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22 Feel-Good Stories To Restore Your Faith In Humanity From July 2020!

, | Right | August 8, 2020

Dear readers,

It’s that time of the month again to prepare for the feels, and re-establish a little hope for humanity!

Rounded up below are twenty-two inspirational stories from the month of July that spread a little positive karma around for a change!


Geeks (And Doctors) Come In All Shapes And Sizes – First a female doctor, and now this?

Tip Your Delivery Guy A Five – This is a very, very loving family.

The Travelling Bible – Jamaican us all feel all warm and fuzzy.

Reviews Aren’t Just For Complaints, You Know! – Don’t forget to write positive reviews, too!

What A Sweet Gesture, Part 2 – This little kid is as sweet as candy.

A Blessed Encounter With A Dog Whisperer – Sometimes kindness is about being brave for someone else.

We All Need Somebody To Lean On – A shoulder to cry on… or a hand to sleep on.

Consent Is So Important – This is a good lesson for all sorts of people.

Awww! – Coming home is often the best part of the day!

First Date Nerves – May we all face the world with such enthusiasm!

A Rose By Any Other Napkin – Sometimes a napkin isn’t just a napkin.

Homeless, Not Heartless – Giving of yourself can be just as fulfilling as receiving.

Friendship Has Healing Powers – There are no lengths this guy won’t go to for his friends.

A Wonderful Word For A Wonderful Job – Common courtesy is much more common in the Inspirational tag.

Going From Zero To Hero With A Splash! – Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

No Borders On That Kid’s Kindness – This kid has the energy of a border collie!

A Good Kind Of Tea Party This Time – Every now and again, staying open on a holiday isn’t so bad.

Independence Is Nice, But Being With Friends Is Better – Living in a melting pot is pretty cool.

A Few Shades Happier – There’s no shame in going gray!

A Pleasant Deviation From The Norm – That is a very good girl.

A Smelly Symphony Saved! – Everyone deserves a chance to enjoy the arts.

There’s No Accounting For The Kindness Of Some People – He’s making a case for little white lies.


We hope you liked our feel-good roundup! If you want even more feel-good stories you can find some here!

Got your own story to restore faith in humanity? Share it here!

Stay safe, everyone!

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