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(I work in a shoe store. The stock room has 2 entrances. One halfway through the store by the adults section and one at the back of the store at the kids section. The store is relatively small and open plan so you can see pretty much everything we sell from the entrance. I have just gone through the kids stock entrance and am chatting to a coworker while looking for a shoe when a woman appears at the stock room door.)

Me: “Hi?”

Woman: “I was wondering if you sold travel socks. I didn’t see any out there.”

Me: “No, we’ve never sold socks of any kind.”

Woman: “Okay, thanks.” (Wanders out of the stock room and the store.)

Me: (Turning to my coworker.) “Did I just imagine that?”

Coworker: “Nope. Wonder if she spotted the multiple clothing stores we’re next to.”

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*Customer calls in*

M: Hello, this i..
C: DO YOU have XXXXXX? (Some rare and obscure product)
M: Um, no we dont carry this product at out store sir.
C: Oh……..do you carry XXXXXXX?
M: No……we dont carry that product……I just said that…
C: Can you look up in your catalog to see which store has it!!!
M: I’m sorry, its not that we are out of stock, its just that this company doesnt sell that item.
C: Well WHERE THE **** would I get it????
M: You could try Lowes, they’re next to us and I believe that I have seen it there.
M:…..That is a GOOD GUESS because I work for “xxxx” sir, I DONT WORK FOR LOWES.
C: ******* *Click*

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(I work at a well known department store and am standing at the register when this hispanic mother and her teenage daughter are pushing a cart out that has bagged items and a big vacuum cleaner in it. The alarm beeps so I ask for their receipt which they give me. I start looking through and I notice that the vacuum cleaner isn’t on there. I tell them this and the daughter ignores me, going through the bags until she finds a shirt with a sensor on it.)
Daughter: “It’s this that beeped.”
Me: “I see that and I’ll take the senor off. But first do you have a receipt for the vacuum?”
Daughter: “It’s on that one.”
Me: “Um, nope. It’s not here.”
(I read everything out-loud and showed her step by step, pointing to each item.)
Me: “See? Not on here.”
Daughter: “Well the lady rang it up and we paid for it.”
Me: “Okay, but as you can see it’s not on here…so do you want to buy it now?”
Daughter: “We already bought it! It must be a computer glitch because the woman rang it up and we bought it!”
(More customers get in line.)
Daughter: “Go help them first.”
Me: “Alright.”
(I picked up the vacuum and set it next to me at the register.)
Me: “I’ll just set this here until we get this fixed.”
(So while I’m helping the customer in line I call up my PIC (Person In Charge) and tell him to come up. Meanwhile the daughter is translating everything to the mother who seems confused. I show my PIC the receipt and tell him what happened, he goes through the SAME THING with them, repeating everything I just said while the daughter keeps saying it’s already been paid for. Finally the daughter says to just ring the d*** thing up again. So I do…)
Me: *Laughs* “Well, isn’t THAT interesting. One sec.”
(I call my PIC back up and tell him he needs to take them up to the customer service desk. Because yes the vacuum had been rung up…the daughter had taken a $26.24 bar-code from another item and stuck it on the vacuum. And I tell him this as if I’m in complete shock. He treated them the same and took them up to customer service to get the money back and buy it at it’s real price, which was $100. I knew the girl was giving me dirty looks while I was doing the transaction earlier, since I had caught what she had done, and found out that at the customer service area she kept glaring and mouthing off to my PIC. But the actually bought the vacuum so all’s well that ends well)

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Customer: Do you carry paint brushes here?
Me: YES we do. Did you want them for crafts or for the walls?
Customer: For painting
Me: ……
Customer: …….
Me: For painting walls?
Customer: YES.
Me: Down aisle 4…..

A Support Shirt Results In A Show Of Support

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(I’m a male and I work in the electronics section of a bulk store. I am helping in the clothing section one night. I wear tank-top-style compression undershirts because they’re moisture-wicking and where we live regularly reaches 120+ degrees Fahrenheit and even after 10:00 pm can still be over 115 degrees.

I move and the strap over my shoulder cuts into my cut arm a bit, so I reach through my sleeve to readjust it when a lady, I’m guessing between 35 and 45 years old, walks up and puts her hand on my shoulder.)

Customer: “I just wanted you to know that until I saw you adjust your bra strap I never would’ve guessed you were trans. You look very convincing as a man!”

(She walked away. I relayed the message to my coworkers and we all had a laugh, trying to figure out how she thought I was a biological female.

I’m glad she was trying to be supportive but for the next several weeks I am questioning if I somehow redeveloped the feminine physique I had in high school and lost when I put on 45 pounds within two months of graduating.)

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