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(A little background: the customer is a woman, someone who lives in my neighborhood and gave my dad serious trouble when he was the president of the HOA with nit picky and very anal things. While she comes off as nice and pleasant, it’s hard not to take without a grain of salt because of everything else. And this was my own personal taste of it.)

Customer: “Oh a familiar face, good.”
Me: “Hi, how’s it going?”
Customer: “Good, so forgive me I forgot your name.”
Me: “It’s all good, it’s Anna.” (pronounced like the Princess from Frozen, and she knows this, she’s met me many times before and I always tell people I’m ‘Princess Anna’. But I still say it with my customer service cheer.)
Customer: “Oh of course, how are you doing?”
Me: “I’m doing pretty good, what can I help you with?”
Customer: “I need to get some things printed but I don’t want to pay for them.”
Me: “Okay..?”
Customer: “I got a coupon because I spent hundreds on ink here and I wanted to use it.”
Me: “Oh, okay sure.”
(Our store offers Rewards on everything and especially on ink, it’s 2% back of your purchase, it’s like a gift card, so it’s not a big deal, however if they don’t have the reward bar-code on them when they want to use it, we can’t really do anything and I told her this after we took about ten minutes trying to figure out her account. It was not connected the right way and there is nothing in store we can do it about.)
Customer: “Well, let me talk to someone who can do something, a manager.” *I call him over the radio and he talks to her and at her request calls the closed corporate office to see if anything can be done, but nothing really can at the moment, but he says we’ll take care of it and I do her copies, which is about $20, color copies cost a lot, and I told her that before she got them.*
Customer: “So Anna,” *pronounced wrong* “Are you registered to vote?”
Me: “Sure am.”
Customer: “So who are you voting for?”
Me: *knowing I shouldn’t but she is a neighbor, who should also know better than to ask, I tell her about my want to vote for the most ‘socialist’ candidate*
Customer: “So you want everything for free?” *said incredulously*
Me: “No, that’s not actually how it works.” *said patiently*
Customer: “Well it’s socialist to want free things.”
Me: “Yeah that’s not how socialism works.”
*she starts off about socialism and free things being awful and I tune her out and finish up her copies, and I’m getting ready to get her all rung up, because usually we just charge them and then they come back in with their Rewards and we refund things and use the rewards so it essentially doesn’t cost them anything in the end, and I figured that’s what we’d do again, but no she was expecting to just walk out with her copies no charge and after talking to the manager she did. She walked out with her free copies after being in a tizzy about things being free.*

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(I am shopping at a video game store for a Digimon game that was released the day prior to my visit after watching a friend stream it. I am trying to find it in the PS4 section, but not having any luck so I decide to ask the cashier.)

Me: Hey, do you have any copies of the new Digimon game for PS4?

(The cashier nods and pulls it from behind the counter only, but then I heard a mocking chuckle from another customer)

Customer: That’s not a video game! Now theese are video games!

(He shows he has a bunch of FPS, Sports, and GTA games, which I just don’t care for.)

Me: (To Customer) Actually, I don’t find those too fun, but thanks for the suggestion. (To Cashier) So how-

Customer: What the fuck do you mean they aren’t ‘too fun’ at least they aren’t some kiddy-shit.

(I close my eyes for a little bit before finally taking a deep breath of air.)

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t see the fun of just randomly killing people and stealing cars. (pointing to the GTA games) I also really don’t care much for the army-like games, I don’t care if its based on a real army ir not. (pointing to the FPS games) As for sports, if I want to play sports…I’ll PLAY sports. (pointing to the sporting games) What I personally enjoy are games that let you explore and roam about while also have some sort of puzzle or requirement to think. That’s why I enjoy RPG like this one and Pokemon, platformers like Sonic and Mario, and games that are generally like them. So they might be ‘kiddie-shit’ games but, I’ll tell you what : I like them. Furthermore, I think you’re non-‘kiddie-shit’ games are one of the main reasons the world is so fucked up.

(After I finished speaking, I just look at the other customer who seems to be a little bit shocked only to finally speak.)

Customer: (To Cashier) Are you gonna fucking let him diss the REAL video games like that?!

Cashier: Personally, I like both types of games, but I do have agree with him (points at me) a bit more about the problems they can cause and that some of the games intended for younger people can be fun. Though, that’s doesn’t excuse you attitude so you can leave.

Customer: (Storming out) Fine! Fuck this place anyways! I though this was for real gamers not kiddie-shit gamers, but I guess I was wrong. I WILL be calling corperate and have yall replaced with fucking REAL gamers!

Me: Sorry about that, so either way how much is the game?

Cashier: Why are you sorry; you didn’t turn into the Hulk because somebody didn’t have the thought as you. Also it’s about $50.

(As I’m paying for it, we start to laugh and such while talking about our favorite ‘kiddie-shit’ games, and, as far as I can tell, he never got fired.)

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[Working in a bargain store one morning. A man approached the till holding a basket, but with nothing in it. I finish serving the customer I was with and then turn my attention to this man. He seemed rather upset about something.]

Customer: Feel the handles of this basket!

[I feel the handle and look up at the customer, a little confused.]
Customer: Feels weird doesn’t it?
Me: Yes sir, but that is simply the plastic coating on the handles. It is okay.
Customer: But it feels sticky!! Doesn’t anyone clean the baskets?
[I glance over to the pile of baskets by the door … we have hundreds]
Customer: Someone should clean them every day! [He storms off, puts the basket back] I’m going next door where the baskets are clean!!
[There’s a moment of silence. Me, my customers and a colleague look at him in wonder.]

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(I was coming into a small mom and pop shop that had all the quick convenience items you could need. I just buying a news paper when the customer in front of me was arguing with the owner over a price)

Customer: How the hell could you charge (this price) for cigarettes?!

Owner: Because this is how low the town (we’re in) can sell them for by law

Customer: but I was at this other store and they sold it to me for less than what you are asking for

Owner: Sorry sir I can’t sell them to you for that price or else we lose money then

Customer: *getting more angry and yelling now* I want these cigarettes at this price or else you are losing a customer!

Me: *looking awkwardly back and forth at the customer and owner’s conversation*

Owner: Please sir step aside you are holding up a line

Customer: *looks at me then turns back to face the owner* He can wait, I can’t

Me: *just standing there awkwardly wanting to buy the newspaper*

Owner’s wife: *gestures me over and takes the money for the paper*

Customer: Come on and just sell me that damn cigarettes!

(after I paid I left because it seemed like the customer was going to go crazy and the owner’s wife had the phone in her hand with 911 punched in and just waiting to push the button for the call to go threw)

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*Im going to a hobby store with my aunt right after she picks me up from work. I couldn’t change so I still have my work uniform on. I work at a local theater and my shirt even has the theaters logo stitched in very visibly. A lady and her daughter walk up to me and look confused*

Lady: Excuse me, where are the bathrooms?
Me: I’m sorry, what?
Lady: I asked where the bathrooms were. You work here right how do you not know?
Me: I’m sorry miss but I don’t actually work here I work-
Lady: what do you mean you don’t work here?!? Quit lying to me or I’ll file a complaint against you. You’re even in your work uniform and everything.
*The work uniform for the hobby store is sorta similar to mine. Except they have blue shirts tucked into khakis and plastic name tags. While I have a black shirt tucked into khakis as well but we don’t have name tags*
Me: miss once again. I don’t work here. I work at “local theater” *I am now pointing to the logo on my shirt that clearly says the theaters name*
Lady: don’t lie to me I- oh. OH! I’m so sorry. Have a nice night.
*she walks away and I’m standing there face palming thinking “how hard is it to read”