In Soviet Russia, Product Buys You!

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I am an assistant manager at a large national drugstore chain. One afternoon, I’m called to the register to help a customer. The clerk flashes me one of those “kill me now” looks as I approach.

Me: “Hi! How can I help you today?”

Customer: “I’m looking for Wintergreen Altoids gum, but your clerk said you don’t have any. Can you order some for me?”

Me: “Hmm, let me take a look.”

I don’t recall ever seeing that flavor, but I go digging around in our inventory database anyway. Sure enough, there’s no record of it.

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but it doesn’t look like we carry that flavor.”

Customer: “I know I’ve bought it here before!”

Me: “Huh. It doesn’t look like something that’s been discontinued. I’m just not seeing it here at all.”

Customer: *Indignant* “Can’t you just call them and get some?”

Me: “Well, no, unfortunately. Since all of our purchasing goes through a central facility, we don’t deal with the manufacturers directly. If our distribution center doesn’t carry a product, I have no way to order it.”

Customer: “Well!” *Huffs* “I didn’t realize I was living in Soviet Russia!”

Without another word, the customer turned on her heel and stomped out the front door. My clerk and I were speechless.

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So two french ladies walk in but they speak english fluently and they use a couple of greek words too(many turists do that,nothing unusual). While i greet them and let them know i am there to help them if they need anything they interupt me saying ” i cant believe they let you out of the house like this! Look at her outfit!” i was wearing knee lenghth pants and a t shirt so i was quite confused as to what they were talking about. Then the second lady said “and even her hair is showing! How cute. It’s nice seeing women finally standing up for themselves and look civilized even in these countries” so i answered “i am not sure what you are talking about ma’am” and the even more confusing answer was “no need to be embarassed dear. We know it must have been hard. Please share your story with us, how did you decide to take off your hijab?” “eeerm ma’am i am greek,almost all greek women never wore a hijab in their lives.” lady2(yelling):” i am half greek too so i know my country, don’t lie to me missy! Or else i will tell your manager and you will get fired and go back to your village to be forced to get married!” me:”m’am i own this shop so the manager would still be me. I am not from a village,i was born in this town and also i think you are confusing Greece with some other place. Nobody is treating women in the way you refer to here. Now please leave my shop.” lady2(yelling at the top of her voice now):”it’s not your shop!you are a woman! Women don’t own shops! I am from Greece! I know better! Liar!” me:”please leave or i will have to call the police.” her friend managed to drag her out as she screamed profanities at me but guess what? She came back the next day to ask around for the owner of the shop. When shen asked the girl that owns the convenience store down the road told her the owner was me she ask for the “male owner” and when she got the same answer asked for “the girls owner”… After the girl explained that people do not own other people the french/greek/crazy lady screamed “i get it!you are lesbians!” and left continuing to scream “lesbians”.. It was not easy to explain the girl why a crazy lady screamed at her but we got a good laugh after i explained…

In Line And Out Of Line, Part 12

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I am walking out of the cash office to put my cash drawer in the register. I have to recount it in front of a manager before I start my shift to make sure I have my required float. My cash light is off, signaling I’m not ready to accept customers yet.

A woman walks up with her young daughter — maybe ten — and places a greeting card on the belt.

Me: “I’m sorry, miss, I’m not ready to accept customers yet, as I have to still count my drawer. Cash #1 would be happy to help you.”

Mother: *To her daughter* “Now, honey, we have to go stand at the end of the line behind everyone. Now we’re last because this lady should have been ready to take us. We’re going to be late for Granny’s birthday because of this lady.”

Me: “I do apologize, miss. It should only take me a minute if you would rather wait?”

Mother: “No, it’s fine. You have just provided my daughter with a good lesson. When an employee is at work, they should be ready to serve at all times. Now you have shown her that stupid people like you are what’s wrong with the world, and you can’t do anything about stupid people making you late for things.”

The mother and daughter walk off into my coworker’s line — one customer deep — and huff and puff while I count my drawer. I hear the mother complain to my coworker about how I’m slow and should really have been ready to serve her immediately.

Coworker: “We are all required to count our drawers and enter it into the system before taking on any customers, and her shift hasn’t even started yet, so she is well within company policy to make sure everything adds up before taking on any customers.”

The mother has been served and starts heading past my register. She stops and says to her daughter:

Mother: “When Granny gets upset that we’re late, we can come back and thank this lady for ruining everything.”

Just as she has finished berating me, I am done counting and flip my cash light on and ask to take the next customer in line.

Daughter: *To her mother* “See mommy? She’s open now. Didn’t Granny say, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, to you when you were a little girl like me? You called that lady stupid and I think she’s smart.”

The mother turned beet red and hurried out the door.

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Wordless Parenting

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I’m shopping in a discount store when a little boy about three years old runs past me screaming. He starts circling the racks of clothes shouting nonsense words while his mother, who is about three racks away, lazily calls for him to stop once or twice.

After a while, I am at the cash register, and as I am waiting for my credit card to go through, the cashier starts looking towards the door, which I can’t see because of the other cash register.

The cashier turns to two ladies by the door.

Cashier: “Excuse me, does he belong to you?”

The two ladies look and say no. Suddenly, the cashier takes off from behind the counter and out of the store. She comes back in holding the hand of the little boy who was running around earlier. 

Cashier: “Sweetie, you can’t go outside without your mommy or daddy. You could get hurt! Do you know where your mommy or daddy are?”

The child’s mother then comes walking casually along the aisle towards the door, as if nothing had happened. When the child sees her, he again starts screaming and tries to take off through the door. The mother takes his hand from the cashier and leads him out of the store without a word. The cashier comes back to the register.

Cashier: “I’m so sorry about that. Here’s your receipt.”

Me: “Are you kidding? You shouldn’t be apologizing to me; that mother should have been apologizing to you! Good for you.”

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Sinfully Delicious, Part 7

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We are required to offer confectionery to all our customers.

Me: “Can I also tempt you with any half-price sweets or chocolates?”

Customer: “Oooh, you’re always trying to tempt us! You’re worse than Satan!”

Me: “That’s a little unfair! I like to think we’re about level.”

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