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Thoughtful Customer. Does Not Compute.

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: AmenusUK | July 14, 2021

I have been working at my first part-time job in a store for about two months. I work in the dedicated section that sells home computers. A customer comes in and wants to purchase a computer and other bits. I go through it with him, and he needs a modem, printer, and comms software. All we have in stock is the computer. Without prompting, I get on the phone and call the other shops up and down the street to see what they have in stock. I then draw a map and show him where to get stuff, and off he goes. At this point, I have not sold anything and my customer has left the shop.

An hour later, the customer comes back.

Customer: “I purchased all the accessories, so now I’ve come for the computer.”

Me: “Did they not have the computer?”

Customer: “Yes, they did, but as you were the most helpful, I think you deserve the sale.”

So, I sold him the computer and will always remember that customer.

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Let’s Shelve This Conversation… And Leave It There Forever

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Alternate_chaos5150 | July 14, 2021

I do woodworking and sell some of my work online. I got this message.

Buyer: “Hey, I saw that shelf on your [Business] page. I am into that rustic style. Is that for sale?”

Me: “No, sorry, that was built for me, but I am always willing to make something if someone is interested.”

Buyer: “That would be awesome! How long would it take?”

Me: “Not sure. I am scheduled to do overtime for a bit, so it will be hard to get to, but it only took a weekend to do that one.”

Buyer: “No rush, just curious. So, about a price?”

Me: “Material prices are high right now, so we’re looking at about $380 for just the wood if you want it built exactly the same as the one I have. Mine is like four feet tall and six feet long.”

Buyer: “Really? $380?”

Me: “I just price wood from [Home Improvement Store #1] or [Home Improvement Store #2]. The $380 doesn’t include stain, nails, screws, etc. The things needed for assembly would be extra.”

Buyer: “Really, extra on top of the $380? Don’t you already have that stuff for assembly?”

Me: “I do but I can’t just give it away. That stuff costs me money. There would also be a cost for me assembling the shelf.”

Buyer: “You’re trying to rip me off.”

Me: “No, I am not. You contacted me about a shelf.”

Buyer: “So how much?”

Me: “$380 for wood, about 25% more for assembly materials, plus a fee to assemble it.”

Buyer: “Okay, so what does all that add up to?”

Me: “I’m going to guess $650ish.”

Buyer: “No way. I can get someone else to do it cheaper.”

Me: “Okay, well, get someone else to do it cheaper.”

Buyer: “Why so much?”

Me: “I already explained why. I will also only deliver as far as [Town #1] before it will start to cost more.”

Buyer: “I’m in [Town #2].”

Me: “I know that but I’m not burning up a bunch of gas to deliver this.”

Buyer: “I see people advertising stuff on [Website] all the time cheaper than this.”

Me: “Maybe they don’t get their materials the same place I do. I don’t know how people price their stuff. But again, you contacted me. If you don’t want to do business, that’s cool with me.”

Buyer: “I think you’re a ripoff.”

Me: “That’s your opinion. Have a good day.”

Buyer: “That’s it? You’re done?”

Me: “I’m done. I’m out. I do this as a hobby and make a little money from it. I don’t want a hassle from it.”

Buyer: “It’s just that the cost is too high.”

Me: “It’s cool. Find someone else to build it. Even send them pics of mine if you like.”

Buyer: “How much for the waving flag?”

Me: “$100.”

Buyer: “For just a flag?”

Me: “There is a lot of work that goes into those, and again, the price of wood isn’t cheap.”

Buyer: “Whatever. $400.”

Me: “$400?”

Buyer: “The shelf. I’ll give you $400.”

Me: “I can do a smaller, cheaper version, but not $400. That would be basically doing it for cost or possibly even losing money.”

Buyer: “It’s a gift, though.”

Me: “I’m not in a gift-giving mood.”

Buyer: “You’re an a**.”

Me: “Have a good day.”

Crown This Lady “Worst Patient Of The Day”

, , , , | Healthy | CREDIT: EWhiskeyM | July 13, 2021

I’m a dental assistant for a private practice. Most of our patients are wonderful people — friendly, happy to see us, respectful of our professional opinions and recommendations, etc. But today, I had the most entitled jerk in for what should have been a simple appointment.

When we do crowns — or caps, as some people know them as — we prep the tooth beforehand and take an impression. Then, that impression goes to a lab and the techs there make the crown. It takes two or three weeks for them to send the crown back.

When we deliver the crown to the patient, the doctor and I try the crown in first to see how it fits. It is VERY rare that it fits perfectly. We almost always have to make some adjustments — shaving down the crown here and there, checking the space between the teeth, checking the bite, etc. All of this is standard. The main thing we use is called “articulating paper”. When the patient bites down on it, we can see heavy blue markings where the bite needs adjusting. The more we adjust, the lighter those marks get, and it even stops marking altogether sometimes.

Most exchanges with the patient are like this.

Us: “How’s it feel?”

Patient: “It’s a little high.”

Us: “Okay, we’ll adjust that.”

We use the articulating paper and then grind the crown down a little.

Us: “How’s it feel now?”

Patient: “Oh, that feels much better.”

Us: “Okay, cool. Let’s cement it in.”

This takes maybe five minutes AT MOST. This lady we had tonight was having none of it.

Us: “How’s it feel?”

Lady: “Ugh, it’s way off.”

