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Working in a computershop I had some strange encounters.
This is just a small selection.
Case A:
Customer brings in his laptop because it’s slow and he gets strange ads when he’s browsing the internet.
Turns out his laptop was litteraly infested with computerviruses and there were Gigabytes of inappropriate pictures of children on his laptop.
Police was informed, they arrested him when he came to pick up his laptop.
Case B:
A “businessman” brought in his desktop-pc because it wouldn’t start. He warned us that his whole administration was on this pc so formatting and re-installing wasn’t an option.
We got the laptop going by restoring the bootsector of the hard drive. His
“whole administration” turned out to be one Excelsheet with dates and ammounts of drugs he sold. We notified the police. Don’know what they did with the info.
Case 3:
A woman brought in her laptop and webcam. Complaint: Didn’t work. Extra: Needs it to be working ASAP.
Turned out the webcam was defective so we replaced it. While testing it we found out that the video was transmitted to a XXX-website.
We just called her to let her know that we solved the problem.
She came to pickup her gear without a worry in the world.
Case 4;
A woman came in with a laptop that was defective.
She just said: “Could you please repair the repairs my husband made?”
We did. Husband’s repairs included messing up bios-settings and formatting the hard drive.
The woman didn’t want to know what we did.
Case 5
A woman asked if we could retreive data from a crashed hard drive.
We told her we could give it a go, but she’d be better of with a specialised company but that would be expensive. She decided that we should try it.
We did and we were able to retreive a lot of photo’s of the woman involved in extra-marital actions with numerous partners.
We also were able to restore a lot of emails asking people for money to prevent certain images being sent to their spouses.
We told the woman that we weren’t able to restore any data.
She left the store very disappointed.

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