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I am afraid of needles, but it has gotten worse when I was changing dental office. Told them I had a phobia and was told they would be extra careful, but right before I should have gotten the needle I started to panic and signaled for the doctor to stop. He carried on and I pushed his hand away, for what he berated me. I couldn’t stop crying and had one of the worst panic attacks I ever experienced. Since then I am overly afraid of needles and dentists. And I changed office.

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(I am visiting my dad, who knows that I am dating two people. However, he insists on calling my partners my friends. I always assumed he was willfully ignorant and didn’t push the issue, until this happened. He left my mom years ago, but they haven’t legally divorced.)

Dad: My sister sent me a Facebook message the other day reminding me that I can’t marry (Girlfriend) until I get the divorce from (Wife, my mom).

As if I would forget that polygamy is illegal. I think everyone instinctively knows that.

Me: Well, there are places where it’s legal. But our culture is so monogamously centered, I think people in the US do know it almost as an instinct.

Dad: There are people who say that since we let gay people get married, there’s no reason not to allow polygamy. What do you think?

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(I moved to Manchester a few years ago, having spent my whole life up till then in London. I still speak with a heavy North-East London accent.)

Customer: I’m psychic, you know.

Me: *Raises eyebrow sceptically*

Customer: You don’t believe me, do you?

Me: To be honest, no. But I’m open-minded, so let’s see if you can prove me wrong.

Customer: You’re not from round here, are you? I’m sensing that you … you’re from somewhere urban? From a big city? And that you don’t have any close family nearby; they’re all far away from you?

Me: I’m getting a message from the other side as well … well, a feeling actually … a cold feeling … cold … something that rhymes with feeling … reeling … READING! COLD READING!

The customer paid and left in a huff, muttering something about “Close-minded materialists,”

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I have been taking modern jive and west coast swing classes for over 5 years now and dance at an advanced level, however due to travel have not been back to my home club for 6+ months. I have just finished dancing during freestyle time with a new dancer I haven’t met before. Honestly the dance has been terrible as I was unable to understand his lead signals no matter how hard I tried.

He has decided this is my fault due to being a ‘new beginner’ and has been lecturing me non-stop for the last 5 minutes. Everytime I try to get a word in, he cuts me off.

New dancer “As I was saying, you need to try and use [technique] more. It can be complicated, but I’m willing to try dancing with you again so you can understand. You know I had a lesson with [Full name of Champion level dancer] recently. We’ve become very good friends, so I know what I’m talking about! I can pass on what he told me. Although I don’t know if you’ll really understand it at your level”

By this stage I am getting really angry at this dancers patronising attitude and refusal to let me speak. I am about to really let go at him when I feel a playful swat on my bum.

I spin around to see [Champion level dancer]. He quickly grabs me and spins me into a complicated dip, so I am only a few inches from the floor, looking at new dancer upside down.

Champion level dancer “[My name] is one of my favourite followers and has great [technique]. She can’t follow you because your lead is so shit! And it’s shit because no matter how hard we try to help and guide you, you refuse to listen and think you are better than everyone”

I’m grinning pretty hard at this stage, trying not to burst out laughing and fall out of the dip we have now been holding for several moments. [Champion level dancer] then leads me back upright and spins me out further onto the dance floor. Before yelling over his shoulder

“Also no one calls me [full name] except my Grandmother. If we were friends, you’d know that.”

[New dancer] stopped coming to classes not long after that. Part of me felt bad, as I always try my best to be welcoming to new dancers/ dancers of all levels and I know I am not a perfect dancer myself. However after hearing a few more stories from other people, I’m glad he never returned!

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Teacher: I don’t know why, but i get a headache after 5th period (when he has my class).

Me: It’s probably because we have no redeeming qualities.

Teacher: Well, some of you are actually pretty good, like you. You’re quiet and do your work.

Me: That’s because I took “Talk less, smile more, don’t let them know what you’re against and what you’re for” to heart!

The real reason I’m regarded as quiet? I strongly disagree with my classmates on just about everything they talk about in his class (ex: I’m bisexual and most if not all of my classmates are incredibly homophobic) and I HATE confrontation and arguements

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