This Complaint Is Older Than Most Veterans

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I am a twenty-one-year-old female and I work at a well-known bedding and housewares store. I am working opening shift on July 4th as the main cashier when an older man comes in.

Customer: “Do you have a windshield cleaner with replacement pads?”

Me: “Hmm, we have two kinds in the store. Let me show you the first that’s just up front here!”

I walk out from behind the counter and lead him to where one of the two kinds is hanging. I point to it.

Me: “We have this one here, the [Brand]. Is this it?”

The customer suddenly raises his voice.

Customer: “No! I want a windshield cleaner with replacement pads! That’s not it!”

His volume and tone are making me nervous.

Me: “Okay! Well, we have another type that is further back in the store. Let me call another employee to the front and they can help you find it!”

I walk away and call over the walkie-talkie for another employee. Since I am the main cashier, I have to stay within a certain area near the main registers. I walk back behind the counter just as my coworker comes up. I introduce him to the customer and explain what he is looking for.

Me: “He’s looking for windshield cleaners, and it’s the other one, not [Brand].”

My coworker nods and looks at the man, but he interrupts before my coworker can say anything.

Customer: “I need a windshield cleaner with replacement pads! And not that one on the wall!”

Coworker: “Hmm…”

My coworker walks over to a newly-placed bin with the second kind of windshield cleaner in it. He takes one out and shows it to the customer.

Coworker: “Is this it?”

Customer: “Yeah, I guess so.”

He takes it, my coworker thanks him and walks off. The man approaches the counter I am at in order to pay.

Me: *Smiles sheepishly* “I’m sorry about that, sir! They must have put the bin up yesterday when I wasn’t in and I didn’t get a chance to notice it. It’s crazy how much a store can change when you’re gone, even in such a short time!”

The customer tosses the cleaner on the counter.

Customer: “Yeah, right, you just don’t want to serve veterans! None of you do!”

Me: *Startled* “No, sir! Actually, my dad and grandfather are both vet—”

The customer ignores me and interrupts, leaning on the counter and getting very close to my face.

Customer: “Don’t lie to me! I know the truth!”

He takes out his wallet and begins pulling out a bill. I’m already overly sensitive to loud noises and shouting, and him getting so close only makes the whole situation worse, so I am shaking by this point, but I manage to put on a smile.

Me: “All right, that will be $10.59.”

He pulls out $11.00 and hands it to me, picks up his item, and starts to head toward the exit around the counter. I quickly finish ringing out his order.

Me: “Oh, sir, do you want your change?”

Customer: “Yes.”

He continues walking toward the exit as he holds his hand out toward me. I plop his change into his open hand.

Me: “Have a good day!”

Customer: *Nods* “Have a happy July 4th.”

Me: *Confused* “You, too!”

Customer: “Oh, you’ve already made it better!”

He said it in a genuine tone. Then, he walked out. I was stunned. I fully respect veterans and I entirely understand that July 4th can be a bad day for some of them, as I assume was the case here, but still, this was a startling and bizarre scenario for sure!

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To put myself through university, I worked retail in the biggest mall in the world. It’s a major tourist destination almost 1000 km from the US border. American tourists are common, and some shops do accept US currency, but not all, and no one carries a separate American cash float–if you pay in American currency, you get Canadian change. Most people understand this.
Man: Do you accept American money?
Me: Yes, we do. The exchange rate today is [rate].
The man buys a small item and pays with a large US bill. I give him is change in Canadian money.
Man: I don’t want this.
Me: I’m sorry?
Man: This fake Monopoly money. Give me back real money.
[Note that Canadian bills are not all green; different values are different colours.]
Me: Sir, this is real money. It’s Canadian currency.
Man: Why would I want Canadian money?
Me: You’re in Canada…
Man: Give me real money! American money! You said you accepted it!
Me: We do, but we don’t have an American float. If you pay in US dollars, we exchange it at the current rate and give you your change in Canadian.
Man: That’s stupid!
Me: I’m sorry. I can refund your purchase and give you your original bill back if you want.
Man: I don’! I want my change in REAL money!
Me: I only have Canadian change. It is real money.
Man: This is why you’ll never get a real job! [Grabs his change and his purchase and storms out.]
(Since then, I’ve gone on to get my PhD. I now work in university administration. And anyone who’s ever worked in retail knows that it is an incredibly challenging real job!)

Her Cognitive Thought Is On Break

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I am a customer in this story. The cashier is going on break after helping me and has turned her light off. She is almost done with my order when another customer puts their five items down. There are self-service registers designed for smaller orders and several are open. The cashier notices the second customer.

Cashier: “Oh, I’m sorry. My lane is closed.”

Second Customer: “What?”

Cashier: “I’m going on break.”

Second Customer: *Staring blankly* “What?”

Cashier: “My lane is closed and I’m going on break.”

Second Customer: *Looks at me* “But you’re helping her.”

Cashier: “Right, because my lane was open when she joined, but now I am closed.”

The customer looks at me and then at the cashier, clearly expecting something.

Second Customer: “But you are helping her.”

I can tell the cashier internally throws up her hands.

Cashier: “Okay, it’s fine. I can help you.”

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The Steaks Are High!

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My older daughter spent the night with my parents and we are meeting at a popular big box store that is well-known for their samples so I can pick her up.

I am less than a week from delivering my second child, but my bump is quite small. I also have no makeup on, have a youngish-looking face, and am wearing a giant shirt that conceals my belly.

Before I get to my parents, I notice one of the sample ladies is handing out filet mignon. I always crave red meat when I’m pregnant, so I’m thinking, “Score, free steak!”

I approach the sample lady, and the following ensues.

Me: “Hello! Could I please try that?”

The sample lady looks at me with suspicion.

Sample Lady: “Um… No.”

Me: “Oh, okay. Um, can I ask why?”

Sample Lady: *Dismissively* “You need a parent’s permission to try samples, and you’re obviously about sixteen.”

I stand there in shock for a minute. Coincidentally, my parents are about five feet away with my toddler at the moment.

Me: “Ma’am, I know you’re just doing your job, but—”

I pull my shirt tight over my belly.

Me: “—I’m nine months pregnant and twenty-seven years old. But, if you need my parent’s permission, there they are, right there.”

Sample Lady: *Embarrassed* “Oh, my goodness, I’m so sorry. Here, have two pieces!”

The sample lady and I had a good laugh over it — and so did my husband and parents, once I told them — and I got my free steak. My baby came three days later and we’re all good!

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Khakis: The Uniform Of America

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I work as a manager in a grocery store, where members of management wear polo shirts. We have three different colors to choose from: red, royal blue, and navy. On this occasion, I was wearing my red shirt. 

We had been having some issues with our phones, so I walked to the [Office Supply Chain] in the same plaza as my store with the phone that was broken and quickly grabbed a replacement.

As I was heading back to the registers to make my exchange, I was stopped by a customer asking for the location of flash drives. I must have looked baffled, because he repeated his question, at which point I glanced down at my shirt where my store name and job title were embroidered.

I looked back at the customer, looked back at my shirt, and then back at the customer once more, hoping he would clue in. It wasn’t until he asked a third time that I finally explained that I worked in the grocery store, and his wife and son started cracking up.

Beware of khakis and polos; in certain combinations, you become a customer magnet.

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