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Unfiltered | February 26, 2016

I was in a long line at a local chain store when the clerk got into an argument with the person in front of me:

Clerk: “I can only accept exact change or cards”,

Customer: “But I only have a $50!”

Clerk: “Too many of you came in today, I don’t have any change (note that the major employer in the area issued a bonus that day).

Customer: “But I haven’t deposited yet, so I only have cash”

Clerk: “Sorry, can’t help you.”

Customer: “But it’s only $3.”

Clerk: “I don’t have any singles, so I can’t help you” (No attempt to call Manager)

Customer: “Isn’t this a dollar store?”

Clerk: “They only let me keep some in my register” (again, no attempt to call Manager),

Customer: (under breath “Bi**h) “Forget it.”

Clerk (yelling after customer) “I can only keep enough in the register!”

The Manager hurries over and opens a new register. I move up in line to the arguer: “Exact change or card!” she barks.

I smile and say “card”, even though I have ten singles and two fives in my wallet. If she had said “Sorry, I can only accept…” or something like it, I would have happily given her the change, but because she treated me just like the jerk before….

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Unfiltered | February 25, 2016

(I have been playing a game involving several characters battling. At one point I took a hit and died so my friend could escape, but he dies anyway, and says that I didn’t help. Later I find a video of someone doing the same thing. I send it to him, and the following conversation occurs. Note I like using capitals often)


Friend: *winky face*

Me: (friend) I will make sure to intentionally leave you to die.

Friend: *sad face*


(I may still save him every once in a while. Probably.)

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Unfiltered | February 25, 2016

(I’m in my first year of high school Spanish. We are doing some review before our test and my teacher is calling on people to name the objects on the screen in Spanish.)

Teacher: [Student’s Name], can you tell me what these are?

(He switches the slide to a picture of a girl with an arrow pointing to her eyes.)

Student: Ummm… ajos?

(My teacher starts laughing in the back. Everyone turns around in confusion, and the student who answered is red with embarrassment.)

Teacher: Oh, I’m sorry, you were close, I think you meant “ojos.” I was laughing because “ajo” actually means “garlic” in Spanish, so you said her eyes were garlic.

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Unfiltered | February 25, 2016

(I’m working the front of the store cashing out customers at one of the stations set up to handle larger orders. Our store has express and self checkout lanes. It’s about 5:30 and traffic is starting to pick up. I’m loading bags into an old woman’s cart as she is going through the motions to pay with a card to help her leave quickly as a line is forming.)

Old Woman: Thank you very much for your help dear.

Me: You’re welcome ma’am. Have a wonderful day.

(The next customer comes up to the register.)

Customer #2: What is your problem? You’re way to slow! Don’t you know some of us have places to be! What kind of idiot are you?

(Slams down a single pack of peanut butter cups.)

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Unfiltered | February 25, 2016

When I was a teen I started work in a laboratory, I was quite and new to the working world. So kept my head down and did everything to not screw up.
When I started there was a worker lets call him “Jon” that everyone tiptoed around, I couldn’t see why apart from being a bit unusual, until one day it came clear when two of my coworkers come into the room very flustered.

Co-worker: You can’t speak to the driver like that!

Jon: That idiot does it all the time.

Co-worker: He’s just doing his job!

Jon: (Shouting) Then he needs to do it properly! (Storms out slaming the door so hard the whole room shakes).

Me: What was that all about?

Co-worker: One of the guys dropped some parts off slightly out of the line marking. Jon shouted and swore at him.

Me: You are kidding me! (No sooner had I finished my sentence did Jon storm back in again slamming the door open.)

Jon: I don’t know what you two are talking about, but you need to pull it together. I’m sick of putting up with stuff like this!

Co-worker: Don’t take it out on me, you need to calm down.

Jon: (Getting right in his face) You want to take this outside?

Co-worker: Get out of my face, or I will make you regret it!

(The atmosphere is terrible, i can’t speak just shake my head as he yet again storms out. Things calm down after a few hours before my co-worker, blocks my path outside.)

Jon: I don’t like your attitude.

Me: What? I haven’t said two words to you.

Jon: You shook your head at me, i want an apology.

Me: What?! Fine i apologise for shaking my head. Get out of my way.

(I reported his attitude to my boss, as did my co-worker, a week later he was removed from the company. I’m still working there but it is a much better atmosphere all round.)