She Carried The Change Too Far

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A fifteen-ish-year-old girl comes to the counter with a box of candy.

Me: “All right, that’s going to be $3.75.”

Girl: “All right.” 

She hands me a five-dollar bill, and I give her $1.25 for her change. She gives me a weird look and then walks away to her friend. They talk for a while, and then the girl comes back to the counter.

Girl: “Shouldn’t I have gotten $2.25 back?”

Me: “You got [candy], right?”

Girl: “Yeah.”

Me: “And you gave me a five, right?”

Me: “Yeah, the candy was $3.75, so I gave you the right amount of change.”

Girl: “No, you didn’t. It should have been $2.25.”

Me: “Ma’am, even the register says it is $1.25.”

Girl: “But why?”

Me: “The candy was $3.75, the quarter makes $4, and the dollar makes $5.”

Girl: “Oh.”

She walks away, acting like I’m still wrong and she doesn’t want to deal with it anymore.

Coworker: “Did that just happen?”

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Getting Inside Does Not Guarantee Service

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I work at a movie theater. It is a Saturday morning and we’ve not yet opened. Our first show doesn’t start for almost an hour. I work in the box office and I’m getting everything set up. Behind me, the exit door is slightly ajar to allow employees to enter. All other doors are locked and the lights are off. Suddenly, a customer and a young child appear in front of my desk. 

Customer: “Why are your doors locked and the lights off?”

Me: “That’s because we’re not yet open, sir. May I ask how you got in?”

Customer: “We tried every door, and we saw that that exit was unlocked, so we came in. Are there any tickets left for this morning’s show of [Children’s Movie]?”

Me: “Sir, we are not open. I’m going to have to ask you to leave until we unlock the doors and are open.”

Customer: “But you’re here now, and we got in through a door! I want two tickets to [Children’s Movie]!”

I ended up having to call a manager to escort them out. He was only able to get them to leave after threatening to call the cops!

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There’s A Special Kind Of Hell For Those Who Talk In The Movie Theater

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My wife and I went to a movie a while ago. During the previews, a younger couple came in and sat in the row behind us and off to one side a bit. The guy immediately pulled his cell phone out and started using it while the woman munched on popcorn and watched the previews.

Finally, the movie started and he still was on his phone. I was about to ask him to turn it off when it rang and he answered and started a very animated conversation with someone. I then told him to “Turn it off or leave!” and, after giving me a death glare, he whispered something to the woman. They got up and, with him still chatting on the phone, they began to leave… or so I thought.

Instead of leaving, they plopped down in some seats in the first row, him still chatting away. We could hear him from where we were. Several people seated nearby him asked him to turn the phone off but he ignored them. Finally, someone left and got a manager who came in and told him to leave.

He stood up, turned to face us all, and yelled, “THANKS FOR TOTALLY RUINING MY DATE!” Then, he stomped out of the theater with the woman sheepishly trailing behind to scattered laughter, jeers, and — for real — applause.

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(Bear in mind that the digital sign, all of which light up with BRIGHT RED lettering, outside the theater 1 has been down for repairs for almost a month. Also bear in mind that it’s almost the holidays, and that’s when all the mean stupid customers emerge from hiding. Note too that this scenario has happened no less than five times.)

Customer: Where is *movie in theater 1 name* again?

Me: (I know I told this customer not five minutes ago where to go, but I figured she might not have been listening) It’s in theater 1 m’am.

Customer: (irritably) Well it didn’t say the name outside the theater!

Me; I’m sorry that’s because the sign is down for repairs, but I assure you, *movie name* is in theater 1.

What I wanted to say: Listen honey, I’ve been here for a year. If I tell you something is in theater 1, it’ theater 1. I know what I’m about.

(seriously, how do you not notice the bright red glowing letters on all the other theaters? How do you not notice the wires sticking out where the sign is supposed to be? Red is the easiest color (unless your colorblind of course) for the human eye to see. It’s not rocket science.)

(I’ve just taken to telling the customers that the sign is down, since they so obviously can’t figure that out on their own, so that they stop yelling at me for sending me to the wrong theater)

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I’m planning to meet up with my friend to go see Fantastic Beasts. I had planned to go for an early showing, but it turned out, this showing didn’t exist. It turned out that I had been looking at the wrong site for the cinema times and the next showing was going to be an hour later.
My friend an I weren’t too bothered honestly, since it wasn’t much time and we had no other plans, but the guy at the counter went to the trouble of giving us both discounts, premium seats and offering us free coffee!
He really didn’t have to go to so much trouble over something so small, and what was ultimately my fault, but it was very sweet of him and my hat goes off to him, where ever he may be.