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First Date Nerves

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A man comes into my grocery store to buy flowers and some chocolate. He is wearing a uniform for a local hot dog stand and grinning like a maniac. 

Customer: “Could you take the price off for me? I’m on a first date.”

Me: “Oh, congratulations!”

I take the tag off.

Customer: “Yeah, we just spent two hours at [Fast Food Place] staring into each other’s eyes.”

He produces a digital camera from his pocket and shows me several pictures of her.

Me: “Well, that’s a good way for a first date to start.”

I have finished ringing him up, but there are no other customers so I don’t feel the need to rush him off.

Customer: “Could I get a bag for the flowers? And do you have any of those little cards? Or a post-it note?”

Me: “I have a bag, but I don’t have a little card. I do have a post-it if you want. It says the store slogan on the bottom, though.”

Customer: “Sounds awesome!

I retrieve both items and we put his flowers in the bag. I advise him to write his note on the register belt as it allows for better handwriting. The whole time, he is giving me way more information about his date than I would like. He attaches the note to the flowers and sticks the chocolate inside. He goes to thank me and notices my name tag.

Customer: “Thank you… Hey! That’s her name! You guys have the same name!”

Me: “That’s odd. What a coincidence.”

Customer: “Can you take a picture of me with the flowers?”

I oblige and take several pictures of him trying to show me how to get his camera to focus before I get the shot he wants.

Me: “Well, now you’ll have the memory of the cashier that couldn’t take pictures.”

Customer: “Could I… get a picture of you, as well?”

I oblige and pose, and when the picture is over, it seems like the final goodbye. The customer is halfway to the door.

Customer: “Oh! And kisses are magic!

He pranced out the door into the night.

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