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A collection of stories curated from different subreddits, adapted for NAR.

That Must Have Been One Important Cigarette

, , , , | Friendly | CREDIT: fredzred | June 21, 2021

I had abdominal surgery twelve days ago. I am finally feeling up for shopping and there are things I need from the hardware store. I’m a thirty-year-old disabled woman in a wheelchair — I’m an incomplete quadriplegic — and I don’t have a car, so I get a taxi — with a ramp on the back so I don’t have to get out of my wheelchair.

The taxi driver drops me off and I go in to do my thing. Nothing out of the ordinary. When I finish my shopping, I call to get the taxi back. It will be a fifteen-minute wait, but it is such a nice day that I don’t mind waiting outside.

As I am waiting, I notice that someone is parked in the disabled parking space but there are no disabled tags on the windscreen. It’s annoying, but I honestly don’t care at this point; I just want to get home. About ten minutes later, I see a middle-aged woman walk out of the store and go straight to that car. She opens the boot, puts her shopping in, and goes around to the driver’s side. But instead of getting in, she gets out a cigarette and starts looking at her phone.

A few minutes after that, my taxi arrives. [Taxi Driver], being the polite and patient man he is, waits for the woman to drive out of the car space. The woman knows he is waiting for her and she is d*** sure she is parking illegally in the disabled parking space, but do you think she cares? She finishes her cigarette and gets into her car.

We wait. And wait. And then wait some more. Then, [Taxi Driver] gets rightly fed up and parks the taxi directly behind the woman’s car, blocking her in. This is when things get interesting.

The woman begins to honk her horn repetitively for a few seconds, and then she gets out of her car.

Woman: “What the bloody heck do ya think ya doin’? Ya blocked me in!”

Taxi Driver: *In a mock-apologetic tone* “I’m very sorry, ma’am, but I needed the car space. And you seemed to want to stay there. Just thought I’d do you a favor. Now, if you don’t mind, I have a job to do.”

[Taxi Driver] gestured in my direction as I gave the woman a BIG smile. I hate confrontation, so I appreciated [Taxi Driver] doing it for me. [Taxi Driver] got into the car and fastened me and my wheelchair into place. All the while, the woman was yelling profanities and threatening to call the police. If it were any other day, I would have been happy to call the police so the woman would get a fine. But I just wanted to go home.

It only took a few minutes before I was secured in the car and we left, but I made sure to give the woman a smile and a one-finger salute through the window as we were leaving, which made the encounter all the sweeter.

Coupons Are Often More Trouble Than They’re Worth

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: Venus-Xtravaganza98 | June 21, 2021

I work for a big-name department store. I recently served a customer that left me completely baffled. She came in buying regular grocery items, but toward the end of her purchase, she had two hair products from a famous hairstylist’s company along with two free-up-to-$15 coupons. After I check those through:

Customer: “Did that $30 come off?”

Me: “The coupons aren’t $15 each, but free up to $15.”

Customer: “You’re wrong! I just got off the phone with [Famous Hairstylist] and they told me that you have to take $30 off, no matter what you say!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we can’t do that.”

I call my supervisor over to explain the situation, which she still doesn’t accept.

Customer: “[Famous Hairstylist] told me you have to do it for me!”

After several minutes of trying to reason with her, she demands we give her the coupons back, which we do, but then she complains that we charged her for the hair products.

Me: “You weren’t charged for them, but they’ll still show up as voided items.”

She seems to understand because she finally pays for her purchase. As she walks away:

Customer: “Thank you for being so nice.”

Me: *Without hesitating* “No problem!”

Customer: “I’m just kidding. You weren’t nice!”

Later, I found out that she went to customer service to complain that the voided transaction was still listed on her bill.

These People Don’t Pass The Vibe Check

, , , | Right | CREDIT: Glittakitten | June 21, 2021

I work at an upscale-ish restaurant. We have two floors. Because of the health crisis restrictions and whatnot, we only have hosts downstairs. When we are on a wait, the hosts will see when there are open tables upstairs, page the guests, and send them up. A server then greets them, sees where the host had pre-planned for them in our system, and we seat them.

Last night, I was serving upstairs. I am one of the top servers in my restaurant, consistently selling the most every week, and I’m a trainer. My managers all love and appreciate me and mostly have my back.

A family is paged that their table is ready. They walk upstairs and stand by the host stand while I finish at my table and make my way over to them.

Me: “Hey, guys! How’s it going?”

They just stare at me. Finally, the wife speaks up.

Wife: “Do we just seat ourselves?”

I’m holding a paper cocktail menu and silverware. I just walked over to them and I feel like I made it clear I was about to seat them.

Me: “Nope, that’s my job! You guys can follow me this way.”

They follow me to the six-top table and they all take their seats. I slide the silverware I’m holding down to everyone individually instead of just setting six silverware on the end of the table for them to hand out.

Me: “Our menu is all virtual right now; there’s a link on your table. I’ll be right back!”

When I come back, I ask if they have any questions or if they’d like to get some drinks started. Again, silence.

I just pick someone.

Me: “Okay, can I grab you something to drink, sir?”

Husband: “[Drink].”

Me: “I’m sorry, we don’t have that. Would you like [similar drink]?”

Husband: “That’s okay.”

Wife: “What beers do you have?”

Me: “We have a lot of beers! What do you like to drink?”

Wife: “I don’t know; that’s why I’m asking you what beer you have.”

Me: “We have twenty-seven beers on draft and nineteen in bottles, so if you tell me what you’re usually into, I can guide you through what will work for you.”

Wife: “Jesus Christ, I’ll just have a Bud Light since you can’t sell a beer.”

Stunned, I just laugh and say okay. Her husband turns his attention to me.

Husband: “Are you having a bad night?”

