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(A few months ago, I went to a well known electronics store, which specializes in computers and tablets. I bought myself a little tablet which had a disconnectable keyboard so I could take it places with me where I might need a computer but didn’t want to bring my laptop. Upon checking out;)

Me: Do you guys offer an extended warranty?

Associate 1: We do, but I’m going to let [associate 2] answer your questions about that. I’m the only one with keys to the computer cases tonight, and I have a few more people to help.

Me: All good, thanks for the help!

Associate 1 (to associate 2): She was asking about the warranty, but I have a line, can you help her with that?

Associate 2: Sure! (turning to me) What did you need to know?

Me: Well, I’m really just buying it to take places with me, it’s going to spend a lot of time in my purse. I just need to make sure that I’m covered if it falls, or gets dropped.

Associate 2: That makes sense, you’ll be fine. Our warranty covers everything for three years.

Me: Oh wow! Okay! Just because I’m going to be carrying it around a lot, and I have horrible luck with tablets. So I’m definitely going to be covered if I accidentally break it somehow?

Associate 2: For sure! If you drop it just bring it in and we’ll fix it for you.

Me: Fantastic! Thank you!

(Fast forward about a month, and I bring it with me to my grandmother’s place to show her, and discover when I turn it on that it’s been stepped on. The screen has a huge crack in it, and everything keeps jumping around, with things being selected before I tap them. Not worried, as I paid about 20% of the tablets value for the warranty, I go back to the store with my boyfriend the next day)

Me: Hi, is this where I file a warranty claim?

Associate 3: Yeah. (holds out hand)

Me: (sliding the tablet and my warranty slip over) I’m not sure exactly what happened. Someone stepped on it at a family dinner, heck, it could have been the dog for all I know, when I picked it up it was like this though.

Associate 3: (vague noises of acknowledgement before walking away for about 15 minutes and looking something up on his computer) So I hope you weren’t expecting your warranty to cover this.

Me: Well, yeah. I was told the warranty covered everything, that’s what I paid for.

Associate 3: Well, we don’t cover physical or accidental damage. The digitizer we can fix, so the screen will stop jumping around. We can’t do anything about the cracks though.

Me: That’s not what I was told when I bought it last month.

Associate 3: (turns his computer screen around showing me a screen on Amazon) You can try this, but they don’t sell screens for that model anymore so this is off the newer one.

Me: Will it work?

Associate 3: Maybe, I can order it for you for [Price over $60 more than what’s shown on the screen] if you want to try it.

Me: Wow, why so much more? Would you be installing it for me?

Associate 3: Well, this is American Amazon so there’s a currency change.

Me: Not that much of one, I’ll leave it. You can fix the digitizer though, right?

Associate 3: Yeah.

Me: Okay, then do that (trying to hand him the tablet)

Associate 3: But we don’t cover physical damage on the warranty. Sorry (walks away)

(My boyfriend steps in at this point as I’m fuming and ready to just leave)

Boyfriend: (Waving over the manager) Excuse me, does your warranty cover accidental damage?

Manager: No.

Boyfriend: Then why was my girlfriend told expressly that you did?

Manager: She wouldn’t have been, no warranty ever covers accidental damage. That would be stupid.

Me: (having calmed down enough to jump in) Actually, my last four tablets were replaced using the warranty after I dropped them.

Manager: Oh yeah? Where? I don’t know of a single store that does that.

Me: Mine were from Walmart, but I’ve known people who’ve gone to [list of various store names] for similar things and had the warranty cover accidental damage too.

Manager: No, no store covers accidental damage, that would be stupid.

Me: The associate that checked me out specifically told me I was covered if I dropped it. That’s the whole reason why I paid [20% of the tablet’s value] for the warranty.

Boyfriend: Can you show me where it says it doesn’t cover accidental damage? There’s nothing in the warranty information she was given that says that.

Manager: (pointing at fine print so small and semi-transparent you wouldn’t notice it without knowing it’s there already) You have to go to the website to see the full coverage.

Boyfriend: Show us. You have a computer there, hers is broken.

Manager: (clicks through about 6 things on the company website before ending up on the warranty information page) Right here.

Me: (realizing that there’s a list of about 60 things the warranty won’t cover) So what DOES it cover then?

Manager: Software issues and problems out of the box.

Me: I meant the extended warranty that I paid for, not the free manufacturer’s warranty.

Manager: That is what our warranty covers, but for three years instead of one.

Me: I only bought the extended warranty for accidental damage though, if I’d been told that wasn’t covered I wouldn’t have gotten it.

Manager: No store covers accidental damage. That would be stupid. Anyone could break their device a week before it ended and get a new one.

Me: As I’ve said several times, I’ve had warranties in the past at other stores cover accidental damage. Honestly, at this point I just want to make a complaint about the employee who rang me through because she expressly told me it would be covered if I dropped it and I’m clearly not going to get even the digitizer fixed because your employee refused to do that because the screen is cracked too and I don’t have the money to get that done.

