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A Blessed Encounter With A Dog Whisperer

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I have a Staffie-cross who looks tough but is nothing but a massive wimp. She has a tendency to pull and is able to wriggle out of her collar, so she’s walked on a harness, which just makes her look more intimidating to those who believe the breed’s stereotype.

One day, I was walking her along the main road. It was fairly busy, and she was alternating between trotting along next to me and stopping to have a good sniff at whatever caught her attention. When we got to a pedestrian crossing, there was another woman there with a little girl. I brought my dog in close and got her to sit between my feet to wait for the lights to change. As she was sitting nicely, I didn’t take up the slack on the lead as fully as I normally would.

While we were waiting, a big lorry turned off the main road onto the one we wanted to cross. As it did so, its air brakes hissed right in front of us. My dog scuttled backward with a yelp, as far as her lead would allow, straight between my legs.

The little girl was at her side before I was. She started carefully petting her on the side of her neck and face and telling her that the “scary monster” was gone. After a few seconds, my silly dog was once again wagging her tail and licking the little girl’s face like she hadn’t just been terrified by air.

The mum was watching carefully but not stopping her little Dog Whisperer from making a new friend.

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