The Land Of The Free To Moan

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(I am working on the 4th of July while I am in high school. I volunteer to work this shift since I know there won’t be anyone in and because I have no plans. The only people in the entire store are a manager, a custodian, one employee for all the specialty sections (bakery, deli, etc.), and me.)

Me: “Hello, and welcome to [Grocery Store].”

Customer: “You must be a Democrat, not celebrating the birth of our nation; how dare you!”

(Store policy says to not get involved in confrontations.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. But the store must stay open to help all our customers.”

Customer: “Well, I’ve got a party to get to so let’s hurry this up.”

(I finish up scanning her items and I’m bagging them myself, so it’s going a bit slow.)

Customer: “Can’t you call anyone over to help? This is taking too long!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but it’s a holiday, everyone wanted to be with their families, and I’m the only one working the registers today.”

Customer: “This is terrible service! You should have made other workers come in today!”

Father Keeping You In Line

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It’s Father’s Day weekend, so I offer to take my dad to a movie that he wants to see. I purchase our tickets before arriving so we just scan them and go straight to the concession, which has really short lines for a Saturday evening. There’s only one family in front of us.

While we’re waiting for them to finish up, an older man suddenly shows up next to me — my dad is on my left and this man is on my right. He’s holding an empty popcorn tub and just creates his own line. 

It’s worth mentioning that there are at least three other concession lines open, each with only one or two people being helped. He had to pass at least one of those lines to reach the one we’re at.

When the family in front of us leaves, the man suddenly steps up in front of us. I really don’t feel like sticking my foot out to trip an old guy, despite his rudeness, but the cashier refills his popcorn like everything’s okay.

I say to my dad, quite loudly, “I guess we don’t have to stand in lines anymore?”

Neither the man or the cashier acknowledge why he was cutting. I’m pretty sure they serve refills for certain popcorn tub purchases, but it’s really rude to make someone standing in line wait just because the guy ate his popcorn super fast and wants to rush back to his movie.

My dad told me later he was sighing that I said anything because he didn’t know if the man would try to pick a fight. I still think the guy was rude but it’s not the first time in my life an old man has cut in front of me and I don’t know why it’s wrong to call it out.

Context Is Everything

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(My eight-year-old sister and I are playing with some action figures I have where you can take the armor off, leaving only a skeleton-like figure. She wants to play with an armor-less one, and she comes up with this gem.)

Sister: “Can I play with the naked man?”

Rated-M For Mother

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(A customer is buying a Rated-M game.)

Me: “Are you 17 or older?”

Teenager: “Uh, no.”

Me: “Then you’re going to have to get someone who is to buy this game for you. Legally, I can’t sell it to anyone under 17.”

(He then goes to get his mom.)

Mother: “What? The other [Game Store]s don’t make me do this. They just ask me to confirm I know it’s M-rated. This is so gay…”

Me: *hoping I misheard her* “I’m sorry for the inconvenience, ma’am, but it’s the law.”

(As the PIN-pad asks the customer to type in their PIN, the son reaches to do it.)

Me: “Unfortunately, she has to enter the PIN, as well. You could just whisper it to her, or…”

(I’m interrupted by the son grabbing his mom’s hand and physically entering the PIN that way.)

Mother: *laughing* “Wow, that’s gay. I can’t believe I have to do this!” *turns to her daughter, also with her* “Isn’t this gay?”

(As the receipt prints, I’m supposed to tell them about a survey at the bottom, but instead, I put on my fakest smile and just silently hand it to her as I hear her continue to talk about how “gay” it is that she follows the law.)

Me: *a gay man* “Have a nice day, ma’am.”

Rental Mental

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(My husband gets a great promotion but it requires us to move to another state. I begin the process of selling our old home while my husband is looking for a new home. We both know a lot about buying and selling a home and have done so multiple times, so I know where and how to advertise. I have just listed our house for sale on the real estate websites when I get an email from a gentleman.)

Client: “Saw the pics and it looks beautiful.”

(He asks about the school district and the age of the appliances, condition of the roof, etc. Everything looks great.)

Me: “Would you like to schedule a time to come to see it?”

Client: “Yes, I would also like to know if you would be interested in renting it to me.”

Me: “No, I am not a landlord nor do I have any desire to be. The house is for sale only, as clearly stated in the listing.”

Client: “Well, I really need a place I can rent. I am a single father of three girls and we really need a place to live. I can pay about $900 a month. I really want them to stay in this school district.”

Me: “I sympathize with you, but I cannot rent it or I would be homeless. I need the money for the sale of this house to pay off the mortgage and then use the excess as the down payment to get a mortgage on the house I am buying in the state I am moving to.”

Client: “Please, my kids and I really need a nice home.”

Me: “So do my kids. I will not move them into a car so that you can have a nice home.”

(A few days later I get another email from him.)

Client: “I have a relative that can help; would you take payments?”

Me: “I will take one payment. If you want to do multiple ones, call a bank.”

(I blocked his email after that. What is sad and annoying is that he wasn’t the only one contacting me wanting to know if I would rent to them. If I have a house up for sale, it’s obvious that I am trying to sell it, else I would advertise it as a rental.)

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