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(We live in a small town that only has postal boxes in a gas station for mail. After changing hours recently, other regulations got tighter. Such as not passing mail over the counter, they have to use their key.)

Customer: Can you get my mail for me.

Me: No, you’ll have to use your key. (I’m standing in front of a sign that says that we cannot do that anymore. As well as more signs right next to the boxes)

Customer: No really, my box is XXX.

Me: No really (now pointing to sign) I cannot hand you the mail, you have to use your key.

Customer (finally reading sign): Oh, I guess I will have to find it.

(This happens multiple times every day for over a week!)

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(My family is spending the afternoon at a popular outlet mall that caters to shoppers of many different ethnic backgrounds. As a result they give announcements in several different languages as well as advertisements in various languages.)

Younger sister (pointing to a sign in Chinese): “Hey [my name], is that sign in Chinese or Japanese?”

(As part of a language program at the college I attend, I have taken a few semesters of Japanese and I am able to tell the difference between the Japanese and Chinese.)

Me: “It’s Chinese.”

My mother: “Just how are you able to tell the difference between the two? They look exactly the same. How can you tell it’s Chinese?”

Me (in Japanese): It’s because I can read Japanese!”

(No one else in my family can speak or understand Japanese but they can figure out when I’m speaking the language.)

My mother: “Oh right, you know Japanese.”

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(I am at a “mind reading show. The performer is guessing what number a guy set a die to. When he guesses correctly, he reveals that he had been pointing with one finger while talking to influence the guy to put set his die to 1. Note- they get one die, not two. It’s the next person’s turn and I overhear this gem between a woman and her husband next to me):

Woman: “See how he’s gesturing with all his fingers? I bet that’s guy is going to put his dice at 10!”

Husband: “But… He can’t… Oh nevermind…”

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(I’m eating at a popular fast food restaurant. I’m sitting in a nearby booth and witness an employee standing in front of all the condiments, taking his time preparing his coffee. An elderly woman approaches him and waits a few moments before interrupting.)

Elderly woman: “Excuse me”

Employee: *ignores*

Elderly woman: “Pardon me, I just need some napkins.”

Employee: *continues ignoring and sips his now prepared coffee.*

Elderly woman: “Young man, if you won’t move, can you at least hand me some napkins?”

Employee: “I’m sorry mam, I’m off the clock. You can just ask one of the cashiers over there to help you.”

(The elderly woman stared at him for 10 seconds straight, then made her way to the register to wait in line for some napkins)

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My brother is a huge Doctor Who fan and attended a local science fiction convention where one of the former Doctors was holding a symposium. To my brother’s dismay, the symposium filled up just as he arrived. He was sitting on a bench in the convention hall, dejected, when he heard a woman say “Oh, you don’t want to go to that! It’s boring! Hang around with me instead!” He looked up to see the actress who played a popular female companion standing over him. She spent part of her day with him as they went around the convention together. Whenever I become too cynical, I think about how Catherine Tate made sure a disappointed Doctor Who fan had the best day ever. Donna Noble truly is a hero!

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