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A Rose By Any Other Napkin

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I work the graveyard shift at a popular restaurant chain that sells donuts, coffee, and sandwiches, and since my store is located across the street from a hospital, we get a lot of nurses, as well as EMTs at night. The EMTs can’t drive their truck through the drive-thru because it’s too big, so they usually park it in front and walk to the window since our lobby is closed at night.

One night, I am working and an elderly EMT gentleman comes up to the window to order. I am having a pretty rough night, but still, I smile and take his order, and since he wants a sandwich, I tell him it will take me just a moment to make his food. Just as I am about to make it, he stops me.

EMT: “Ma’am, can I have some napkins, please?”

I am a little surprised, but I nod and give him a few napkins.

Me: “Here you go, sir. I’ll be right back with your order.”

I go and make his food and return to the window, where he is patiently waiting.

Me: “Here you go, sir. Enjoy your meal!”

The EMT takes the bag and then hands back the napkins I gave him, which have been folded up to look like a rose.

EMT: “Thank you, ma’am!”

That definitely made my night, and I still have that rose. It’s a pleasant reminder that some customers can surprise you, and no matter how rough a night I’m having, there can always be something good about it.

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