Manager: Fine, let’s go find your cashier.

(He reads the receipt and walks up to Associate 1)

Manager: You rang this lady through for a [tablet model] last month?

Associate 1: No, [Associate 2] rang her though, I just took it out of the case for her.

Me: He’s actually the only person at this store who helped me properly. I don’t have any issues with him.

Manager: Well, it’s his name on the receipt. I can’t do anything if [Associate 2] wasn’t signed in.

Associate 1: You need to talk to her about using other people’s login information, she does it all the time. I don’t think she has a single sale in her own name.

Manager: Yeah, I’ll mention it to her again. But there’s nothing I can do about this because it wasn’t her name on the receipt so I can’t prove it’s her. Did you need anything else?

Me: The number for your head office.

Manager: Okay, but they’ll just tell you what I did. It would be stupid for a company to cover accidental damage.

(I went home very angry, with a broken tablet that could have at least been functional had they not refused to fix the digitizer, and on a hunch looked at their website. The number he gave me wasn’t for head office, it was the help line listed at the bottom of the site, primarily for people wanting information about products before purchasing them online. I was never able to actually find a number for head office, and when I called the number I was given I sat on hold for over two hours before giving up.)

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(My boss and I are very good friends. We talk all the time, and are constantly giving each other gifts. It’s the night before Valentines day, and our regular coworker has called in sick, as her kids and grandkids who live with her have gotten her sick, to the point of throwing up. My boss has 4 kids herself, all whom have been sick on and off the last few days, and cannot come into to work herself. She has asked me to cover the shift, and I have agreed. She then messages me.)

Boss: ” There is a bottle of Moscato on my desk for you, and chocolate by the time clock to pick from.”

Me: “Aww. Thank you. You are the best boss ever.”

Boss: “Well, I do love ya! LOL”

Me: ” It’s cause I’m awesome and don’t have germ incubators in my house.”

(My boss knows that I do not have children, nor do I want them. Instead, I have my 2 cats and 1 dog. We commonly refer to them as fur babies, or furry children.)

Boss: ” Amen to that! I will never harass you about not being a baby maker…. I will spoil your fur babies instead.”

Me: “Lol. Yes. Spoiling my furbabies is much better than kids who spread germs and make everyone sick. It’s a bonus for everyone! Plus, I will never turn down overtime pay!”

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my daughter, age 12 at the time, needed a new charger for her Ipod. So I bought one from Staples. and as I gave it to her, I said “make sure fits before you open it.” as it had an open end with the cord out just for that. and at first she says “mom it doesn’t fit.” which I replied “turn it around.” which she does.
and exclaims “it fits!!” great. but then she says “but mom it isn’t charging???”


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(My best friend (male) and I (female) tend to tease each other a lot. Whenever I say, “Hey, [his name], I love you!”, he responds with, “Who are you again?” This exchange takes place at lunch.)

Me: I love you!

Him: Who are you again?


(He motions for me to quiet down, but I continue.)


(At this point, the entire cafeteria is watching us. It’s worth noting that we are not well-liked amongst the student body.)

Him: *covers face* I hate you so much…

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(I’m a manager at my store, and was running the store when a huge, intimidating man approached my counter with two bags, both containing -empty- boxes of food. He demands a manager, and I approach him)

Me: Hello, what can I do for you today?

Customer: I ordered three meals yesterday. I took them home, and my family ate them. And then got sick off of it!

Me: Ohh I am sorry….

Customer: *interrupting* I want my food replaced!

Me: *glancing into the bags* Well unfortunately all of the food has been eaten, so I cannot replace any of it…

Customer: Well of course it’s all been eaten! My wife and family were -hungry- when I got home! They needed something to eat! And it made us all sick!

Me: Well like I said, I cannot replace food that has already been eaten….

Customer: Why not?! It made us sick! You need to replace it!

Me: Well, why is all of the food gone if it made you sick?

Customer: We were HUNGRY! It gave us indigestion after we ate it! It made us sick!

Me: *trying to please him a bit* Well I could replace the fries…..

Customer: NO! I want my two *semi-expensive* sandwich and my *most expensive* sandwich replaced! They made us sick, so I want replacements!

Me: I am really sorry sir, but I really need food to replace any food for you.

Customer: So you’re not going to give me any food? Well FINE, I want my MONEY BACK!

Me: …..I cannot give you any money back, since you cannot give me any food back. I am sorry, but I cannot do anything for you.

Customer: Who is in charge here?!

Me: I am currently, but my store manager will be in tomorrow at *time*

Customer: *grabs both bags of empty wrappers and storms out the door, screaming about how he’s going to get me fired*

(The customer did indeed come in the next day to talk to my store manager. She didn’t cave in either. We both laughed at how he wanted replacement food for food that made his family and himself sick.)