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(An African-American man has just ordered an Iccee and bottle of water. His card is declined. It’s right around the holidays.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but your card was declined.”

Customer: “Huh… that’s weird. Let me give you another one.”

(He hands me another card. It gets declined as well.)

Me: (Realizing what’s probably happening) “I’m sorry, sir, but this one was declined as well. Have you been doing any holiday shopping lately? It’s possible your bank may automatically have put a temporary hold on your cards if you’ve been making a lot of purchases lately. It’s not uncommon this time of year, and we’ve had several guests the past week with the same problem.”

Customer: “Nah, I don’t think so. Try this one!”

(He thrusts another card forward, and it is declined.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but it seems this card has been declined as well.”

Customer: “Then it’s your system! It’s not MY cards!”

(I flag down a manager who runs into his office and checks the system, and it appears there is no error with the credit system.)

Manager: (Returning) “Sir, there’s no problem with our system that we can identify. Are you sure it isn’t possible that your accounts may have been temporarily put on hold? It happens more than you’d think this time of year.”

Customer: “My cards ain’t on hold! Give me my stuff for free, then!”

Manager: “Sir, if you’d like, you can use our phone to call your bank and sort the matter out.”

(He wanders off, complaining and repeatedly asking for his iccee and water for free before dialing his bank on our phone. In the meantime THREE separate customers come in and all successfully pay for concession items using their cards, so we know it’s not our system. About five minutes later, he returns.)

Customer: “I called my wife and she said she used the cards yesterday, so it’s not my cards! It’s your system! Gimme my stuff for free!”

Me: “Sir, I just rang up three guests who all paid with cards with no problem. It’s more than possible your account was put on hold today.”


(I try all three cards, and all three are declined.)

Me: “I’m sorry sir, but your cards are still being declined. If you’d like, I can give you some free courtesy cups of ice water to make up for the fact we can’t sell you a bottle of water. I’ll even throw in a few courtesy cups of iccee to make up for your inconvenience. But I won’t be able to give you your original purchase for free.”

Customer: (Screaming) “Oh, go to hell, cracker! I am NOT taking no hand-outs from some WHITE BOY! You’re just a RACIST cracker-a** b**** who ain’t giving my my stuff for free because I’m black! Keep your hand-outs!”

(He storms off, and later complains to our manager, trying to get me fired. The kicker? About two weeks later, he came in and ordered concessions from a co-worker, and off-handedly mentioned that he had been having issues paying for things because his cards had been placed on hold a few weeks back and he was still having trouble with the bank.)

And Then He Vowed To Never Help Anyone Again

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I’m in my socially-awkward early twenties and I’m visiting a small local theater to see a movie. Before the movie starts, I go to use the restroom. As I’m washing my hands, a young boy around seven comes up to the sink next to me and starts hopping while grabbing at the sink handle. Thinking he can’t reach, I turn it on for him

Kid: “No, not that. I’m trying to reach those.”

He points at the liquid soap dispensers above the sink. I squirt a large amount onto the palm of my hand and lower it to him.

Me: “Here.”

Kid: “Thanks!”

He scoops soap out my hand. I wash off my hands, turn off the water for him, and leave to go see my movie. Later, as everyone is leaving the theater:

Kid: “Hey! Thanks for before!”

I turn to see the kid waving at me with one hand while holding onto a woman with the other. The kid tugs on his mom’s hand and points at me. 

Kid: “Mom, that guy was cool. He helped me use the restroom earlier.”

My eyes went wide as I realized how bad that could sound out of context. I made eye contact with the mom who was looking at me with concern. I wordlessly spun on my heel and started speed-walking to my car. I really hope that kid explained the story better.

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Rated R You Serious? Part 2

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(Two teenagers come in to see an R-rated movie. Per company policy, I ask to see their IDs.)

Girl: “I have my ID on me, but he doesn’t have his. Is that okay?”

Me: “Unfortunately, I need to see both IDs if you guys want two tickets.”

Boy: “What the f*** is your problem?! It’s not like I’m f****** fourteen. You’re going to sell me a ticket now to the movie.”

Me: “I’ve got to ask you to please watch your language as there are children around. As I explained to your friend, I need to see your ID in order to sell you a ticket. It’s our policy to card anyone who looks like they could be underage. As your friend is only seventeen, this leads me to believe you are around the same age as her.”

Boy: “Get me your f****** manager right now. Oh, man, I can’t wait to tell them how much you are harassing me.”

(I radio to my manager and she comes over. I let the boy explain everything to her and she tells him exactly the same thing. He curses some more before stomping off to go get his ID. About 10 or 15 minutes later, they return.)

Boy: *throws his ID across the counter at me* “Here! Now let me in.”

Me: *examines ID* “I’m sorry this says you were born in November of [year]. That means you’re sixteen and I can’t sell you a ticket for this movie.”

(The boy verbally berated me for a minute or two and threatened to physically harm me. Luckily, our security guard — an off-duty police officer — was standing within earshot and sat the guy down to give him a few words of his own.) 

Rated R You Serious?

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Wish You Could Send Her Back To The Silent Era Of Cinema

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(I’m in a movie theater with my brother, watching a movie. The girl behind us is being very obnoxious, talking loudly.)

Girl: “This movie is soooo fake.”

(I turn around and glare, but she just looks at me blankly.)

Girl: “Oh, look at the realistic character! Yeah, right!”

(Several other customers tell her to shut up, but she just looks at them blankly back and continues to jabber on and on to herself. Finally, someone goes to get an usher, but before they return, the movie ends.)

Girl: “That movie was the pits! Horrible acting!”

(We all watch as she goes straight to the customer service desk and demands her money back.)

Girl: “I wasted my money for this dumb movie; I want a refund!”

Me: “Don’t give it to her.”

Girl: “Butt out, whore!”

Me: “She was talking throughout the whole movie and ruined it for the rest of us.”

Clerk: “Is this true, ma’am?”

Girl: “No! And even if it was, I have a right to speak my mind if I want to! It’s my right!”

(The other movie watchers agreed with me and the clerk finally decided not to give her a refund. The girl threw her popcorn everywhere and stormed out, swearing not to come back. And she hasn’t; the clerk told me later that she was banned!)

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Popping His Corn About Having To Pay

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Me: “All right, sir, you get one free refill on the large popcorn; just bring up this receipt with the bag.”

(Thirty minutes later, the customer comes up to the counter with the receipt but no bag.)

Customer: “I’d like my other popcorn, please.”

Me: “Sir, I need the bag for the refill.”

Customer: *pissed off* “Well, fine, just charge me for a new one, I guess.”

Me: *proceeds to charge him*

Customer: “And when I bring you the first bag, I get a refund for this one, right?”

Me: “I can’t do that, sir; you can’t have two bags of popcorn and only pay for one.”


(The customer storms off into his theater.)

Me: “Please don’t.”

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