Time To Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

| USA | Related | February 27, 2015

(I work an early morning shift and get done at 10 am. I’m meeting my mother after work to run a few errands and we stop at a fast food restaurant so I can get a bite to eat.)

Mom: “I hate to drag you around if you’re tired. If you want to just go home and sleep I’ll be fine on my own.”

Me: “I’m fine.” *waving my cup of pop* “I’ve got my caffeine fix now.”

Mom: “I really wish you wouldn’t do that. Caffeine isn’t good for you.”

Me: “…You’re telling me this while you’re drinking your second coffee of the day?”

Mom: “Well, yes. But that’s different!”

His Odd Behavior Just Hit The Roof

, | Pittsburgh, PA, USA | Working | February 26, 2015

(The managers we have are all pretty laid back on the rules, so long as everything is done by the end of the night. There is one coworker who always finds a way to lighten the mood of an otherwise stressful shift. I am working the night shift on the fourth of July when fireworks start going off. We can see them out the drive-thru windows, but a majority of them are obscured by trees and so on.)

Coworker: “Wow… those are beautiful. We should all go on the roof, and watch them for a while.”

(I just laugh it off, and continue with my shift. A couple hours later, where I’m wrapping up the last few minutes of my shift, and getting ready to leave:)

Manager: “Has anyone seen [Coworker]?”

(It dawns on me that I hadn’t seen him in the last half hour. We all start looking for him, when someone goes outside. Lo and behold, he’s there, standing on the roof to watch the fireworks.)

Me: “Get down here, man! You gotta cook some meat!”

Making Drive-Thru Feel Affronted

, | Peterborough, ON, Canada | Working | February 25, 2015

(There’s a drive thru order for an item that we only cook to order and takes about four minutes. I’m cooking it and it’s just about ready when we receive an order on front counter for the same thing. I start cooking it and put the first one on the heat chute.)

Me: “Drive thru, your hot dog is up.”

Customer On Front: “Hey, that’s mine!”

Me: “Sorry for the confusion. Theirs came up first because they ordered a couple minutes before you. Yours will be ready shortly.”

Customer On Front: “That doesn’t matter; I should be first!”

(He leaves with his food, still making a stink. The next day, the manager calls me into the office.)

Manager: “You know you aren’t supposed to serve drive-thru before front. We had someone complain that you gave his food away yesterday.”

Me: “Oh, yeah, I remember him. He didn’t even place his order until the one for drive-thru was cooked.”

Manager: “That doesn’t matter; it’s always front first when they order at the same time.”

Me: “They weren’t at the same time, though. Drive-thru ordered several minutes ahead of front. Pull up the orders on the computer; I’m sure I can find it.”

Manager: “Front gets served first no matter what and that’s the end of it.”

Me: *giving up* “Okay, but don’t be surprised when we get complaints about drive-thru waiting eight minutes for their food.”

Fell Under New Management

| MA, USA | Working | February 25, 2015

(There’s a spill on the floor that hasn’t been mopped up, but I don’t see it as I walk by with a tray of drinks. I slip and fall hard, dropping all of the drinks and hitting my hip on the floor. My manager rushes over, and I think he’s going to help me up. Instead…)

Manager #1: “Were you wearing non-slip shoes?!”

Me: *shocked, wet, and in pain* “Yes! And I’m fine. Thanks for asking!”

(In contrast, about a year later, I slipped and fell again, this time with a different manager on duty. I’m not hurt, so I just get up and go about my business.)

Manager #2: *comes up to me 10 minutes later* “Oh, my god, I heard that you fell! Are you okay? Does anything feel broken? Do you need to go home?”

The Opposite Of A Rib-Tickler

| FL, USA | Right | February 25, 2015

(I’m the last to get cut tonight and end up having to pick up a table. Right off the bat, this woman tells me how last time she had a horrible experience and that our boss said he’d take care of them the next time they were in.)

Customer: “I want our appetizer crispy, but not burnt. I want our ribs to be meaty and full. I don’t want them to just pick out any kind and my daughter will have her steak medium.”

(I bring out the appetizer.)

Customer: “This isn’t crispy at all! See all this?”

(I go back and get a new one started for her. When I come back out to tell her that, she says:)

Customer: “Well, we actually want it without all the seasoning on it.”

(I run back to let the kitchen guys know, and they are now making the third appetizer for this family. I bring it out when it’s ready.)

Customer: *after about a minute of eating the appetizer* “Why is everything taking so long? Why is the food taking so long? We’ve been here three hours!”

(It’s been approximately a half an hour.)

Me: “Well, ma’am, we had to make you three appetizers first, before the food was put in.”

Customer: “I don’t care. It’s taking too long. And they better not screw up the ribs.”

(I go back to the kitchen and tell the guys they really need to help me out here and they do their best.)

Customer: *after biting into her ribs* “Do you see this? It’s so dry! Taste it!”

Me: “No, thanks, ma’am. I trust you.”

(I grab my manager and have her talk to them. We get her two new baked potatoes, she argues over what medium meant, etc. My manager takes the ribs off the bill. I take it out to her.)

Customer: “Well, I don’t think we should pay for any of this! We didn’t eat it! My daughter hardly touched her steak.”

(I ran back and begged my manager to take care of it, since they had been here over an hour and a half and we’re closed. She took care of the whole check. I sat down with the woman and chatted for a minute afterwards, and she handed me $6… on a check that should’ve been $50, for a table that kept me past closing.)

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