When Reality Is An Iceberg

| Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada | Right | November 22, 2011

(This museum has a large Titanic exhibit. Many of the rescued survivors were brought to Halifax after the ship sank. Many of the recovered bodies of the vicitms are buried here as well. A tourist approaches me.)

Tourist: “So, is Leonardo Di Caprio buried upstairs?”

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Tit For Tat Whether Fit Or Fat

, | Ramsgate, Kent, UK | Romantic | November 3, 2011

(I should point out that I have a set spiel for dealing with customers that come in pairs, and that the pair here were of a decidedly rotund bent.)

Me: “Right, three tokens. One each, and a fight.”

Male Customer: *laughs* “Oh, we don’t fight.”

Female Customer: “Yes we do, [name]. It just only happens when you’re wrong about something.”

Male Customer: “Like when I say you can still fit into your wedding dress?”

Female Customer: “Like when you say you can fit into doors.”

Museum Hours Negotiable

| Ontario, Canada | Right | September 16, 2011

(I work in a museum. I don’t answer phone calls when I am working with visitors, and have missed multiple phone calls from the same number. They never leave a message. All pertinent information such as hours and admission prices are on the phone message. A visitor approaches the desk.)

Me: “Welcome to the museum!”

Visitor: “You never answer the phone.”

Me: “I do if I have the opportunity.”

Visitor: “I’ve called several times in the last week.”

Me: “That was you?”

(I verify their name matches the caller ID.)

Me: “If you’d left a message, I would have gotten back to you.”

Visitor: “I didn’t want to leave a message. I just wanted to see if you were open.”

Me: “The voicemail message should say that our hours are–”

Visitor: “Yes, I know when your hours are!”

Me: “Then why did you keep phoning?”

Visitor: “I wanted to see if you were actually open!”

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Open Doors May Require Open Minds

| Richmond, VA, USA | Right | July 3, 2011

Visitor: “Excuse me, miss, is that a door?” *points to the door as two people walk through it*

Me: “Yes?”

Visitor: “Oh…well, can I walk through it?”

Me: “Yup, you sure can.”

Visitor: “Are you sure? I don’t remember there being a door here before.”

Me: “Ma’am, I can assure you that you are staring at a real door and it is perfectly safe to use.”

Visitor: “I’m confused. I’m just going to use the doors downstairs.”

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Spaced Out

| New Mexico, USA | Right | February 4, 2011

(I work in the astronomy section of my local natural history museum, which features several large NASA photos. A visitor approaches me and points at a picture of an astronaut doing a spacewalk.)

Visitor: “What is that astronaut doing?”

Me: “Oh, he’s doing a spacewalk.”

Visitor: “You can walk…in space?!”

Me: “Well, no. They just sort of float there while tethered to the spacecraft. They only do it when they need to exit the shuttle to do repairs.”

Visitor: “Oh…” *points at a photo of Apollo 11 launching* “What’s that?”

Me: “That’s Apollo 11 launching to put the first humans on the moon.”

Visitor: “Oh…why didn’t they just build a big ladder?”

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