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Homeless, Not Heartless

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When I was about ten, my aunt worked in a grocery store. There was one particular homeless person who “lived” near this store and would occasionally come in to buy some fruit or bread. One day, I was at the grocery store because my parents were busy and had left me with my aunt for the day. I was helping out by stocking shelves. 

This man saw me and asked if I was being paid. I thought this was a casual remark from a stranger, so I said no. Then, this homeless man, who probably had less money than I did, gave me two dollars.

A few months later, I was in the shop on my birthday. He saw me again and my parents mentioned that it was my birthday. He took out five dollars and gave them to me. It really restored my faith in humanity that even a homeless man gave five dollars to a young child. I felt bad, though, receiving money from him, so I got my aunt to pay him back later.

I haven’t seen him in the years since. For all I know, he might have passed away. But I hope he got rewarded for his generosity to a small stranger.

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