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I’m working as a waitress at a small town southeast 24-hour diner chain similar to the chain named after a breakfast food, this is back in 2009 when it came out with a new menu. Some food previously offered as combos are no longer available as combos. Two regulars sit down in my section the very morning we implement the new menu:

Woman #1: “I’d like the chicken wing basket please.”

Me: “I’m terribly sorry ma’am, I have to inform you that we are now serving a new menu and while we still have wings and fries, we no longer offer them as a combo. I’ll have to charge you for the items separately.”

Woman #2: “What?! That’s ridiculous! You clearly still have it! Why else would you have that up?” -points to a poster on the window advertising the wing combo which night shift was supposed to have removed-

Me: “I apologize for the confusion ma’am, but we no longer have that combo. I don’t know why that poster is still up, it was supposed to have been removed by now. We do have some new combos which you may like, would you like to try one of those?”

Woman #1: “No! I want the wing combo! Why are you making this so f***ing difficult? I don’t want to pay separately, the combo is cheaper! Give me the combo!”

(Note: the separate items together are only about a dollar more expensive than the combo was)

Me: “Ma’am, I already told you we no longer have the combo-”

Woman #1: “Shut up! Get me your manager right now! I won’t tolerate you lying to me like this!”

(I grab the manager who has already heard the entire exchange as the diner is a very small building and tail behind him as he speaks to the women)

Manager: “Good morning ladies, (my name) informed me you had some questions about the new menu changes?”

Woman #1: “You need to fire this b**** for lying to us! I know you have the wing combo! -points to poster- I’ve ordered it before and now she’s refusing to give me what I asked for!”

Manager: “Ma’am, you’ve now been informed four times that we have a new menu and no longer offer the wing combo. (My name) has even offered to show you some of our new deals. Even if you ordered the wings and fries separately, it would barely be a dollar more than what you would have previously paid. But we do not have the wing combo, you’ll have to either deal with being charged separately or order something else. (My name) has not lied to you about anything nor has she refused to serve you anything we already have.”

Both women at this point start yelling at him, calling both of us liars, saying they’re have our jobs and they’ll never come here again and finally they leave still screaming at us.

Manager: “Go take the poster down, today’s going to be hectic enough introducing the new menu, I don’t want another scene like this. (Night shift supervisor) is going to get an earful from me later!”

I walk outside and take it down with both women just sitting in their car giving me death glares. Later that week, the manager tells me that the owner got a complaint saying that I blatantly refused to serve them and then “threw a fit ripping the poster down just to spite them.” and wrote me up himself even with the manager defending me. I quit a month later after a cook assaulted me in front of customers during lunch rush and the owner blamed me for it!

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I work in an almost fast food restaurant, working the front counter and taking orders/making drinks. This happens more often that not, making me worry for the future of the world.

Customer: “How much are your wings?” Waving towards me of course, and not looking down less than a foot to the open menu on the counter they’re leaning on.

Me: Taking the menu and putting my finger to the wing section. “The [small price] has five wings and the [large price] has ten wings, the [small price] boneless has six ounces and the [large price] boneless has twelve ounces.”

Customer: Barely a second after I’ve spoken. “So how many wings do I get/can I buy?”

Me: Very calmly without popping the vein in my forehead. “We have orders of five wings and ten wings, as well as six ounces and twelve ounces.”

Customer: Stands there until they figure out they don’t have enough to get the thirty or so wings they wanted after all and tells me that I charge too much as they walk away.

If any of us had a choice over the price of food, why would we be working there?

She’s A Different Kind Of Calendar Girl

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(I work for a personal injury attorney. My job mainly involves handling irate clients and keeping track of problems with clients, so I describe myself as a trouble-shooting receptionist.)

Boss: *at 8:30* “I need you to focus on clearing [Paralegal]’s calendar today since she’s out sick with the flu.”

Me: “Yes, sir. I can certainly attempt to do that.” 

Boss: *at 10:30* “Why are you calling [Client]?”

Me: “Because it was on [Paralegal]’s calendar?”

Boss: “I don’t pay you to do [Paralegal]’s job! I missed two telephone conferences because you didn’t call them!”

Me: “But… you told me to clear her calendar!”

Boss: “You should have known I had these conferences!”

Me: “I didn’t even pull up your calendar today!”

Boss: “Well, you should always have my calendar up!”

Boss’ Partner: *overheard through phone* “God d*** it, [Boss], you told her to clear [Paralegal]’s calendar! Dial your own calls for once!”

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The Professor Of Caffeine

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(I work at a convenience store on a college campus. We sell self-serve coffee, cappuccino, hot tea, and hot chocolate. They vary in price, but we use one type of cup, so when a customer comes to the register we depend on the customer to tell us what they got. Most of the time, people just get regular coffee. A professor comes up with a beverage cup and a few other items.)

Me: “Coffee?”

Professor: “Yes.”

Me: “It’s $3.20.”

(I take her money and hand her the receipt. She starts to walk away and then comes back.)

Professor: “Hang on, I bought the exact same things yesterday and it was only two dollars and something.”

Me: “Okay, let’s look at your receipt. So, your coffee was $.95 and…”

Professor: “This isn’t coffee. It’s hot tea!”

Me: “But I asked you if it was coffee and you said yes.”

Professor: “Well, I didn’t think it mattered!”

Me: “…”

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Rude For The Sake Of Being Rude

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(I have just started a new job at my local grocery store. It is early in the morning and I am knelt down stocking a bottom shelf. A little, old lady comes creeping down the aisle toward me. I give her a smile and say hello. She doesn’t acknowledge me, so I think maybe she has bad hearing. She gets closer so I stand up to move out of her way.)

Me: “Good morning! How are you today?”

Old Lady: “Oh, I’m getting around.”

Me: “Well, that’s always good!”

Old Lady: *suddenly angry* “Yeah, for you it is, because you people always take all my money!

(I was so startled, I didn’t respond. I just went back to stocking as she slowly wandered off, muttering under her breath. I relayed this story to my coworkers and apparently, she comes in two or three times a week and is rude to everyone. They could have at least given me a warning!)

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