Me: “No, sir, are you?”

Husband: “No. We are just trying to have a nice family night and you’re rude. You’ve been rude the whole time and you threw our silverware at us.”

I’m stunned again.

Me: “I definitely did not throw it at you guys. I was trying to slide it down the table for all of you. I’m sorry if it came off that way. I’m not having a bad night, and I haven’t had an attitude.”

Wife: “It all started up front when you said, ‘THAT’S MY JOB!’ and now you’ve just been rude to all of us this whole experience. YOUR AURA IS F****** UGLY AND WE DON’T APPRECIATE THAT! JUST SEND US A NEW SERVER!”

It takes everything I have — EVERYTHING — not to say anything rude back to her.

Me: “I’m happy to grab you a new server, and I’ll just grab my manager for you, too, while I’m at it.”

My manager goes over, knowing everything from my side already.

Wife: “Your server was so rude when they seated us and made a comment about how we could not seat ourselves when there was no host at the stand, so we just assumed it was pick-your-own-table. They threw our silverware at us. Their attitude and aura are just plain ugly.”

My manager stuck up for me and said I’m actually one of their best, but they still insisted on another server. Imagine being one of the three other servers, having already heard and seen this go down, and now it’s your table. That server made a six-dollar tip on an eighty-dollar bill, by the way.

Putting The “Hot” In “Hotel”

, , , | Right | CREDIT: SomewhereIdRatherBe | June 20, 2021

A few years ago, I was the front office manager of a popular hotel brand in my town. We had some unfortunate circumstances within our rooms that led to many valid complaints. There was very little we could do to rectify the situation due to budgets and brand standards. I did the best I could with what I had and was known for being not giving in to rude people and their demands.

One day, a gentleman and his wife check in. They aren’t overly rude at first, but they aren’t particularly friendly, either. The wife handles the check-in process. After, they go and get their room set up and I watch them leave. They come back toward the end of my shift, about 10:00 pm, and go up to the room.

Within five minutes, the husband is standing angrily at my desk. I mentally prepare myself and step out of the back office.

Husband: “We turned the heat up to ninety degrees and our room is only seventy-five! This is outrageous. We are going to freeze tonight!”

I’m wondering where the f*** it is acceptable to sleep in a ninety-degree room in the states.

Me: “I do apologize, sir. Unfortunately, our individual thermostats will not go above seventy-five degrees. You can set them higher, but the system will not allow for the temperature to rise that high. I see you have our king suite which allows enough room for a space heater. Would you like me to bring you one?”

Husband: “A space heater?! Are you kidding me?! I want my heat to go up to the temperature I set it to and nothing else! I won’t be sleeping with a space heater, and I will be sleeping in a ninety-degree room!”

Me: “Again, sir, I do apologize, but that isn’t an accommodation I can provide. I have some extra blankets I could deliver to your room, with or without the space heater to help keep you comfortable.”

Husband: “Not acceptable. I can’t believe you won’t give me what I want. Call maintenance.”

Me: “I cannot do that, sir. It is almost 10:30 pm and we are only authorized to call maintenance after hours for emergencies.”

Husband: “This is an emergency. I want your manager and maintenance man here now.”

Me: “I am the manager on duty, and I will not be calling anyone else to come into the hotel tonight. I have offered the solutions available to you. Would you like to take advantage of the blankets or space heater tonight?”

Husband: “No. I demand compensation for my troubles. I will not be able to sleep tonight, and my wife will not be happy. What are you going to do for me?”

Me: “Of course, I understand. I am happy to offer you 250 bonus points for your stay if you are interested in skipping housekeeping tomorrow. What do you think?”

Husband: “Fine. What else?”

Me: “Additionally, I can let the breakfast attendant know to extend your room’s complimentary breakfast for the remainder of your stay.”

Husband: “It’s about time you did something useful. Thanks for wasting my time.”

He went back to his room. But here’s the fun part: his wife had already signed up to skip housekeeping for those extra points during check-in. He hadn’t been paying attention when she did that. And at our chain, breakfast is always complimentary. I compensated his troubles with rewards he was already entitled to, and he was none the wiser. His wife left a four-star review and we had no complaints for the rest of their stay. I did have to make sure housekeeping turned the thermostat back down after they left, though.

If We Had A Nickel For Every Time We’d Read This Lie…

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: DensitySquared | June 20, 2021

I work as a leasing agent for an apartment complex. The owner is a fantastic guy, but he is always super late to every meeting and never has any keys to the building on him. One day, he needs to come by and pick up some tax stuff, but naturally, he is running really late and my manager can’t stay to wait for him, so I’m waiting for him after hours with the door unlocked when a car pulls up and two people get out.

I’m at the front desk, so immediately I let them know that we’re actually closed, but the lady cuts me off and demands to see an apartment right now. That’s not how it works here. As I explain to her, I can’t ever show an apartment without someone in the office (safety), and we’re actually completely out of apartments to lease.

The lady stares me down and insists that we definitely do have apartments available and that I will show her one right now. Nope. I don’t budge. I can’t; we don’t have apartments and I can’t leave the office anyway.

So, the lady tells me, in the most condescending way possible, that the owner is one of her best friends, he has promised her an apartment, and if I don’t show her one right now she’ll have my job.

And guess who pulls up right at that moment?

The owner. I swear I could hear the cosmic laughter.

I look at the owner’s brand-new best friend, smile as big as I can, and chirp, “Oh, what good luck! That’s the owner right there! We can ask him about that apartment he promised you and get it all cleared up!”

She looks outside, looks back at me, and bolts out of the office.

The owner comes in and asks about her, so I tell him that she is one of his best friends, obviously. He just chuckles and tells me that he’d never promise an apartment to anyone without telling us first. And that he’s never seen that lady before in his life.