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So I work at a movie theater over the summer, and we have a strict policy against free refills for our annual bucket (it only costs $4 to fill it every time compared to buying a $9 large bag). Anyways we have tons of banners all around the concessions area, and signs that explain that bags are the only things that get free refills (besides drinks). We also have the main concession stand where you pay for everything then go maybe 10 feet to a counter where you fill your drinks and a worker fills up your bag of popcorn. Anyways this is an exchange that recently happened.

Customer *storms over to the concession area with her bucket* Um, is she right?
Me: I’m sorry?
Customer: That lady over there at popcorn said I had to pay to fill my bucket up!
Me: Yes ma’am that’s always been our policy.
Customer: This is outrageous! I’ve come to this theater since it opened and I’ve never been charged for a refill! *she storms off and I think nothing of it*
*10 minutes later, the lady has stormed back up to the counter and is now talking to another one of my coworkers*
Customer: This is ridiculous! And this will be the last time I come to this theater!
Coworker: Ma’am we have signs in front of both stands, and a giant banner when you walk in that says you have to pay for a refill.
Coworker: No ma’am it says all popcorn bags.
(My manger had over heard the whole thing and so he steps in and points out where it says POPCORN BAGS)
Manger: I’m sure that ______ theater would love to have your business ma’am. Have a nice day.
Customer: *in disbelief that he said that* I’M SURE THEY WILL TO! *she cusses us under her breathe before finally returning to her movie leaving all of us laughing since customers like this usually happen at least once a week*

This Is Not His First PG-13 Rodeo

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Me: “Hi! Welcome to [Movie Theater]!”

Kid: “Twelve.”

Me: “What?”

Kid: “What?”

Me: “What?”

Kid: “Twelve!”

Me: “…”

Kid: “You asked how old I was, right?”

Me: “No, I said, ‘Hi, welcome to [Movie Theatre].’”

Kid: “Oh, well, I’m twelve. I have my ID if you want to see it.”

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Bravery Is By Far The Kindest Word For Stupidity

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I work in a movie theater that serves food and drinks to people while they’re in the theater. My job is to run food and drinks to people’s seats. It was my first week when I delivered some soda to a few people in a theater.

While I was putting down one lady’s drink, I accidentally spilled it onto her lap. I apologized and got napkins to help clean up. Luckily, the lady was nice and didn’t get upset about the spill. After bringing her the soda again, I went back to running food and drinks.

A while later, I grabbed a tray with food for that same theater and was told that the pizza that went with it was dropped and would be remade. As it turned out, it was the same group and the pizza belonged to the lady whose drink I spilled. I was extremely nervous and apologized for the pizza and the soda. Later, I had to run the pizza to the lady.

Several times in the following months, the guy who had taken their order and saw me make all four trips would relay the story to our coworkers, saying that I had balls for going back to the theater. I always laughed when he said this, not because I agreed with him, but because I knew that I wasn’t brave; I was just too dumb to realize that I should have avoided that theater.

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(I work at a movie theater with assigned seating and reclining seats, both of which are advertised on the front of our building in a large, neon sign. I have this conversation multiple times a shift, to the point where I get surprised when it doesn’t happen.)

Me: “Hello, what can I get for you today?”

Customer: “I’d like [number] tickets to the [time] showing of [movie].”

Me: “Sure thing!” *Motions to the screen directly in front me showing the layout of their auditorium* “Green seats are available, row A is in the front, closest to the screen, and row G is in the back, farthest away. Where would you like to sit?”

Customer: “Where is the screen?”

Me: “Row A would be closest to the screen.” *while motioning to where it says ‘SCREEN’ twice in big bold letters on the layout*

Customer: “Which would make the back…?”

Me: “Row G, Sir/Ma’am.”

Customer: “Can I have these blue seats right here?”

Me: “No, Sir/Ma’am. Those are our handicapped seats, I can get you anything in green.”

Customer: “I can only get green?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “This must be a new system, how long have you done this?”

Me: “Ten months, Sir/Ma’am.”

Customer: “Well it’s very confusing. I guess I’ll get these green ones.” *pointing to layout that is facing away from me on a fixed screen.*

Me: “Which seats?”

Customer: “5 and 4.”

Me: “For which row?”

Customer: “5 and 4.”

Me: “Which letter?”

Customer: “Oh.” *pauses to look at screen.* “Row E.”

(The rest of the transaction usually goes smoothly. Sometimes people who pay with card try to hand me their card through the money hole even though there’s a card machine directly between that hole and the layout screen. Mostly I’m just appalled by people’s listening skills. I’m not talking because I like the sound of my own voice.)

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Customer: Hello?
Me: Hi!
Customer: Do you have… Beer?
Me: *checking till items* We have… [brand]… –
Customer: Yes, that one.
Me: *goes & gets one from the fridge*
Customer: No, no… Do you have *hand gesture* tap?
Me: On tap!? No..?
He turned & left. We aren’t allowed to sell alcohol to customers without film tickets, and there’s a pub within sight distance from our front door.