Home Aloned For The Holidays

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(My family gathers for Thanksgiving, and when we finish dinner we all load up in cars and do the Black Friday shopping at a certain retailer that likes to start early. We have a game plan and everyone knows what to get. This year it’s me, my brother, sister, best friend, uncle, mom, and nana. We get everything and they tell me to walk around so I don’t see what they get me. My friend is still with them when my nana tells me to ride home with my uncle to make it to work on time. In the confusion of everything, this happens. My phone rings and it’s my friend.)

Friend: “Hey, can you take me home?”

Me: “Isn’t [Sister] going to take you home?”

Friend: “Well, yeah, but the car was full, so she told me to ride with Nana, but Mom and Nana already left.”

Me: *speechless* “They already left? Is [Sister] gone now?”

Friend: ”Yeah, they’re gone now.”

Me: “Dude. This is going down for funniest holiday mishap. I’m at the grocery entrance. I can’t believe they home-aloned you!”

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Black & Blue Friday

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(It’s Black Friday, a few minutes before the store opens. The employees are all in their specific departments waiting for the rush of customers that are lined up outside. The store is set up so that whatever department someone wants to go to, they have to line up in that department. We’re trying to keep it from being a free-for-all. I work in the service department, which is near the door, so we have a direct line of sight, but there is a huge line of carts that sits between the doors and us. The line of carts is about three wide and goes back about twenty feet or so from the wall.)

Coworker: “This is my favorite part; we watch the idiots that try to skirt the system fail.”

(As if on cue, the doors open and a flood of customers comes in. Most immediately see how the set up is and go to the departments they want product from. One, though, sees he won’t be able to just go straight into the computer department and will have to wait in line. He then sees the line of carts. He takes a running start and tries to jump the three-wide line of carts. He actually clears the first cart, but lands face-first on the second and falls to the ground. A few police officers that were hanging around due to the size of the line outside rush over and arrest him.)

Coworker: “See? Idiots like that guy.”

(My coworker then went back to doing his work like nothing had happened.)

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(I’m covering another store location that isn’t my home store. This occurs as soon as we open for the day.)
Customer: Can you break $100?
Me: Unfortunately, I don’t have enough change at the moment.
Customer: How can you not have enough change? Can’t you go to the bank and get some?
Me: No, I’m only working here for the day, I normally work at [location].
(She tries to think of other reasons as to why I should have more change to break her $100 bill and how I should get change to do so.)
Customer: Well, I guess I’ll have to go to another store to break it.
(She leaves for a few minutes and comes back with smaller bills. We make the transaction and I’m happy she’s about to leave.)
Customer: *looking at receipt* Actually, can I just pay with my card instead?
Me: …

The Blackest Of Fridays

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(It is Black Friday, 5:30 am, and I am one of the first shopping in the store. As I am standing in the very, very long line, I see a woman come in and rush towards the back. Behind her are her husband and her son, moving a bit slower.)

Mom: *yelling* “Hurry up! I have a schedule to keep to today. We have to be at [Other Store] at six!”

Dad: “Did you schedule standing in line in your plan?”

Mom: “NO!”

(I was so glad I wasn’t going to be with that family at 5:30 pm.)

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More Speaking Up Is Required, In Fiction And Real Life  

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(I am a short girl with scoliosis, meaning my spine is bent. I am given permission to use a stool occasionally by management. My coworker, who is black, is talking to me about a book we’ve both read.)

Coworker: “I’m just saying, the main character was kind of dumb. She could have spoken up.”

Me: “One of the biggest problems with the book was a lack of communication between the characters. That’s why everything went to h***.”

Customer: “Young lady, can you help me?”

Coworker: “I will.”

Customer: “I’d prefer it if she did.” 

Me: “What do you need?”

Customer: “I need you to reach something for me on the top shelf.”

Me: “Sorry, but I’m not allowed to climb ladders. I have a bad back. My coworker can help you, though.”

Customer: “I overheard you talking about [Book], and I absolutely agree with you. The main character was as dumb as a rock and it was a waste of my time. Now, are you going to help me or not?”

Coworker: “She can’t climb ladders, but I can. What is it you need?”

Customer: “Is there a white person who can help me?”

(This catches the attention of everyone in the vicinity, including our supervisor.)

Coworker: “Sorry, you’ll have to deal with me. What did you need?”

Customer: “I need one of those ceramic pumpkins. Are you sure she can’t help me?”

Me: “As I told you before, I have a bad back. My coworker can help you, however.”

Customer: “No, I’ll find a white person to help.”

(The customer went to our supervisor, who told her that my coworker could help. She threw up her hands and left the store. My supervisor later commended the two of us for keeping a level head and not losing our tempers.)

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