Lack Of Standee Puts You In Bad Standing

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(I work at a movie theatre and we often get asked if there are any standees for children’s movies for families to take photos with. A woman approaches me and asks if we have anything for a recent movie for her granddaughter to stand in front of.)

Customer: “I don’t see anything in here for my granddaughter to stand in front of to get her picture to say she saw [Popular Kids’ Movie]!”

Me: “Oh! I’m sorry! The studio didn’t send us any marketing materials for the movie.”

(The woman goes from normal customer to fully irate.)

Customer: “I don’t believe you! I think you and your workers took it and now there’s nothing for us to take a photo with!”

(I’m completely thrown off guard by her sudden change in attitude.)

Me: “Again… the studio didn’t send us anything for that particular movie.”

Customer: *still doesn’t believe me* “I don’t believe you! I’ve never been to this theater, but all the other ones have them for all the kids’ movies!”

Me: “Ma’am, [Film Studio] did not send us any marketing material other than posters for [Other Kids’ Movie].”

Customer: “Well, then, I wouldn’t be playing the movie if they didn’t send anything to promote it.”

Me: “…”

Customer: “Well, is there anything we can take a picture in front of!?”

Me: “Yes, in the front of our building—“ *points in that direction* “—we have posters of our current movies. You can take a photo there; many of our patrons do.”

Customer: *storms out with her granddaughter, in the opposite direction from where I pointed*

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(At the cinema I work at, there’s one lady that’s been working here for eight years, but she has only been in concessions once. I asked her why, and she told me about this exchange that happened on her first day:)

Coworker: *to customer after he places his order* “Will that be all for you? Any candy for you today?”

Customer: *with an attitude* “If I wanted candy, I would’ve told you.”

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(I am working concession and the 7pm rush has begun. This couple are the first of a growing line. They are fighting about what they want and they seem to not be remotely close to a decision. I opt to ask the customer behind them what she would like to order. My manager happens to be right next to me helping me manage the line).
Me: What would you like, ma’am?
Customer One: Why are you taking her order? You looked right at us and decided to help her first? We almost knew what we wanted.
Me: Sir- (He cuts me off).
Customer One: We were here first, and that means you serve us first. Do you have a manager we can speak to?
Manager: Right here, sir.
(At this point, the customer has demanded to speak with my manager privately. While I help other customers, I am not able to hear the entire conversation between the couple and my manager. I do know that my manager defended me).

Should Have Read The S-Logan

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(I work as a cashier at an IMAX theater, and we currently have “Logan,” an R-rated and very violent X-Men movie, which is great but definitely not kid friendly. Since we’re a theater attached to a science museum, our normal movies ARE kid-friendly science documentaries and sci-fi films, and a lot of our customers are families.)

Customer: *comes up with her husband and two kids who look around ages 4 and 8* “Four for Logan at five pm.”

Me: “Sure, two adults and two kids will be [price], but I just want to warn you that it’s an R-rated film and there’s a lot of violence.”

Customer: *handing me her card, not really listening* “Uh-huh, that’s fine.”

(Half an hour later, I see the family come back out and get a refund from my coworker and then leave the theater. The younger kid is having a tantrum.)

Me: “What happened?”

Coworker: “Apparently it was ‘too scary’ for the kids.”

Me: *facepalm*

We Can’t Do The Fandango

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(Since many people use Fandango for their ticketing needs, we keep a copy of the Fandango support number at the box office to give to guests who need assistance with the site; since it is a different corporate entity, we have absolutely no control over Fandango and cannot do much to help people having problems with the site. The following conversation is one I had recently over the phone.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Theater]. How can I help you?”

Customer: “I ordered two tickets on Fandango, but I ordered them for the wrong theater. I need you to change them for me.”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that. If you have a pen and paper ready, I can give you Fandango’s ticketing support hotline and they should be able to sort that out for you.”

Customer: “No. I just want you to fix it. I just spent like $30 on tickets. I need you to change them to your location on Fandango, or give me my money back now.”

Me: “Unfortunately, Fandango is a third party in this matter, so I really have no control over the situation. If you’d like, I can give you the ticketing support hotline for them, though, and they should be able to fix it.”

Customer: *getting aggressive* “How f****** hard can it be for you to do what I’m asking? Refund my Fandango or change the tickets. Now.”

Me: “I understand, ma’am, but as I said, because Fandango is a third party, I have no control over the matter.”

Customer: “Well, isn’t that f****** convenient for you? What am I supposed to do? I’m down thirty dollars!”

Me: “Well, as I suggested, I can give you their ticketing support number, and they should be able to fix it for you.”

Customer: “So, you want me to call another number?”

Me: “Yes, unfortunately, that’s the only solution I can offer at this point.”

Customer: “Well, it’s not worth my time!” *click*

(Too many people don’t understand that services like Fandango are not operated by the theaters. And sadly… even more don’t seem to understand that Fandango gift cards are only for use online. Nothing like having a dude almost punch you in the face in front of his screaming children because he thought he could pay for his $40 concession purchase with a Fandango card, but that’s a story for another time.)

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