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(Two very drunk guys come to check in. I check them in and hand over the keys.)

Guy: “Hey, what’s time’s checkout?”

Me: “11 am.”

Guy: “Then why does it say checkout: 8 25?!”

Me: “…That’s the date sir.”

Guy: “Oh.”

Me: *stupefied*

Guy #2: “Can we have late checkout?”

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This happened at my first job in a popular fast food place when I had just gotten out of homeschooling so I was a bit awkward and my assistant manager had given me tips on what to say, customer service and stuff like that. A couple walks in and the guy comes up to the counter first.
Me: Hello welcome to [place] what can I get for you today?
Just then the girl pushes him out of the way and glares at me while placing her order and doesn’t let him speak at all
Me: Thank you for your order they will bring it to your table and have a nice night
Girl: whatever bitch
I’m a bit shocked but I keep my cool and watch as they sit in the table behind my assistant manager who is doing paperwork. Since it is pretty empty aside from the customer my other manager tells me to do litter pickup outside which requires I wear a reflective vest. I am almost finished when a truck comes roaring past almost hitting me and I hear a woman yell WHORE!! At me.
I am visibly shaken when I walk in and my assistant manager comes over to me
Manager: hey are you ok? What happened?
Me: I think the lady that was in here earlier almost ran me over and called me a whore
Manager: I actually know her and am going to speak to her parents. The whole time they were eating she kept talking about how you were trying to steal her boyfriend and calling all kinds of horrible names. Why don’t you take a break and get yourself an ice cream or something? It’s on me.
I did get the ice cream and quit about a month later but my manager did indeed talk to her parents and she had to come apologize to me later.

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It’s been stormy, causing the power lines to be faulty in the projectors and screens. One customer comes downstairs very angry about the failure of commencement of her movie.

Customer: (storms up to the counter and places down an empty popcorn bucket and beer cup) I want a refund on this!
Coworker: Um…
Customer: I only got to see 10 minutes of this before your movie screwed…up!
Coworker: (gets manager)
Manager: What’s the problem?
Customer: I want a refund on this food!
Manager: We can’t give refunds on food.
Customer: Your movie only played for 10 minutes before it screwed up! I didn’t get to finish it! I want a refund on this food!
Manager: We can’t refund food.

The customer continues to go on about how this is wrong and she wants her money back. My manager eventually gave up and gave her a refund in order to get her to shut up. Several more customers came out and requested refunds on their tickets, but no more were like her. Several of my coworkers and I had a laugh, though!

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It’s 9:15 and I leave at 9:30 so my manager tells me to shut my register light off because my line is really long and no one else to release me from my shift

Me: shuts my light off and looks around the corner to see who the last person in line is so if anyone else gets in line I will know

Me: 10 minutes past and I look up to see more people in my line

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(We have a guy who is known for being surly to colleagues, and the only female he talks to is a girl of similar origin to his own, this happens in front of him, I’m a white female)
Me: Collection number [number]!
Customer: That’ll be me love, how are you today?
Me: Doing very well sir, and yourself?
Customer: Not bad, not bad, talking to [coworker] here waiting for my order. I hear people say good things about him, me, I just tell the truth.
(A few weeks prior, this guy demeaned the team I’m in to a customer, while right next to me. Thank you sir, for being a great regular and dishing a hot dose of karma!)

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