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(A few years ago I was working at a Concession Stand for a [Movie Theater]. When we sell to our customers there’s basically a checklist we have to go through, one of the items on there is to ask if they would like a Rewards card. Barely anyone does but it’s still required. So as I’m ringing up a young couple I do the usual routine)

Me: And would you like to sign up for a [Reward Card] today?

Boyfriend: NO. Can you hurry up? We’re running late for our movie!

Girlfriend: (Whirls around to look at him) There is NO reason to be RUDE!

(I felt a little bad for the guy and quickly intervened)

Me: It’s quite alright ma’am, I’ll just ring up your order and you can be on your way.

(They left without anymore incident, but the next customer in line swaggered up to me with a big smile on his face)

Customer: Isn’t love grand?

(Somehow I stopped myself from laughing, because they were still in earshot)

Reading Into The Gradual Lack Of Reading In This Country

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(I volunteer at a small independent film theater in my city. We are showing a John LeCarre spy thriller).


(An employee and I go in and check the theater, reading the opening credits; they are consistent with the movie poster in the lobby. As we walk out, the couple in the movie are shot and killed by a border guard.)

Me: “Ma’am, this is the correct movie. The credits are the same as the movie poster, so it’s the right movie and the couple in the car just got killed, so they’re gone.”

Woman: “Well, all right, but I JUST CAN’T DO SUBTITLES! IT’S TOO HARD!”

(She went back into the theater. Twenty minutes later she came out again and stalked out of the exit. I guess there were more subtitles.)

Mistrust By The Bucket Load

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(The movie theater where I work has annual buckets that are $20 when you first buy them, but then you can bring it back and refill it for $4. I’m working in concession when a man and his 12-year-old son walk up to me.)

Customer: “I forgot my bucket at home!”

(I shrug this off because a lot of people forget their bucket.)

Me: “Okay… What can I help you with today?”

Customer: “I want two tickets to [Movie].”

Me: “Okay! Any concessions? Drinks? Popcorn?”

Customer: “I forgot my bucket at home.”

Me: “Okay…?”

Customer: *gesturing to the stack of buckets I have next to me* “So can I…?”

Me: “I’m sorry… what?”

Customer: “I forgot my bucket; don’t you trust me?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. I cannot GIVE you a bucket.”

Customer: “But I forgot my bucket!”

Matinee Pay Day

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(I work in a movie theater. Like most theaters, evening showings are more expensive than matinee showings. I have a woman come up wanting to exchange her matinee tickets for evening tickets.)

Me: *after putting the transaction in the computer* “All right, that will be four dollars.”

Woman: “That’s ridiculous! I already paid for these tickets! I don’t owe anything!”

Me: “I understand you already paid for them, but since evening tickets are more expensive than a matinee, you owe the difference in price.”

Woman: “I told you! I already paid for these tickets! I don’t owe anything!”

(I tried several more times to explain why she owed more money, but she was not having it. I finally had to call my manager, who gave me permission to give her two child tickets, which are the same price as a matinee.)

This One Is A No-Brainer

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(I’ve just graduated and have been accepted for a new job with my degree. I’m just completing the last few weeks of my job as a supervisor at a cinema complex. This customer has been screaming at me at the desk for me the last five minutes, over the fact that I will not let his thirteen-year-old into a rated R16 movie, and that we dared to ask for the kid’s ID.)

Me: “Sir, it’s a legal restriction. We cannot allow anyone under the age of 16 into this film, and to be certain we meet that obligation, we have to check anyone who looks under 25 for ID.”

Customer: “Well, he plays video games that are R18 and R16 all the time! I’m his father, and I say he’s allowed to!”

(I just want to yell at him that he’s breaking the law by doing that, anyway.)

Me: “It doesn’t work that way. We are legally obligated to check.”

(I provide him with paperwork from our online website stating our terms and conditions regarding this. It’s even highlighted… in bright yellow)

Me: “See? Here are our conditions—”

Customer: *not reading it* “I said I’m his father, and I allow him. What right do you have over that?”

Me: “The New Zealand law?”

Customer: *going on a rant I don’t really take notice of* “…by some stupid dropout at a cinema.”

(I remind him of the law and obligations, and agree to fetch the manager for him.)

Me: “…also, not a dropout. I’m a college graduate about to work with rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury. I’ll just go get my manager for you, sir!”

(For the record, my new clients with severe brain injuries have better sense than this guy did.)

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