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Friendship Has Healing Powers

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I was waiting for the bus and started chatting with the guy sitting next to me. He was an elderly man and he explained how he grew up in the neighbourhood but moved to a village about twenty-five kilometers further away upon retirement.

As he missed his mates, he made the trip almost daily by bicycle just to play pool, have a beer with his old friends, and chat. One fateful day, about six months ago, it all went wrong and he collided with a car. I can’t remember whose fault it was but it had dire consequences for him. 

The helmet he wore saved his life but he still had a severe concussion — the helmet was a throwaway due to the damages — and some broken ribs and limbs. He was in a coma for a while and, due to him being almost eighty, doctors had given him up. However, he pulled through and had a successful recovery, stunning the doctors.

He had to accept the fact that he probably would never ride a bike again, unless it was an electric-powered one, and for now, he had to be content to take the bus to and from, but he simply wasn’t done with life as yet.

I was in awe and I hope that when I’m his age I can dismiss such an adversity stating that I’m not done with life as yet.

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