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(I’m a student shopping in a Gamestop store and all of a sudden, a kid walks towards me and grabs me by the sholder.)

Kid: Hey you, you’re a employee right?

Me: Uh… well I don’t..


Me: But I really don’t work here.

Kid: You think you can fool me you midget! Tell me where (famous 3DS game) is! I can’t find it so a employee can! You’re a employee so show me where it is or I beat you up!

(I’m pointing to the section full of 3DS games)

Kid: Thanks for the information you nerdy midget. I could have sworn that was he PS VITA section. Those Asians suck!

(I leave the store because I’m an Asian. To this day, I’m still confused on why he thought I was a employee.)

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(I just started working as a residential advisor in my student accomodation building. I am knocking on the doors of new residents to tell them that there is an event they are required to go to. I see a girl knock on one door and go in. Less than a minute later, I get to that door and another residential advisor tells me it is on our list of ones with new residents. I knock and, after a few seconds, the male resident opens the door fully, choosing not to peer through a small gap like some do or just call out that he will be there in a minute.)

Resident: Hi!

(I notice that he does not have a shirt on but I don’t mind.)

Me: Hi!

(My eyes travel downwards and I realise that he has his shorts around his knees, fully exposing his underwear. I am female and barely know him. He slowly, calmly begins pulling his shorts up. I look away.)

Me: Um, so, are you a new resident?

Resident: No

Me: Right, sorry. I didn’t need to bother you then since you don’t need to go to the event for new residents. But there’s still a barbecue that you could go to this evening.

(I look back at him and see that he has finally finished zipping up his shorts.)

Resident: Oh, cool. Hey [girlfriend] do you want to go to a barbecue?

Girlfriend: (without getting up from the bed) Sure

Me: Great. Well, I’ll see you there.

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(My family and I are having dinner together and are talking about random things. My wife is staring off into space.)

Me: *whispering to her* “Do you want some water?”

Wife: *whispering back* “No, thanks.”

Sister: “What are you two on about?”

Me: “Nothing!”

Mum: “I know what you were saying! You were asking if she was bored!”

Me: “No, I asked if she wanted a glass of water!”

Sister: “… is that code for ‘are you bored’?”

(It is now!)

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I have horrible luck with neighbours. If I’m lucky, I get the ones that don’t even acknowledge my existence, but when I’m unlucky, they usually end up letting their kids and pets do whatever they want, even letting them trespass on my lawn. These ones were the worst. As far as I knew, it was just a man, two small children, and a medium-sized dog.

I’d been growing a nice little redwood tree out in the front yard, and one day I come outside with my dog and the kids are there beating it with sticks and breaking off the branches. It was just a sapling, so it wouldn’t stand a chance without them. Before I could do anything, I noticed that their dog was running around loose, and came charging at my five-pound poodle mix, grabbing her by the rear end and shaking her like a ragdoll. It got startled when she started crying, so I took that opportunity to get her away and ran back inside. She hid under the couch like she always does when she’s scared, but my dad spotted some blood on the carpet, so we were pretty worried. Luckily, she was feeling better in a couple of days. My tree unfortunately was not so lucky, and died a few days later.

A few weeks later, I’m out walking with my dog, minding my own business, and I’m just passing by the neighbour’s house. Suddenly, the dog comes charging out of the house and starts biting her and chasing her around in circles. I’m terrified, yelling for help, trying to figure out what to do to get it away from her. Just as I’m considering throwing the leash handle at him and letting my dog try to escape, the owner comes out and grabs the dog. I scoop up my dog and start trying to reassure her, then I glare at the owner and yell the only thing I could think of to say at the time: “That’s the second time!” He didn’t even apologize.

I brought her home, still in a panic, and I notice that her belly’s bleeding a lot. I ended up calling my parents and a few friends to ask for help (we don’t have a local vet), and after calming down a bit, I’m able to use a cold cloth to stop the bleeding. My mother was seriously considering pressing charges, but they moved before we could do anything. We even had to pay for the operation my dog needed for the hernia she got as a result. Worst. Neighbour. EVER!

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I work by telephone from home. One day I get a call from a client with a two year old daughter. Since her daughter is in the room with her, she has the phone on speaker. The little girl hears a man’s voice coming from the phone, and with a voice absolutely full of happiness and delight calls out, “Hi, Daddy!” The mother and I shared a laugh, and the mother said, “That’s not Daddy. Say hello to [my name].”

The daughter didn’t say a word, but I could almost hear her expression change from happiness to sheer horror and betrayal.