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(I have just spoken to a reseller of one of our products who is noting that one of their customers is getting frustrated at some of the levels of service and options available to them to troubleshoot a problem. I offer to call them directly to answer any questions they might have. Reseller provides the mobile number of the client, who I call from my office phone).

Client: Hello?

Me: Hello.. *I pause briefly, it’s unusual for a business contact to answer the phone without identifying themselves and their business, so I’m waiting for more from the other side of the call. Nothing further comes*

Me: .. is this [Name of Contact]?


(I called back 3 more times, either the call rang until it was picked up by voice-mail, or the contact would give me the busy tone after a couple of rings)

Not So Book-Smart

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(This is several years ago, back when there were two major booksellers, both beginning with B.)

Customer: “I need to return this book.”

(I take the book and look at it. It was purchased at the other major bookseller; it even has the price sticker with the other store’s name on it still on the back.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, we can’t accept this return. This book is—”

Customer: “Why not?”

Me: “Ma’am, this book is from [Other Bookseller]. We can’t accept a return that wasn’t purchased here.”

Customer: “There is no way you could know that!”

(I flip the book and show her the price sticker from the other store. She stares at it for a minute, then grabs the book out of my hands, peels the sticker off, jams it in her pocket, and hands the book back to me triumphantly.)

Customer: “There!”

Me: “We still cannot accept this return.”

Customer: “But now there’s no proof that it didn’t come from here!”

Me: “Ma’am, I watched you take that sticker off. I know this book is from [Other Bookseller], and I am not going to endanger my job taking a return that we both know you did not purchase from us. There is a branch of [Other Bookseller] literally across the street, and you can return this book there.”


(I call the manager. He comes over, and the customer tells him that I’m maliciously refusing her return, never mentioning where she purchased the book originally. Then:)

Customer: “…and I even have a receipt proving that I’m within the return timeframe!”

Manager: “Great. May I see it, please?”

(She hands him the receipt. The receipt that has [Other Bookseller]’s name and logo written in large letters across the top.)

Manager: “Ma’am, perhaps you didn’t remember that this book is from [Other Bookseller]?”

Customer: “I… well… You both sell books! You should both work together!”

Manager: “Ma’am, you wouldn’t try and return a shirt you bought at [Retailer #1] to [Retailer #2], would you?”


(She tried to argue for a few more minutes, but my manager shut her down, and she left with her book. I wonder if she ever crossed the street and tried to return it.)

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A Left Turn Against You

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(I am driving in DC — my first time — in a time before GPS on cellphones. I am carefully following written directions. They are written by my uncle who actually lives in the city. A cop is in front of me and turns left. I follow. To my surprise, he pulls me over.)

Cop: “Do you know why I pulled you over?”

Me: “No.”

Cop: “Left turns are illegal on this road.”

Me: *stunned* “I followed you!”

Cop: “What did you say?”

Me: “I said I followed you! You turned left first!”

(I admit I was young and stupid. Thought the truth would make a difference. It didn’t. I got ticketed. I wrote a letter explaining what happened and complaining that the cop had broken the law right in front of me. It didn’t help; I still had to pay.)

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China’s Metro Construction Has Gone Into Overdrive

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(I am riding the metro and a little kid is acting rambunctious. To calm and distract him, his mother decides to read the list of stations the train stops at from the digital sign. It works well, until…)

Mother: “So then, the train stops at Farragut North, and then at Metro Center, and then at Gallery Place-Chinatown–”

(At the mention of this last station, the boy’s eyes go wide with excitement and he joyfully exclaims:)


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Something Tells Me You Don’t Want To Touch Her Photos

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(Having not had much sleep the night before, I decide to go to the quiet car on my train home to NYC. Because I know the train will be full, I take the first available seat, which is next to an older woman who only reluctantly moves her bag from the seat. She is fiddling with her smartphone. I get my stuff situated, sit down, recline the seat slightly, and close my eyes for a nap. The train has not even left the station yet. After a minute, the woman starts talking loudly and angrily.)

Woman: “If you touch my phone again I will f*** you up!” 

(I open my eyes and see that she is clearly yelling at me:)

Me: “Um, huh?”

Woman: “You f***** with my photos!”

Me: *incredulous* “Miss, I didn’t touch your phone. I’m just sitting here.” 

Woman: “My photos were working fine and then you sat down and now they aren’t here! That’s personal property; you can’t go messing with that! You mess with that again and I’m going to f*** you up!”

Me: “Lady, I literally sat down and closed my eyes. I didn’t even touch your seat, let alone your phone. There is no way that I could have done anything to affect your photos. I think you need to calm down.” 

Woman: *harrumphs* “Then it must have been her!” 

(She pointed to the person in the seat in front of her and then went back to fiddling with her phone.)

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