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(My family is very old fashioned, traditional, and fairly religious. I, however, am a metal-loving, all black wearing fantasy and sci-fi geek. On this particular occasion, my mom has accompanied me to the mall, and when we are both done shopping, meets me at my favorite store to pay for the clothes I selected.)

Mom: *walks in* “What happened to the lights? It’s so dim in here! And what is that horrible sound? And where are all their nice clothes? There’s just shirts with stupid logos on them.”

Me: “The lighting is supposed to be dim, those sounds are one of my favoite band’s songs, and those are their clothes. The logos aren’t stupid; they’re references to some of the best music and most amazing books, movies, and T.V. shows. This store fits my style, and if you don’t like it, then that’s your problem, not mine. So why don’t you stop being so close-minded and learn to sccept different things!?”

(I then hand her the Star Wars t-shirt I was planning on getting, and with my head held high, walk up to the counter, expecting her to follow.)

Mom: “Wait – you expect me to buy you this? It’ll make you look like some sort of loser.”

Me: “Well, unlike some people, I don’t give a d***.”

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Im meeting a friend I met online for the first time ever. She´s flying in from London, and was supposed to call me prior to boarding but I havent heard from her, and unable to reach her. Note that I got anxiety, so this triggers and attack, thinking ive been catfished or something. I decide to call our hotel

Receptionist: this is Hotel, how may I help you?

Me: Hi, im Name and I know this is weird, but im supposed to meet a friend, from overseas, for the first time today. However she havent called before boarding as we agreed. I was wondering if it was possible for you to look up our reservation, just to see if she really did place it? I Know its weird but I suffer from anxiety and im freaking out a bit

Receptionist: Ofcourse, I can only tell you if theres a reservation under the name tough, nothing else

Me: Thats fine. Her name is Name Lastname

Receptionist: Yes, I can see her in the system, hope that eases your mind!

Me: it did, thank you very much!

My friend DID arrive, and we had a blast. Turned out her phone died unexpectedly. When we checked in the receptionist recognized the name, and said she was happy it all worked out. She even upgraded our room!

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(I’m in the audience of my local theatre group’s production of “The Little Mermaid”. As one would expect, there are a lot of young children in attendance, some of whom might not have seen the movie. During the first act, Ariel shows Flounder something she found that was tossed off a ship.)

Ariel: Flounder, look! A treasure!

Kid in the audience: A fork??

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We have a new hire this season. While he’s a nice guy, he lacks common sense and basically has to be retrained on everything every day. The first thing we do in the mornings is prep our trucks for the day: refill stock, inspection, clean out garbage, etc. This is standard practice and everyone is expected to help their foremen with it.

Me: *hopping into back of truck* “what are you doing?”

New hire: “oh I’m making these fixtures”

Me: “don’t worry about that for now, man. We can do that when we get to site. Just make sure our truck is ready to roll for the day”

New hire: “oh… oh yeah… okay…”

At this point I head into our inventory lockup to grab supplies for the day. I come back and guess who is still making fixtures. This is pretty typical for a day with him.

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(My sister had just come home from taking my dog on a walk. My dog’s name is Leo.)

Sister: We ran into another Leo today!

Me: What kind of dog was he?

Sister: A labrador.

Me: Oh was he the labradoodle?

Sister: He didn’t really look like a doodle.