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What A Sweet Gesture, Part 2

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I’m working as a cashier in one of the speedy checkout lanes when a little girl, about seven or eight, walks up with a king-sized chocolate bar and cash to pay for it while her father hangs back and lets her do the transaction on her own.

Me: “That’s a lot of chocolate. You sure you can eat all this?”

Little Girl: “I’m going to share it!”

I pull the candy bar closer.

Me: “Oh, my gosh! Really? You’re going to share it with me?” 

The little girl has a shy smile and shakes her head.

Me: “Oh?”

I pretend to be disappointed.

Me: “You’re not? You mean, you’re just going to share it with your family?”

The little girl nods vigorously.

Me: “Oookay, here you go!”

I hand back the candy bar and change.

Me: “Have a nice day!”

Her father ended up coming back through my line with another of the same chocolate bar. I had a sneaky suspicion when I rang him up and, sure enough, after he paid for it, he gave it to me! I thanked him profusely and shared the chocolate with my coworkers. Working in retail isn’t always a great experience, but it’s people like that who make it easier.

What A Sweet Gesture

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