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My young colleague has just taught a baby-paren class, when she asks:

“Did you know M’s father is hetero?”

I’m a bit surprised at that, so don’t really react and she continues:

“Yes, M has two fathers”

“Ah, so you mean homo, gay”


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Literature professor explaining people’s public opinion of Alexander Pope: “How can you believe this man? He’s Catholic and 4’6’’

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(My daughter started playing soccer at the local YMCA when she was 3. Before practices and games, she would always pick flowers in the field and give them to coaches and other players’ moms. One day, she trips while she’s running around and falls, scraping her knee.)

Me: *comforting her and inspecting her knee* It’s okay, sweetie, you’re not bleeding.

Daughter: *crying* It hurts!

(Another mom comes over to us.)

Other mom: *holding out a flower* Here you go. I hope your knee feels better.

(My daughter immediately stopped crying and smiled. Two years later, she still plays soccer and gives flowers to the other moms. Thanks to the soccer mom who helped show my daughter that kindness comes back to us.)

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Visitor: The company (neighboring company), do they sit in this building?

Me: No, sir, they’re in the next one over! It’s just down the road to your left.

Visitor (disappointed and confused) But… Do I have to go outside to get there?

Me: To get the… the next building? Yes. You would have to physically go outside.

Visitor: (Very sad-looking and distraught) Oh… I’ll just…leave then…


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(I am about 8 years old. My dad has brought me to a small nearby village to attend some meeting, and I have met two girls there for the same reason. We are playing around the park near the building, having a lot of fun, and get to the playground. Even though I didn’t want to be there originally I am having a great time, and think the girls are a lot of fun. When we reach the tire swing, they let me take the first turn while they push. However, once I get on, they start HURLING the swing as hard as they can back and forth between them.)

Me: “Stop! Let me off!”

Girl #1: “No! You’re white white person! You’re bad!”

Girl #2: “Yeah! You’re bad!”

Girl #1: *dripping with contempt* “WHITE person!”

(I am stuck on the swing for a couple more minutes listening to their hatred of me before I can finally get away from them, and I run to my dad crying. I spent the rest of the night afraid of these two girls. I later spent 2 years living there during middle school, and the constant torment left me with clinical depression and suicidal thoughts that are still with me over a decade later. All because I’m white. Racism is NOT a white person disease, it can be transmitted from anyone to anyone, regardless of skin colour.)