The Day They Left Was Precious

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(There is one coworker that everyone finds annoying. He often talks continuously about subjects no one is interested in, and he’s proven to be grossly incompetent at tasks around the theater. He’s alienated the entire staff, especially the girls, and no one likes to deal with him. It’s the end of the night shift and I have been home for hours when I receive a message from another coworker.)

Coworker: “Hey, [Annoying Coworker] got fired! Enjoy!”

(I check around with some other coworkers. Seems he was working in the box office when he called a heavyset black woman “Precious,” and she started crying. The manager on duty fired him on the spot. The next morning I’m walking to work when I run into the manager, who’s also on his way to the theater.)

Manager: “Hey, how’s it going?”

Me: “Doing all right… So… ‘Precious,’ huh?”

Manager: “Oh, God, that! Yeah. He crossed the line. I had to let him go. It seemed like he didn’t realize why everyone was upset with him. I felt bad for that lady, too. I thought she was going to slug him.”

(We continued talking about it on the way to the theater. The guy actually came back and tried go to work like nothing had happened. The manager ended up yelling at him to get out. Some people just can’t take a hint.)

A Senior Mistake

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I work at a theater chain that offers discounts to seniors 65 or older. My manager and most of the staff hate the policy because most of the time you can’t win for losing. Either you offer and the person is offended you’ve implied they’re old, or you don’t offer because the person looks about 45 and they’re indignant that you’ve overcharged them. I’ve gotten in the habit of just guessing, and basically if you look at least 50 or have some grey, I’ll go ahead and add the discount. No one has to announce their age, and they save money. I never got a complaint before or after this one.

An obviously older customer carefully perused the ticket pricing options and very specifically asked for two adults. I went ahead and used the senior price despite her specification, since she obviously qualified, and gave her the reduced total. She happily paid and entered the building. A few minutes later, she came storming out of the theater demanding a refund, since I charged her too much and didn’t give her the senior discount. I politely told her to check her ticket again. She hurried back into the theater, now red-faced.

She was obviously trying to set up a reason to complain, given that she specified a ticket she didn’t actually want and then came to yell at me for getting it wrong based on that specification. But she just ended up embarrassing herself in front of a huge Saturday crowd, since she didn’t bother to check what she actually paid for!

A Drama To Keep You On The Edge Of Someone Else’s Seat

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(My husband and I go to see the new movie, “Thor: Ragnarok.” We bought tickets months ago for a few nights after opening, right in the center of the screen. The theater fills up fast as people buy the tickets around us. We get to our seats to find that a couple is sitting right in our seats.)

Me: “Excuse me. You’re in our spot.”

Girl: “Yeah, about that! So, we bought the seats that are on the outside of us here, so we were wondering if you guys could trade us and take the ones we bought.”

(I’m completely shocked at the idea that someone would even ask for me to trade my seats for theirs, so that my husband and I wouldn’t even be sitting next to each other.)

Me: “We’d be fine maybe moving over, so you guys can sit together and we can sit together.”

Girl: “No, we’d really prefer to have these seats.”

Me: “I’m sorry, then; you’re going to have to deal with sitting apart, in the seats you bought.”

Guy: “Come on, girl. You probably don’t even know what the movie is about.”

(I am just completely taken aback by this, and beyond pissed.)

Me: “My husband and I went to the last Thor movie together as our first date. We have been excited for this one. Regardless of my knowledge, I bought the seats you’re sitting in. I already offered to move over and let you guys sit together, but you’d rather have us take your seats. So, you can sit in the seats you bought, or I’ll go and get the staff to kick you out. Which one is it going to be?”

(The girl looks like she is about to melt down and throw a tantrum about not getting us to switch.)

Girl: “Fine! Just move over one; we’re fine doing that!”

Me: “That offer has passed. You guys can sit in the d*** chairs you purchased, and you can sit down and shut up.”

(The girl is now so pissed she stands up and pours her drink on the leather chair.)

Girl: “F*** you!”

Me: “Thanks, but you’re not my type.”

(She ended up causing issues a few minutes into the movie. My husband had already alerted a staff member about them being rowdy, and when she started to act up, the couple was removed. My husband said I should have just let her take up the offer I made, but I’m not going to let any entitled b**** like that have anything. Maybe buy your tickets sooner if you’re going to go to a Marvel movie. Idiot.)

Human Sheep: The Movie

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(I work at a movie theater, and this happens almost every time there’s a line for a popular movie.)

Me: *collecting tickets* “Theater four, last door on your right. Enjoy the movie. Theater four, last door on your right. Enjoy the movie. Theater four, last door on your right. Enjoy the movie. Theater fo— your movie started ten minutes ago. Theater one, first door on your left.”

(Apparently, some people see a line, and they just get in it.)

The Projector Was Only Mostly Dead

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(I’m really thrilled to be going to the 30th anniversary showing of “Princess Bride” at our local theater. Over half of the large theater is filled with eager customers. Unfortunately, about thirty minutes into the movie the screen goes black. Employees are alerted and after about ten minutes the movie resumes where it left off. However, another sixty minutes into the movie the screen goes black again. Another wait of about fifteen minutes and we are told by management that they cannot fix the projector, but our money will be refunded.)

Woman Near The Front Of The Theater: “Everyone! On three! One… two… three!”

Entire Audience: *shouts* “INCONCEIVABLE!”

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