanned the Xbox, the controllers, your charging station, and your cable.”

Customer #1: “Did you scan the games yet?”

Me: “No.”

Customer #1: “Okay, scan the games first.”

(I scan the games in, then try to keep ringing in other things.)

Customer: “Okay, what’s on there now.”

Me: “The Xbox, the charging station, the cable, and the games.”

Customer #1: “Okay, I’m trying to make sure we get this down to a certain amount. What are we at now?”

Me: “[Price].”

Customer: #1 “Okay, scan the controllers in, please.”

(I scan in the controllers).

Customer #1: “Did you scan the controllers?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer #1: “Okay, take off the gold one.”

Me: “Okay, do you still want the silver one and the camo one?”

Customer #1: “Yes.”

Me: “Okay.”

(Since the computer doesn’t tell me which code is for which controller, I void off all three controllers, then scan in the two that he wanted.)

Customer #1: “What did you just do?”

Me: “I voided off all three controllers, since I didn’t know which one was which in the computer, then I scanned in the other two that you wanted.”

(The customer gives me a blank stare, so I repeat this again. After several minutes of him telling me what to add and take off, I start asking them the questions about optional add-ons.)

Me: “Do you want to cover this for 2 years in case anything happens to it?”

Customer #1: “How much is it?”

Me: “[Price]”

Customer #2: “No.”

Me: “Okay.”

(Customer #2 tries to slide his card, but the machine isn’t ready yet, as another pop-up appears on his end of the screen.)

Me: “Oh, actually, first it’s going to ask you if you want to apply for our in-store credit card and save some money today.”

Customer #2: “No.” [Tries to slide his card again.]

Me: “Oh, you’ll actually have to hit ‘No Thanks’ on the screen.”

Customer #2: [Hits the button and slides his card again.]

Me: “Okay, your total comes to [total].”

Customer #2: “Did I slide my card already?”

Me: “You did, but it wasn’t quite ready for you yet.”

Customer #2: “Okay.”

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Unfiltered | February 26, 2016

(I have only seen my half-brother once and don’t know exactly how much older than him I am. This happened in 1998 while my dad, half-brother, stepmom, and I were checking into a hotel room.)

Clerk (to me): You have a beautiful daughter.

Me: That’s my little brother.

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Unfiltered | February 26, 2016

(I am browsing an image board and encounter an old color photo of a van belonging to a business called Swastika Laundry, and sure enough the red van has a black swastika in a white circle painted on it, people are making nazi -jokes.)


Commenter #1: “At least your sheets are going to be pure white…”

Me: “…I wonder, what kind of soap they use…”

Commenter #2: “…You guys are going straight to Hell…”

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Unfiltered | February 26, 2016

(Just recently my cousin has passed away, and he made music. My brothers and sisters were all big fans of his music (including me). At school we decided to walk through the courtyard with his music playing. We were all at the same school p, just in different grades. Well, while we were doing that, these bullies came up that we all delt with. This is what happened).

Bully #1:”such gay music, this guy has not musical talent at all!”

Bully #2:”exactly! Why don’t you guys stop playing that gay music and put some real music on!”

(At this point, i was fuming with anger, as i wanted to be a musician and my cousin inspired me to do so, until finally, i stood up to them).

Me: “I have you know, that that man that we are playing right now has inspired a lot of people, including me. And, we are playing his music to honor him, as he has just recently passed away. And he was the best cousin i. The world to me and my siblings. He has always made us laugh, and always cheered us up when we were feeling down. So if you want to come over here and make fun of our family, i can name a lot more things that make him important to a lot of people!”

(After that, they never bothered us again!)

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Unfiltered | February 26, 2016

(I am on register and have just finished putting a customer’s groceries through the checkout.)

Me: That will be [this much money]. Would you like any cash out?

Customer: Yes please- $20.

(I key it in, accidentally pushing the button that states she only wants to pay $20 on her card. Noticing my mistake, I try to explain but the customer has already put her card through)

Me: Sorry, just a second. I’ve hit the wrong button…oh. I’m very sorry but I have told the machine you only wanted to pay $20 on your card. To pay the rest of your bill, you’ll need to swipe your card again.

Customer: What? Why?

Me: I made a mistake. I’m really sorry but I’ll need you to swipe your card again to finish the transaction.

Customer: But I already swiped my card. I don’t understand. Did it not go through?

(This goes on for another 5 minutes or so, with me trying to explain and the customer just not understanding.)

Customer: I’d like to talk to your manager.

Me, keeping an eye on the time because my shift is due to end: Sure, I’ll just save the transaction and walk you across to her.

(I do so, escorting the customer and her shopping across to the service desk. i briefly explain what happened to my manager, who understands immediately and begins to explain to the customer. I sneak off upstairs to sign off and, feeling embarrassed at making such a silly mistake, take my time coming back down. The customer is still at the service desk with my manager.

Manager, starting to look frazzled: Yes, as I explained to you, the girl made a mistake. You will need to swipe your card again. You have already swiped it once but now you need to swipe it again.

Customer: But I already swiped my card…

(I sneak out as quietly as I can, leaving my poor manager to handle it. The next time i come in the first thing the manager says to me is, “That customer was an idiot.” She then tells me it took half an hour of explaining to get the customer to swipe her card again)