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It’s Okay; He Was A Red Shirt

, , , , , | Working | May 18, 2021

My area is under a weather advisory. I worked late and couldn’t get to the grocery store, and after clearing the driveway, neither my wife nor I want to cook. We figure the roads are good enough to order delivery and tip generously. Then, I get a call from the delivery company.

Employee: “I’m calling from [Company] to let you know that your driver has experienced an emergency and cannot fulfill the delivery. Would you like a refund or for someone else to be sent out?”

Me: “If the first driver had an emergency, how can I ask someone else to try? I’ll take a refund.”

Employee: “Don’t worry; there was no issue with your address. The driver just had an accident.”

I felt so terrible for the driver, but who says something like that as if it makes it okay? I wasn’t sure if he was just doing his script, so I didn’t want to chew him out. I just repeated that I wanted the refund because I couldn’t ask another person to try.