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Unfiltered | June 5, 2016

I had just taken my 2 week old daughter to get her blood drawn for labs at a hospital downtown. My friend is carrying the baby seat and I’m carrying the baby in my arms. The hallway is empty except for two women from housekeeping. As I pass them they call out to me.

Housekeeper 1: Excuse me miss!

*I turn around, thinking perhaps I had dropped something* Housekeeper 2: Can we see your baby?

Me: Of course! *I walk back and pull back her blankets while the housekeepers coo and exclaim. Suddenly one of them notices my pentacle necklace*

Housekeeper 1: Oh! So are you going to baptize her? ”

Me: *taken by surprise* Um no. Neither I nor her father is Christian…

Housekeeper 1: That’s too bad….

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Unfiltered | June 5, 2016

In my class there are two boys who are best friends. Boy 1 is a very emo person who doesn’t get along with people. Boy 2 is the opposite, lovable and very social. They are always together at lunch breaks, projects, etc.

Today I am walking to class. detouring into a small empty area when I see them together. Boy 1 is hugging boy 2 who is crying which id something unusual for him. I hid so they wouldn’t see me and this is their conversation that made my day.

Boy 2: *crying* I can’t take it anymore!

Boy 1: I know, I know *gently rubbing Boy 2’s back, trying to get him to calm down*

Boy 2: They don’t care, I shouldn’t even be alive, I don’t care anymore! *starts mumbling inaudibly*

Boy 1 is now on the verge of tears. He grabs Boy 2 by the whrists and makes Boy 2 look at him.

Boy 1: Don’t you ever say that (Boy 2)! I care about you! You don’t understand! Don’t say those things… please

(Im starting to tear up at this point even though I don’t know what led up to this. Boy 1 and Boy 2 are pretty quiet when it comes to their personal lives.)

Boy 2: W-why do you care! Im a waste of time-

Boy 1: Because you’re the only one keeping me going…

(long silence, at this point I’m late for class.)

Boy 1: You have NO idea what you’ve done for me. You’re always there for me. You always help me. You’ve always cared for me… I want to make sure you’re being helped too. I don’t want to lose you…

(Cue me sobbing behind a wall.)

Boy 2: *hugs Boy 2 tightly* I-I love you!

(Boy 1 and 2 start kissing, which I took as my time to leave. Not wanting to intrude on their privacy any longer. I was happy all throughout the rest of the day. When I saw them next they were both really happy. I haven’t told them that I saw them, but if they do see this I want them to know that they made my day and that I hope the best for the two of them!

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Unfiltered | June 5, 2016

(I’m walking down the halls with my friend. She is usually nice, but can be bratty. Right now I’m nodding along as she blathers about something or other.)

Friend: “And so, like, I was like, yeah, uh huh, it was so weird, ya know? And–”

(Right then I see the boy she has a crush on, walking our way.)

Me: “Ooh, look.”

Friend: “Huh? What?”

(Just as he was walking by, I push her into him, hard. She gasps and rights herself, and he just keeps walking, confused. I laugh.)

Friend: “Why did you do that?! You’re so mean!”

(Years later, she got me back by smacking me in the forehead. Can’t say I didn’t deserve it. Never tell who you’ve got a crush on in middle school, though…)

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Unfiltered | June 5, 2016

For Christmas my family has given us a couple of expansion packs for Cards Against Humanity. We decide to play after dinner, and it’s my mom’s turn to choose the best card. She finds another one she doesn’t quite understand.

Mom: *Looking quizzically at the card* Queefing?

Dad: Beever Burp.

Mom: Oh!

And the entire table erupts in laughter.

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Unfiltered | June 4, 2016

I’m out shopping for some washers (those round metal pieces with a hole in the middle that you can use with scews).

This store sells them packages or you can take as much as you like and pay by weight.

I have picked about 15 washers of different sizes and go to the checkout.

I show the cashier my items and than tells her:

“I’ll add this bottle of soda to my purchase so it’s worthwhile for you guys that I use my card.”

She responds with a hint of surprise:

“Oh, so you understand us?”

Me: “Yeah, reading and learning about the theories of economics have that effect on me”.

I pay for my items (Washers ~0.40 $, Soda ~3 $).

Me: “Have a nice weekend!”

Chashier: “You too!”