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My class was on a school trip when we decided to take a lunch break at the nearest restaurant. I had brought my own lunch but didn’t have anything to drink. My friend offered to get a soda for me. When he came back empty-handed, he related the following story:

Friend: Hi! Can I have a drink for my friend?

Clerk: I’m sorry, sir, that’s not possible.

Friend: But I’m going to pay for it, and everything. It’s just one drink.

Clerk: Sir, one drink- with one meal. You will have to get another meal to get another drink.

Friend: But I’m just getting a drink for my friend!

Clerk: Sir, you can only have one drink per meal.

Friend: But you just gave that man a soda by itself.

Clerk: Sir, please stop being unreasonable.

Giving A Voice To Those Who Invoice

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(I’m currently in the front office working on a project. One of our long-time clients, [Client #1] is at the front desk talking to another coworker on his project. Another client, [Client #2], walks into our office. She is infamous for wanting projects done quickly, but not paying us for months until we are close to sending her to collections. The only reason we are still with her is that her project is ongoing and we can’t quit now due to how much work has been put in on the project.)

Client #2: “I’m really upset with you all. You have a notice on my invoice saying you are going to charge me 2% more every month and have a lien on my project.”

(It is true; on all of our invoices, we have a notice about what will happen if you don’t pay. However, because most people pay on time, this isn’t typically an issue.)

Client #1: “Well, I’ve been working with them for years, and they always send me the same notice. I don’t get worked up because I pay my bills on time. So, unless you are late, I don’t see what the big deal is.”

([Client #1] shut up after that, and paid the bill without saying another word.)

They Don’t Have A Heart, Or Lungs…

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(Every year, the bookstore where I work does a book drive at Christmas. The books purchased by customers are donated to a local charity, which changes every year. As I am ringing up one customer:)

Me: “And would you like to purchase a book to donate to the Holiday Book Drive?”

Customer: “Where are the books going?”

Me: “This year, they’re going to the Heart and Lung Unit of [Local Kid’s Hospital].”

Customer: “Oh. No. If it was cancer, I’d donate.”

(Fortunately, the two customers next in line overheard, and both of them purchased several books to donate!)

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When I was visiting Washington DC for a week, my dad broke his phone. As he was getting it fixed, I heard this little gem.

Woman: You fixed my f***ing phone last week now look at it!

Repair man (who was currently apologising in sign to the mother of a family of 3) : I can see, now how did it break? Did you drop it? And please mind your language.

Woman: No I f***ing didn’t! How f***ing dare you!  It was in my bag the whole f***ing time! You child! Come here! NOW!

She points at me and I walk over scared.

Woman: Does this look like it was broken by being dropped.

She then dropped it.

Me: Well, now it’s definitely broken.

Woman: B**ch.

She walked out whilst slamming the door, only to forget her well, damaged phone.

Defrauding A Fraudster

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(One day, while discussing telephone scammers with a coworker, my cell phone rings. The caller ID shows my area code and exchange, but isn’t a number I recognize. Scammers often spoof the caller ID this way so people will think it’s a neighbor or friend.)

Me: “Hello. Telephone fraud investigations. Agent Smith speaking.” *a total fabrication*

Scammer: *click*

Me: “Huh. He hung up. I wonder why.”

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