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(I am standing in line for my turn to get my photo taken. The woman’s phone rings and she listens for a second or two.)

“Yes, ma’am, I can help you let me just first shoot this woman.”

Me: “Um. No?”

You’re Not Born To Do This

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I have just turned 15, which is the minimum age to get your driver’s permit in my state. However, I need to take a written test based on the driver’s manual, and I’m a bit stressed out by this. My grandmother drives me to the DMV and tries to calm me down while I fill out the initial paperwork and turn over my birth certificate to the staff. The staff give me the rundown of all the rules, and then direct me to the computer with the test all set up.

The first thing the test asks for is confirmation of my personal information. No problem; I can do that. I put in my full name and my date of birth. I click the button to proceed, but get bounced back to the information page. Confused, I re-enter the information and try again. Again, I click the button to move on to the actual test, but again, it doesn’t let me. A window pops up saying that I have failed the test and need to speak with DMV staff.

I head back to the main desk, trying not to freak out. The woman behind the desk is just as confused as I am, since the computer is saying that I have failed, but is also saying that I didn’t answer any of the content questions. As we start to go through the forms I filled out to make sure information isn’t missing, I discover that I have written down the wrong date for my birthday; the month and year are correct, but I had, for some reason, written down the wrong day. I get some weird looks for that, but my birth certificate confirms the right day, and I am able to take (and pass) the test.

I was the only one in my group of friends to fail the test for getting my birthday wrong.

Doesn’t Realize How Numbers Work

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(I’m at the DMV to get my driver’s license renewed. It’s fairly crowded, being a city DMV, but not ridiculously so, and they’re having us take numbers and wait. A youngish man in a tailored shirt and fancy shades sits beside me. He can’t sit still, keeps shifting, getting up and sitting down, etc. I’m right out of college and a little bit of a radical, but also pretty shy.)

Man: “Do you think their number system’s messed up? They haven’t called my number yet. I think something’s wrong with their computer.”

Me: “They seem to be calling the numbers in order as far as I can tell.”

Man: “I really think something’s wrong with their computer. They should have called my number by now.”

Me: *kind of shocked that I actually said this* “You’re not used to waiting, are you?”

(He shrugs and stops engaging me in conversation. A couple minutes later my number is called and I stand up to go.)

Man: *holding out money* “Hey! Hey, I’ll give you twenty bucks to switch numbers!”

(I walked away without a word.)

How To Get A Real Drive In College

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My driver’s license was never delivered to me, so I have to go to the DMV to get another one sent. The employee ends up charging me for a new license, despite the fact that the original one they sent never reached me. I decided to pay for it, since I need the license and it’s not too much.

I end up writing down two addresses: my home address and the mailing address.

My license was delivered two weeks later….

…with my college’s mailing address listed as my home address.

Now, I have a driver’s license that says I live inside the mail room of a college.

Talking About Music Therapy Requires Therapy

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(I can’t complain too much because I end up getting my license renewed in 10 minutes, but I have the weirdest conversation with the employee who processes it.)

Employee: “Wow, 21? Did you get hammered on your birthday?”

Me: *the question takes me by surprise, but I laugh a bit* “Oh, no; I just went out for a drink with some friends. I was living in New York before coming back to Colorado, which is why the license is so expired.”

Employee: “Oh. So, what were you in New York for?”

Me: “Completing my clinical hours for a degree in music therapy. I worked in hospice, on an adult and pediatric program.”

Employee: “Aw, where babies go to die?”

Me: *pause* “Unfortunately, yes, sometimes.”

Employee: “So, music therapy. You help people sleep?”

Me: “Not quite.”

(I explained a little about music therapy, grabbed my license, and shimmied on out of there. All I know is that I didn’t go through four years of school and 1,200 clinical hours to help people sleep!)