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No Borders On That Kid’s Kindness

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I’m the author of this story.

It is a sunny day and I am outside for a walk with my dog, a border collie. We are walking along a narrow, curved path that is surrounded by thick bushes. Suddenly, a mother with a young child of two and a half to three years shows up. The child sees my dog and immediately runs toward us.

After the crazy incident that happened just a few weeks earlier, I am a bit wary. I quickly tell my dog to sit down behind me, but before I can say anything, the mother calls out to the child.

Mother: “[Child], stop!”

The boy immediately stops and waits, eyes still glued to my dog.

Mother: “You can’t just approach a dog. You have to ask the owner first if it is okay to pet their dog.”

The boy looks at me expectantly but doesn’t say anything. 

Me: “You can pet him, but you have to be very careful.”

Slowly, the boy comes closer.

Mother: “Remember, [Child], you can pet dogs on their back, but not their face.”

The boy carefully reaches out and gently pets my dog on the shoulder. After a while, the mother decides they should leave, but the child doesn’t want to.

Child: “One more!”

He continues to gently pet my dog.

Mother: “Okay, but we have to go back home.” 

Child: “One more!”

He gives a few more gentle pets.

Mother: “[Child], we have to go home. You have to take your nap.”

The boy, who is clearly not ready to part ways yet, looks to me for help.

Child: “One more?”

Me: “Well, we actually have to go home, too. [Dog] needs to take a nap, too, after our walk.”

The boy considers this for a moment and then nods and steps aside to let us leave. His mother thanks me for letting her child pet my dog and we start to walk away. After a few steps, the boy calls out to us.

Child: “Wait!”

He came running after us and I let my dog sit down again. The boy gave my dog one last pat and then slowly lowered his head to place the softest little kiss on my dog’s shoulder before he quickly ran back to his mother. Back with her, he turned around and waved at us. He kept standing there waving until we disappeared behind a corner. 

Thank you, little boy, for making my day! And thank you, awesome mom, for some great parenting!

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