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(I work at a women’s clothing store. Most nights when we close, there are only two of us in the store: at least one manager to close registers and lock up and another to help with other end-of-day chores. It’s about 8:20 when a woman approaches our front counter with two bracelets. We close at 9. My manager begins to ring her up while I fold clothes on the back counter.)

Manager: I’m sorry, but it looks like your card was declined. Let’s try it again just in case it works, though.

Customer: Oh! Oh no, I hope it’s something wrong with your computer and not my card. You know, my son, before he died, had his identity stolen and let me just say it was just horrible.

Manager: I’m sure. (She swipes her card again.) It looks like it still isn’t working.

Customer: Does it tell you why?

Manager: (taken aback) No, I’m afraid we don’t have access to that information.

Customer: Yeah, but is it like because someone hacked my account or what?

Manager: You’d have to talk to your bank about that.

(They spend another 5 minutes discussing why her card was declined and how there’s nothing we can do to see why. She then decides she wants to write a check instead. The check gets declined as well, so she decides to stay IN OUR STORE and call her bank. While she’s on the phone, she walks over to me, BEHIND THE COUNTER and starts pulling out bank receipts showing her account balances.)

Me: Yes, I can see you’d have the funds, but there must be some issue with your account if it’s being decline.

(She goes on about how her bank is closed and how she can’t reach them for about 10 minutes until I finally have a chance to walk away.)

(The NEXT DAY she’s back and is demanding to know if her check had gone through or not. I overhear her with my manager again.)

Manager: No, ma’am. If the check had gone through, I would have given you your purchases and taken the check. I handed the check back to you and you didn’t actually buy anything.

Customer: But can you look up my credit card to check if it went through?

Manager: (Obviously confused) No? I have no way of looking up a credit card that isn’t one of our store cards.

(This goes on for about another 10 minutes. My manager told me later that she demanded the names of her and our other coworker who happened to be at the register when she was! Like having our names was going to help her with her BANK account being declined.)

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I’m the lead supervisor for the front end at a large department store in Canada. A cashier calls me over for a price check on a wooden rat trap that was ringing up at $6.47. The customer thinks she was over charged and that she should have only paid $3.47. I go back to check and find that she saw the price for plastic mouse traps that are beside the rat traps and were out of stock at the moment. When I returned to the register the conversation went like this:

Me: I’m sorry the price was for the plastic mouse traps beside it that are currently out of stock.

Customer: So I get it for $3.47 then?

Me: No I’m sorry, the correct price was on the shelve.

Customer: Well how should I know what price is for what if you have out of stock items?

Me: We do put the description of the items on all labels and the $6.97 label said wooden rat trap while the other said plastic mouse trap.

Customer: You can’t expect people to actually read that. That is just rediculous. Who has time to check that.

Me: I’m sorry you feel that way but there is nothing I can do. I hope you have a great day.

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(This is a regular occurrence, sadly.)
Me: Good morning/afternoon. Thank you for calling [Company], how may I help you?
Caller: Oh, yes. I need to confirm my appointment [or schedule an appointment/check my benefits/other health-care related task].
Me: I’m sorry, but you’ve called [Company]. We aren’t a doctor’s office.
Caller: I need to [do health-care task].
Me: I understand that, but we aren’t a doctor’s office. This is [Company].
Caller: …you aren’t [random doctor/health clinic/hospital/diagnostics lab/pharmacy]?
Me: No, sir/ma’am.
(At this point they either continue grilling me for a minute or two, apparently under the impression that I’m lying about not being a doctor’s office, or else they hang up. It’s not even that our number is close to a local doctor’s office; we get calls for hospitals, labs, clinics, and offices all over the city and have even had a handful of people from Colorado calling us. The name of the company also clearly indicates what we do—which is nowhere near the health-care field—and I repeat it multiple times, though it usually doesn’t start to sink in until I’ve told them 3 or 4 times. People apparently just don’t like to actually listen.)

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I was about 17 at the time working in a farm supply store. I’m very friendly and out going which can lead people to be top comfortable with me. I am in the clothing section straightening up. A customer comes by
Customer *slaps my butt* are you wearing underwear?!”
I don’t like to be touched in general let alone by people I dont know… So rightfully I am livid.
Me ” NO, I’m not but that is none of your f****** business and If you touch me again I will break your nose”
C- ” I was just playing”
M- “play all you want but don’t EVER touch me”
He left, I went to my manager eho chased him to the parking lot. Not Sure what was said but I never saw him again.
I also had pink hair at the time and another customer asked me if the carpet matches the drapes. His wife was around so i replied ” perhaps, lets see what your wife thinks” he never came back either.

Shirty With The Truth, Part 2

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I’m putting clothes away in the women’s department of our discount store when a friendly-looking customer comes up to me.

Customer: “Hello. Can you show me where your Ed Hardy shirts are?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but Ed Hardy shirts are very popular lately. We receive shipments on Tuesday and I think we are already sold out. You can try looking in the clearance section, though. There might be a few left.”

The customer smiles genuinely.

Customer: “Okay, thank you.”

She walks away towards the clearance section. About three hours pass.

I’m now working behind the check-out counter, organizing clothes there. The Ed Hardy customer is having an unhappy discussion with my manager, who is also behind the counter.

Customer: “Your employee hid all the Ed Hardy shirts for her friend.”

The Ed Hardy customer spots me looking at her.

Customer: “Don’t look at me like you don’t know what I’m talking about! There are cameras everywhere! They’ll show you what I’m talking about.”

The customer stomped away. No one I knew had entered the store that day. I was thinking to myself, “Yes, let’s check the cameras to find out how much of a liar I am.”

Shirty With The Truth

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