, | Calhoun, GA, USA | Right | March 2, 2015

(We have a guideline on how much to put in one of our ice cream items for each size. I work as a server and I make drinks and ice cream throughout the day. I particularly remember putting more in this item then what is accustomed to.)

Customer: “Ma’am, what is this?!”

Me: “It is the [item] you ordered, ma’am.”

Customer: “Well there are absolutely no Oreos in this thing! It’s all vanilla ice cream!”

Me: “I’ll have someone out shortly, ma’am.”

(I fetch her treat myself and to my amazement see that she has ate half of it, and there are several chunks of Oreo inside of it. So instead of remaking it, I throw away the lid and spoon, and just remix the item.)

Me: “Here you go, ma’am. This should be more than enough Oreo.”

Customer: “There! Now why can’t you put this much in here all the time?!”

Sour About The Sign

, | Australia | Right | March 2, 2015

(I work at a kebab store at a football stadium and have just put a sign up to let customers know we have no sour cream sauce left.)

Customer: “I will have sour cream for the sauce.”

Me: “Sorry, sir, we have no sour cream.” *points to the sign*

Customer: *picks up the sign and throws it behind him and jumps on it* “Now I’ll have extra sour cream.”

My Request Is On The Table

| FL, USA | Working | March 2, 2015

(I am part of the university’s drama club and participate in all the plays and musicals. It is tradition for the cast to go out to eat at a restaurant each night after a performance and usually we have a big cast. We take a count each night before we start the production to see who will go out to dinner afterwards and then call the restaurant ahead of time to let them know how big a group would be coming. All our dinners are late at night as well, well past 10:30 pm. One night we have a play on April 1, and I was the first one to be done getting dressed in my street clothes, so I went ahead to get our reservation. This happens when I get to the restaurant.)

Hostess: *smiling brightly* “Hello! Welcome to [Restaurant]. Do you have a reservation?”

Me: “Hey there. I’m with [drama club that has 20+ people]. Are our tables ready?”

Hostess: *her smile drops and she has a horrified look on her face* “Ummm… excuse me for one moment…”

(She goes to the back to get someone and I stand at the front of the restaurant feeling very confused. The hostess comes with her manager, both looking worried. After they check a few things on their computer, he turns to me:)

Me: “Is everything okay?”

Manager: “Oh yeah, don’t worry! We have enough tables for your group.”

Me: “So, what was the problem?”

Manager: “Honestly, when we got the call for your reservation we thought it was actually an April’s Fool prank since you had so many people coming so late!”

(I had a good laugh with the employees and when everyone else came we got our usual group of tables. The other cast members had a good laugh at the fake April Fool’s joke we pulled on the poor employees.)

Have A Hunch About Why They Want To Munch

, | MI, USA | Right | February 28, 2015

(Our fries take almost four minutes to cook and a customer has just ordered four large fresh fries. Two people have already told her there will be a wait on them. I notice a strong smell coming from her vehicle when she comes to my window.)

Me: “Okay, ma’am, here are you drinks and your fries will be done in about three minutes. If you just pull forward a bit I’ll bring your order right out to you—”

Customer: “Oh, h***, no! I ain’t waiting for my d*** food! Give me my food now!”

Me: “I’m afraid your fries aren’t done-”

Customer: “I don’t care! GIVE ME MY FOOD!”

Me: “You ordered four large fresh fries-”


Me: “Our fries take four minutes to cook. Two of my coworkers have already told you that you will be waiting on them. I apologize—”

Customer: *still yelling* “I SAID GET ME YOUR-”


Customer: *suddenly meek* “Uh… I’ll… I’ll just pull forward.”

(I turn around to see my manager staring at me.)

Manager: “I hope to God she doesn’t complain about you because I’d hate to write you up for that.”

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Sandwiched Between Incompetence And Laziness

| Baton Rouge, LA, USA | Working | February 27, 2015

(I’m a customer in a sandwich shop chain famous for letting you build your own sandwiches through a line. The girl working the line has one ear-bud in her ear, leaving the other open to hear me with.)

Me: “I’d like a foot long [bread].”

Worker: *stares at me blankly*

Me: “Hello? Foot long [bread]. Please.”

Worker: *grabs the right bread, cuts the foot long in half, and puts one of the six inch halves on the line*

Me: “No. No. Foot long. The big one, not little.”

Worker: “Oh, why didn’t you say so?” *grabs another foot long of the bread, slices it open* “You want it toasted?”

Me: “No.”

Worker: *begins putting it in the toaster*

Me: “I said no! Stop!”

Worker: “Okay, fine! What cheese do you want?”

Me: “No cheese.”

Worker: *puts cheddar on the bread*

Me: “Please take that off. I said NO cheese.” *she does so* “Okay, I would like the tuna salad, and extra tuna please.”

Worker: “I only have enough for your sandwich. We don’t have any extra.”

(The manager, who is stocking the racks that hold the chips, finally pipes up.)

Manager: “Go get some more from the back; you know where it is.”

Me: *after the worker is gone* “You know, I think she would do a better job if she’d get that thing out her ear!”

Manager: “What thing?”

Me: “The ear-bud she has in. I think she’s listening to music and she can’t figure out who to pay attention to.”

Manager: “[Worker]!”

Worker: *coming out with more tuna salad* “Yes?”

Manager: “Do you have ear-buds in?”

(She quickly pops the ear-bud out and hides it in her pocket.)

Worker: “No.”

Manager: “You know that’s not allowed. If I catch you again you’re being sent home.”

(She quickly finished my sandwich with no further problems but she sure gave me a death glare!)

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