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(I’m a teacher, chatting with a fifth grade boy before school.)

Student: Miss, did you know Donald Trump has a Twitter?

(I start getting very nervous at this point. This is not an impartial conversation I can easily have.)

Student: Yeah, and he tweets too.

(I start sweating heavily)

Student: Can you believe it? A president having a Twitter?

(Deep sign of relief!)

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I’m the customer in this story. At this point I’m a teenager and a friend and I are browsing at a fairly high-end store.

I see a pair of pants that I like and go try them on. They fit and I’m interested in buying them. Because they’re on sale, however, there’s no price tag, so I go to the counter and the following exchange takes place:

Me: Hi, how much are these pants?

Cashier: *mumbles something incoherent*

Me: Sorry, how much?

Cashier: I. Said. Three. Hundred.

Me: *pays the 300 and waits for her to bag the pants*

Cashier: *throws the bag face-down on the counter*

I think that she assumed we weren’t serious customers because we were young. You’d think her mood would’ve picked up when we actually purchased from the store.

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(My boyfriend and I are donating several bags of old clothes to a second-hand store. I am moving the bags to the tailgate of my truck while he takes them inside and sets them on the donation counter. My boyfriend is a really sweet guy and super friendly, but he has a stoic, serious face that often gets misktaken for a ‘don’t talk to me’ attitude)

BF: (to the donation guy, who is probably 65 or 70 years old) “How are you today, sir?”

Donation guy: “Don’t ask questions like that, man.”

BF: (utterly confused) *walks back out to my truck and related story to me*

(I have what is apparently considered a kind face because I am often spoken to by strangers even when I don’t initiate anything to them. Because of this, I am often able to ease tension-filled situations. I decide to carry the bags in and see if my BF’s posture or facial expression has anything to do with how the donation guy perceived him and responded to him, and if anything is different when I approach him)

Me: *setting the bag on the donation counter* “Hello, how are you?”

Donation guy: *looks at me blankly and shakes his head*

Me: “…Okay. Uhm, can I have two receipts? (In American, you can deduct donations from your taxes)

Donation guy: *angrily* “No! You only get one per donation!”

Me: “But, each of us (indicating my BF and myself) is donating and we need it for our taxes! (My BF shakes his head at me, as if to tell me just to let it go)

(Donation guy hands us the one receipt and we leave, confused and discussing everything that happened.)

(Maybe he had a terrible day, but we couldn’t figure out why he was so short to a common, kind question!)

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(I have just started working at my first job. As I am cleaning the dining room, a female customer is drawing while she is eating and wearing gear from a popular art website. Being a user on that site, I can’t help but peek at her picture.)

Me: Wow, that looks great!

Customer: Thanks!

Me: Isn’t that [Pokemon]?

Customer: Yes it is!

Me: Wait, are you [extremely popular artist]?

Customer: Yes, I am!

(We talk for a bit, the both of us realizing eventually that we were in the same art classes. While I am not as prolific as an artist as she is, we both continue drawing Pokemon and comment on each other’s work.)

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(This incident happened when I was much younger. My mom had recently gotten a haircut, and, as such, had much shorter hair then normal)

Mom:*sad tone* I look like a boy.

Me: It’s okay, Willy Wonka looked like a girl!