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(This happened to me during the first weeks at my new job, the conversation was in French so I translated it. An elderly lady comes in, so I greet her.)

Me: Hi! May I help you?

Customer: Yes, I would like those things for a tablet…

Me: A stylus?

Customer: No, no, those things to touch the tablet with, you use it instead of your finger…

Me: A stylus.

Customer: No, you can use it on a tablet…

Me: … It looks like a pen but to use on a tablet or a phone or anything with a touchscreen?

Customer: YES! Exactly!

(I show her some of the products we have.)

Customer: Yes, that is exactly what I wanted! What is it called?

Me: A stylus.

(As I know she will argue, I show her on the packaging where it is written in both French and English. She looks at it for a moment.)

Customer: Really? That does not sound right, it must be a bad translation, those English people are so weird sometimes. It has to have a real name.

Me: …Who knows…

(I do not want to argue so I just go to the register so she can pay and so I can go back to what I was doing.)

Me: Thank you, have a nice day!

Customer: Thank you, you too. I will go home and try to find out how it is really called. Stylus cannot be right.

(She gets out still going on about it and I look at my boss, telling her what just happened from the beggining.)

Boss: Get used to it, some people will never believe you even if you show them all the proofs in the world.

Me: Seriously?..

(She goes on to tell me some of the stuff she encountered through the years. Since that time, that kind of things happened so often that I just go on as if nothing happens.)

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I work in customer service for an online retailer. We always get a lot of customers upset about shipping over the holidays, but this one takes the cake.

The customer was transferred to me by a rep as an escalated call. The customer wanted his shipping fee of $9.95 returned for two day delivery.

Me: Hello, you have a question about your delivery?
Cust: Yes, I am upset over the way you shipped my order. I paid for two day air and you shipped it 2 day ground. I want you to refund my shipping fees.(there is no way to chose which carrier our items ship with in our ordering system)
Me: Sir, I see that you paid for 2 day delivery and you received the package on time.
Cust: I paid for two day air and you shipped two day ground.
Me: Sir, you paid for two day delivery and you received two day delivery. You are not due a refund for your shipping fees as the item delivered on time.
Cust: You said guaranteed two day delivery and you shipped two day ground which is not guaranteed. I know UPS. Only two day air is guaranteed. You shipped with a cheaper method and just want to pocket my money. I paid for two day air and I want my refund.
Me: Sir, there is no where in the ordering process for you to chose which carrier ships your item. We ship USPS, FedEx and UPS two day delivery. Our system chooses the best carrier to get your package delivered on time.
Cust: Two day air is guaranteed, two day ground is not guaranteed. I know UPS and I paid for two day air. Refund my money.
Sir: No, sir you paid for two day delivery and you received two day delivery.
Cust: What kind of company is this? I will just return the whole order than! You really want to lose a sale over $9.95?
Me: Sir, you are welcome to return the item if you wish. I would like to let you know that our return policy, which you agreed to when you placed the order, states that shipping fees are not refundable on non defective returns. You received two day shipping and the item delivered on time. We will not be refunding your shipping fees.
Cust: I paid for two day air and you shipped ground. I know UPS. It is not guaranteed. I have an invoice.
Me: Sir, you can not chose the carrier for you order, it is not possible. If you have an invoice or email that shows that you ordered or we promised to ship with UPS two day air, please forward it to me and I will refund you shipping fees.
Cust: I have to prove it! What kind of company is this! I want to speak to your boss.
Me: Sir, I am the highest level in customer service. There is no one else to speak to.
Cust: Oh, so you are the CEO, the president of the company.
Me: No, sir I said there was no one else higher in customer service you could speak to.
Cust: Ok, what is your name, I am writing it down!
Me: My name is (Name)
Cust: and your last name?
Me: Sir, we are not allowed to give that out for security reasons.
Cust: But you are the CEO, you said there is no one higher!
Me: Sir, I said there was no one else in customer service to speak to. I am the highest level in customer service.
Cust: Fine, I will return the order, and complain and tell everyone not to shop with you. (hangs up)

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[I’m ringing up a customer with two salad plates.]
Me: If I could start with your phone number in the PIN pad, please?
Customer: What do you need *that* for?
Me: It’s just in case you need to return an item without a receipt, we can look you up via phone number. We don’t call you or give it out.
Customer: Do I look like I’m going to return them? I won’t do it, and hurry up!
Me: Sure, no problem. [I ring up her plates, give her her total, and go to wrap them like we do for all breakable items.]
Customer: what are you doing that for? Just give them to me, they’re for a dinner party and I’m already running late!
Me: Oh, alright, sorry about that, I just didn’t want them to…
Customer: Just give them to me! I’m going to be late! [My manager who’s ringing up another customer glances over]
Manager: Just so you know, if those break or chip en route because you didn’t want them wrapped, we won’t be liable for the damage.
Customer: Whatever, I’m late. I still don’t know what took so long. [She takes her plates and leaves, I hear my manager mumbling under her breath.]
Manager: A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on ours…

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(As a cashier one of my duties is to make sure the drink coolers stay stocked up. The only time we can get that done is obviously when it isn’t busy. While stocking the drinks I kept looking at the lines and they were averaging 1-2 customers each so I kept stocking. While putting sodas into a fridge…)

Customer: Um.. can you ring me up or are you just a simple stocker?
Me: Sure ma’am I can take you over here (I already know what’s coming because of her tone of voice)
Customer: Good, I don’t have to wait for these other slow cashiers

(Biting my tongue I scan her items and give her the total.)

Customer: *swipes card*
Me: Ma’am it’s saying your card was declined would you like to try again or another form of payment?
Customer: OH MY God I don’t have my other debit card here. Can I use apply pay??
Me: You can try but most of the time it doesn’t work on this register

(She begins slamming her card onto the pinpad over and over again pushing it into the back of the pinpad where the cords are plugged in, while I watch holding in laughter)

Customer: Your pinpads here are stupid. She then uses a credit card.
Me: Would you like your receipt?

Me and my coworkers burst into laughter as she walked out.

Geeks (And Doctors) Come In All Shapes And Sizes

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It’s the middle of winter with a decent amount of snow outside, late in 2006, and I am waiting in line at a shop. The little girl standing right in front of me, about eight, maybe ten years old, is wearing a big, thick, puffy, bright pink winter jacket and a purple hat and gloves.

The little girl turns around and looks up at me, very serious-faced, her head tilted to the side.

I smile down to her and nod in greeting.

The little girl pulls off her gloves, dangling them at the ends of strings, and then unzips her jacket. She pulls one side open and reaches inside to pull out a blue-light sonic screwdriver. As I watch in surprise, she scans me foot to head, head to foot, and then she tosses the screwdriver a few inches up and catches it sideways, staring at it as if examining a readout, in perfect David Tennant style. Then, she gives a satisfied, serious nod, tucks it back into her jacket, zips it up, and turns back around.

“Did… I… Wha… Did you just sonic me?!” I say in shock.

The little girl’s dad turns around to give me the biggest proud grin and then turns back to sign his receipt.

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