Us: “Okay, we’ll adjust it. How’s it feel now?”

Lady: “The same.”

Us: “Umm, really? No change?”

Lady: “The same.”

Us: “Okay, no biggie. Let’s adjust more.”

Over and over, she kept insisting that it was exactly the same, no change, even though the marks were gone at this point, meaning that her other teeth were no longer even touching the crown.

At this point, we had a couple of options that the doctor presented to her.

Doctor: “I can keep adjusting the crown. The only issue is that if I keep reducing the porcelain on top, the metal underneath might end up showing. Are you okay with that?”

Lady: “No.”

Doctor: “Okay. Well then, I need to make a small adjustment to the tooth above this one so that they don’t touch. It’s very superficial.”

Lady: “No! Don’t touch my other teeth!”

Doctor: “We do this all the time, ma’am. It doesn’t harm the teeth. We’re basically just polishing it.”

Lady: “No! That’s a lie! If you guys did it correctly the first time, you wouldn’t have to adjust it at all!”

Doctor: “Ma’am, we do this for everyone. The lab almost never makes them perfect. We either have to adjust the crown itself or the opposing teeth.”

Lady: “No, you screwed up.”

Doctor: “We have to adjust one or the other, so which would you prefer? Do you want metal showing?”

Lady: “No!”

Me: “So we can polish the opposing tooth?”

Lady: “No!”

Me: “It’ll literally take a few seconds.”

Lady: “No, you’re lying! It’s gonna harm my teeth!”

The doctor suggests getting our office manager to talk to the patient. Our office manager is an awesome lady. She’s old — two years away from retirement — and doesn’t give a f*** anymore. I tell her the situation and she laughs.

Office Manager: “Okay, let’s make her wait another month. I don’t give a s***.”

I laugh as she marches right in there.

Office Manager: “Okay, ma’am. Since you don’t want this crown, we’ll send it back to the lab and have them redo it.”

So, instead of just waiting the sixty seconds for us to adjust, she now had to wait three weeks to come in again. And that was just to RE-PREP the tooth. Then, she had to wait another three weeks for the crown to come back from the lab, again.

She had every right to request that the crown be redone. That’s not my issue. My issue is that she accused us of lying, screamed at us, wouldn’t tell us why it felt “exactly the same,” and didn’t want any solutions we offered.

I’ll Eat My Sandwich, You’ll Eat Your Words

, , , , , , | Right | CREDIT: PupSpace | July 13, 2021

I work in a mall store doing tech repair. Today, I close the store for about fifteen minutes to go get food from the food court. I get back to the store and start reopening when a lady comes fast-stepping into the store.

Me: “Hi, welcome to [Store]. How can I help you today?”

Customer: “Excuse me, I came by earlier and you were closed. I need my phone fixed and I’m very busy today.”

Me: “I’m sorry. I had to go get food.”

I point at my cheesesteak which I was eating when she came in. Clearly, it’s lunchtime.

Customer: “You’re at work! You’re not supposed to eat at work!

Me: “Again, I’m sorry. I didn’t eat breakfast and my blood sugar—”

Customer: *Interrupting, screaming* “It’s unprofessional to eat at work! And it’s rude to close the store for something as trivial as that!”

As trivial as basic human sustenance? Time to change the subject. I apologize for the third time.

Me: “I’m sorry. How can I help you?”

Customer: “My phone won’t charge! It’s been dead for three days.”

I plug her phone into my amp meter, and there’s a trickle of power going in. I take a pair of tweezers, and in her charging port are a few little pieces of dust and pocket lint. I plug it back in, and it starts charging perfectly.

I hand it back and start to explain it’ll be free because it was an easy repair when she starts yelling again.

Customer: “You couldn’t have fixed it that fast! It’s not okay to short a customer!”

Fine. If she wants it done “right,” I’ll do it right.

I pull a chair up for her and turn on some music and open the phone up. I fiddle around with the charging port for a while, pretending to “fix” a phone I already fixed.

Me: “Since I opened your phone, I have to charge you $50 for the labor.”

Customer: “Now I know you were trying to waste my time!”

She paid the $50 and left, and I have a good laugh over making a sale that I didn’t need to make for a phone that didn’t need a repair.

Any Hotel Room In A Storm (Of Complaints)

, , | Right | CREDIT: AnyPolicy1 | July 13, 2021

A woman checks in on Friday and is supposed to stay Friday and Saturday. Saturday morning, this guest comes to the front desk with a list of complaints about her room. She is shocked that we are a [Hotel Chain] property and she’s a member, so she expected better from us. She booked through a third party, so she didn’t get any member points.

Here are just a few of her complaints. The picture on the wall was crooked. The bathtub was too shallow. The bed skirt wasn’t pulled down, so she had to do that herself in order to sleep. She couldn’t sleep because she was “creeped out” by the “horrific” state of the room.

Me: “Did you communicate any of this to the desk agent when you checked in?”

Guest: “Yes, I did!”

I check, and the agent has written no notes regarding any of this in the communications log or in her file.

Guest: “I’m checking out early, and I would like a refund!”

Me: “You should contact the thirty party you booked through for your refund.”

Guest: “No! I’ll contact [Hotel Chain] Corporate to get my money back!”

She stomped out of the lobby, and not five minutes later, she called and asked if she could have her room back. Nope, sorry, we cancelled the remainder of your already paid-for reservation because you said you were checking out.