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(I’m on the bus, on my way home. I see my stop coming up and push the button, only for the bus to whoosh past. Keep in mind, I’m the only passenger standing and I’m by the back door, and the automated STOP REQUESTED sign is blinking. Well, there’s another stop on the next street, not too far of a walk and the driver might be having an off day, so I push the button again. The bus stops and I go to push the doors open, but the bus starts pulling forward!)

Me: “Hey, stop, I want to get off!”

(The driver stops the bus.)

Driver: “Miss, there is no need to shout.”

Me: “You missed my stop. I want to get off. I pushed the button. Open the doors please.”

Driver: *not opening the doors* “There is no need to shout like that. Why are you shouting?”

Me: “Please let me off the bus.”

Driver: *still not opening the doors* “Why are you shouting? There is no need to shout.”


(He opens the doors and I get off. Sadly, I didn’t get the bus number before he zoomed away, so I couldn’t report him, but I haven’t seen him on the route since, thankfully. And no, none of the other passengers spoke up or even paid attention to me.)

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