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Customer: I’d like to exchange these [matinee] tickets for the [an evening] showing.
Me: ok, I can do that for you. (I punch the exchange into the computer.) Ok, you owe $4 since evening tickets are $2 more apiece.
Customer: What?! I already paid for these! I don’t owe anything!
Me: well you see ma’am, the show you’re wanting to see is an evening show. Those cost two dollars more apiece, so you owe the difference.
Customer: I told you! I already paid for these tickets! I don’t owe anything!
I continue trying to explain this to the woman, to no avail. I finally called my manager, who gave me permission to give her two child tickets. (child evening tickets are the same price as a matinee ticket)

A Popular Movie Sells Out On Opening Weekend? The Shock!  

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(It is a busy Saturday and almost every movie is sold out.)

Customer: “I want four tickets for [Newly Premiered Movie] at 12:15.”

(It’s about 12:05.)

Me: “Sorry, ma’am, but it’s all sold out.”

Customer: “Excuse me?”

Me: “There are no seats left. It’s pretty busy today.”

Customer: *getting a bit riled up* “So you’re telling me you will not sell me tickets?!”

Me: “I can’t sell you tickets to a movie that’s sold out.”

Customer: “We came all the way from [Place not very far away, about ten minutes with a car] and now you’re telling me we can’t see the movie?!”

Me: “No, as I said, sold out. But there are a few seats left at the 2:00 show if you want to see that one.”

Customer: “No! I got a dog sitter for this! I can’t pay her that much extra! My kids really wanted to see that movie! Are you gonna stand here and tell them that they can’t?! Are you really gonna do that to my kids?!”

(I look at the kids, about eight and ten years old and looking really ashamed.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but if you don’t want to see anything else there’s really nothing I can do. May I suggest that you buy tickets from your phone next time? That way it’ll be easier to get tickets on time.”

Customer: “I want to talk to your manager!”

Me: “Sure.” *calls for a manager* “She’ll be here in just a minute.”

(While the first customer is waiting, I start to talk to the next customer in line when the first one interrupts:)

Customer: “Does she think we have all day?!”

Me: “She’ll be here as soon as she can.”

Customer: “I will make sure everyone hears about this awful service, and I will definitely make sure that you’ll get fired!”

(She read my name off of my name tag and stormed off before my manager even got there.)

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(Our movie theatre opens directly onto the street. I was locking up for the day at ~0015, and nearly bowled over a man as I exited from the side of the building. I was bewildered to see that he was cutting roses off of a collection of rosebushes. Stunned, and freaked out because he was super shady (it was isolated, and there wasn’t anyone else around at this time of day), I tried to be cool)

Me: *too chipper* “Hi! How are you?”

Man: *glare*

(I hurried away to my car.)

The Show Must Go On Late

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(A person applies for a manager position at our theater. Although they don’t meet the requirements, our GM decides to allow them to work towards the position. Everything goes normal for the first day of training until five hours in.)

Employee: “Hey, what time do we leave tonight?”

General Manager: “Around 1:30 am.”

Employee: “Oh… I don’t do late nights.”

General Manager: “Excuse me?”

Employee: “Yeah, unless I’m making [amount over double the projected salary the employee agreed to], I don’t do late nights or early mornings.”

General Manager: “When did you think you were going to be working?”

Employee: “You know, nine to five. Business hours.”

General Manager: “We’re open usually 7:00 am until around 1:00 am. That’s our business hours.”

Employee: “Yeah… I don’t think this job is going to work for me. Is it cool if I stay until 11 so I have a decent pay for the day?”

General Manager: “Absolutely not.”

Employee: “All right… peace.” *hands over their nametag and leaves*

Other Manager: *who saw all this happen* “Did they really just ask to milk the clock while quitting?”

General Manager: “It appears so.”

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Your Lateness Is Not The Theme Of This Movie

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(I am at the movies with my sister and boyfriend. I am paying for my sister and myself, and my boyfriend is waiting behind us so he can pay for himself. As I’m paying, a middle-aged lady walks in and stands behind my boyfriend. It is a slow day and there is only one employee.)

Lady: *interrupting my transaction* “Has [Movie] started yet? I think I’m late!”

Employee: “I’m not sure; it might still be finishing up the previews.”

(I finish paying and tell my boyfriend that we are going to go sit down while he pays and we will meet him in the theater. The other lady is still talking about how she’s late and going to miss her movie.)

Lady: *to my boyfriend* “Are you going to be long?”

Boyfriend: “Can I have a ticket to the same movie as them in front of me? Let me take a look at the drinks.” *after a moment* “Can I have a bottle of water, please?”

Lady: “I… I’m late for my movie. It already started. I have to go. I’ll pay later.”

Employee: *calling after her* “Ma’am, I, uh…”

(She LEAVES to go find her movie WITHOUT PAYING. The theater recently switched companies, and the new one does not display which movies are playing in each room. I double-check my ticket and am most of the way down the hall to my theater when the other customer calls after me.)

Lady: *realizing she has no clue where her movie is* “Ladies! What movie are you seeing?”

Me: “[Kids’ Movie that we arrived early for].”

Lady: *huffs away*

(The best part is that her friend came in looking for her while my boyfriend was paying. Why would she not wait and buy a ticket, especially since she had someone else with her?! My boyfriend would have let her go in front of him if she had just asked, but instead he took his time since she was rude about it. Either arrive earlier or deal with missing the first few minutes.)

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