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Chicago, IL | Unfiltered | November 3, 2015

My circle of friends (9) were gathered for a birthday as we always do. We often talk about politics and most of us share similar political views, which means we all tend to agree. On occasions when we have a difference of opinion it usual results in a simple, but respectful debate; we agree to disagree and change the subject.

On one particular evening, as we discussed some current events I expressed an opinion about a seemingly mild political subject. The reaction by some in the group startled me…incredulous and almost angry. Then began what I started to call “the grilling”.

Three individuals began talking over one another to ask me various questions and about hypothetical situations. I did my best to answer them, with references and the logic to back up my statements. As I continued to answer, they began repeating the same question and hypothetical scenario. I answered those same two questions at least three times before finally trying to end the conversation.

I calmly started to suggest a change of subject, but they kept pressing for answers to their questions…which I had already answered multiple times. By now I’m not just frustrated, but angry. With every repeated question, I replied firmly and with my own anger showing, “we needed to change the subject, I am getting angry”. I repeated that statement at least 4 or 5 times, looking at the three antagonists dead in the eye and almost yelling… Finally I reached my limit…I stood up, yelled I was done and leaving, and walked out.

According to two others that had observed most of the argument, the three antagonists were shocked and surprised at my reaction and leaving. They asked each other what happened, which the two observers answered by telling them they kept asking the same thing over and over even though I had answered, and that I must have felt attacked (very true). The antagonists then asked “why didn’t he say he was getting angry or ask to change the subject?”. The two observers told them…”he did, you didn’t listen”.

I only received one apology. Another member of the group (neither antagonist or observer), after hearing my views of the event, told me he thought that everything I had just said was crap and that I was obviously on drugs. What?!?!

4 years later, we still gather for birthdays, but I try to keep the conversation away from politics now, or don’t participate. Many of the friendships are damaged as a result. Even when others pointed out the bad behaviors and supported my feeling of being “attacked”, they still refuse to acknowledge any possible responsibility.

I’m finding new friends….

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Peoria, IL, USA | Unfiltered | November 2, 2015

(My little sister is telling me about her day. She’s in elementary school.)

Me: Wait, so some boy in your class thinks he’s your boyfriend?

Sister: Yeah! A couple days ago he just looked at me and said that I was his girlfriend!

Me: Do you like him?

Sister: No!

Me: You tell him next time that if he wants to be your boyfriend, he has to ask-

Sister: YOU!

Me: *trying not to laugh* No. Tell him he has to ask your dad first.

Sister: *considers this, then grins* OK!

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Florida, USA | Unfiltered | November 2, 2015

(I live at home with my parents. It’s my day off and I’m doing chores when the phone rings. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll call the caller Dan.)

Me: “Hello?”

Caller: “Hello?”

Me: “Hello?”

Caller: “Yeah, hi, this is Dan. Is [Father] home?”

Me: “Why are you calling?”

Caller: “I’m with [Resort Chain], you stayed with us in September. Do you remember?”

Me: “Well, you introduced yourself as just ‘Dan.’ I have no idea who that is, and I don’t know anyone named Dan. How was I to know?”

Caller: “Yeah, I understand. So, you stayed with us in September and we gave you a discount…” *begins to launch into spiel*

Me: “Hey, stop. Before you get going, [Father] isn’t here right now.”

Caller: “Oh, you’re not his wife?”

Me: “No, he’ll be back…”

Caller: *rudely hangs up*

(If there are any managers or supervisors reading this, please school your employees on proper phone etiquette: Introduce yourself with FULL name and company name; ask if subject is available, and if not, when can you call back; address subjects as “Sir” and “Ma’am” as well as “Mr.” and “Mrs.”; don’t use “yeah”; DON’T HANG UP without saying a proper goodbye. I worked in call centers before, and this sort of behavior will get you bad reviews every time.)

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England | Unfiltered | November 2, 2015

My company hires apprentices, for the first two years your whole years gets paid to go to college for free. Understandably they are not happy if you turn up late or not performing. I recently forgot some text books, drove home and picked them up, arriving a few minutes late after lunch.

Classmate: Well you shouldn’t have forgotten your books.

Me: I know I know, I just forgot them. it was only the once. They didn’t have to call my boss.

Female classmate: Well you need to sort it out. I’m never late or forget my books.

(Feeling piled on, i’m glad when we get to our final lesson.)

Female classmate: Oh I have to leave early.

Lecturer: What why? We have a lot of work to do.

Female classmate: I err.. have a dentist appointment..

Lecturer: it’s 8pm!

Female classmate: ..erm yeah it’s an emergency, i’m in a lot of pain!

Lecturer: Fine, just go.

(We look at each other in confusion, she had been with us all day, chatting the whole while. ate with us without problem, and didn’t mention it once.)

the next day…

Me: Did you get to your appointment?

Female classmate: Nah I went to see my boyfriend, it was valentines day. What do they expect me to do? I wanted to see him?

Classmate: After all the abuse you gave (me) yesterday?

Female classmate: Yeah well it is different, I needed to go home.

Classmate: You can’t just go home when you feel like it, you are being paid to be here!

Female classmate: Whatever, if (boss) asks I will just cry and tell them that you are bulling me.

(This went on for another three years, having never learnt the class material, she did terribly on the job. Eventually (after many chances) she was fired. Seeing her afterwards she still complained about being treated unfairly and that the work was too hard. If only she turned up half the time!)

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Chattanooga, TN, USA | Unfiltered | November 2, 2015

(I work in HR for a local non-profit, and every day at lunch I cover the front desk while the receptionist goes to lunch. Most of the calls we get are to set up home pick-ups for large donations, like furniture and appliances. This is one of the more bizarre phone calls I’ve received.)

Me: [business name], can I help you?

Elderly caller: Yes, is [transportation director] available?

Me: Sure, let me transfer you.

Caller: Well, okay, but it better not go to voicemail.

(I’m guessing it went to voicemail, because she called back two minutes later.)

Me: [business name], can I help you?

Caller: It went to voicemail.

Me: I’m sorry about that. Did you leave a message?

Caller: No. I really need to speak with him, can you page him?

Me: Well, he’s in a different building down the street, and I haven’t seen him today. He might be at lunch.

Caller: (getting annoyed, and louder) Is there anyone there who might know where he is?

Me: Someone in the transportation office might, would you —

Caller: NO. I need to speak to a human being. I shouldn’t have to leave a message. Someone should answer my calls. (I should note here that we have caller ID and she’s calling from an anonymous number.)

Me: Well, ma’am, it is lunchtime, and we are all very busy around here. And since they’re in a different building, I have no way of knowing what their schedule is. All I can do is transfer you and you’ll need to leave a message.

Caller: That’s crap. How in the hell is anyone supposed to set up a donation pick-up if it goes straight to voicemail?

Me: Well, I can help you with that. I’ll take your information and give it to them snd then they’ll call you back to schedule it.

Caller: NO. That’s too much work, I’ll just find someplace else to donate my stuff to.

Me: …Okay. Well, have a nice day.

Caller: Whatever. (hangs up)

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