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(So I’m 15 and doing compulsory work experience at a supermarket near my house. The school organised the placement for me as i was off school due to appendicitis while it was being organised. I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD since i was 12, and take a dose in the morning, and a tiny dose around lunchtime. The manager (who has made it very clear that she doesn’t like me) sees me taking the half-tablet during my lunch break. She storms over and grabs the pill bottle from me and starts reading the label…)

Manager: *After reading the “Controlled drug” warning on the bottle* “I’m calling the police, and your school.”

Me: *dumbfounded* “…What?”

Manager: “You’re taking illegal drugs. Where’d you even get this from?”

Me: “It’s not illegal with a prescription, and my Neurologist [well known child neurologist] prescribed it to me for ADHD.”

Manager: “You don’t have ADHD. You’re just saying that.”

Me: *getting over this crap* “You know what? I don’t care. I have my school ID with my picture and my name on it, and that’s proof enough that the bottle’s mine, and that i’m taking it to my prescription.”

(My thinking was that i didn’t care if she called the school, as they have my meds on record, and if she calls the police i can give them the number to my neurologist’s rooms.)

Manager: *smugly* “Well then i will. Even if this WAS your pills. You should know not to carry this many around with you at once.” (there’s only half a tablet left in the bottle)

(She called my school first, and they explained everything to her, so the police weren’t called (thankfully). But my school send me an email saying not to go back in to WE. How could someone be stupid enough to not even read that my NAME was on the bottle… I guess she just really didn’t like me for some reason…)

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(My mother is cooking dinner and my sister has a friend over. We cook a lot of international food.)

Friend: “What are you making?”

Mum: “I’m making curry, an Indian dish. Have you not had it?”

Friend: “No.. Is it fattening?”

Mum: “Well, you don’t see too many fat Indians, do you?”

Friend: (Thinking mum meant Native American Indian) “Oh, I guess not. They probably get enough exercise jumping on their horses all the time!”

(Mum politely explained, and we all had a good laugh over it.)

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Driving between the church where my nephew had just been married and the reception site, I missed a needed turn. I pulled into a small housing development. I was just thinking how boring the houses were because the differed only in color when all of my family began singing aloud:

“Little boxes on the hillside,

Little boxes made of ticky tacky,

Little boxes on the hillside,

Little boxes all the same.”

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We are at a taster session for children to see the school before they start. A lot of other parents are there most of them are very friendly, one sticks out as unusual, fake blond hair very short skirt and very loud.
They are at a drawing table and she pipes up.

Parent: Oh (her daughter) is very clever she can write her own name and always puts a 4 next to it because she knows it’s her age.

Wife: Ok.

Parent: Oh that is a beautiful drawing darling, (loudly) look the BROWN is the dirt. She does that because she knows grass grows in the soil.

Wife: Uh huh

Parent: You know (her daughter) is very clever, I hope she doesn’t get held back when all the other children are learning the things she already knows.

Wife: I’m sure it will be fine.

(I wonder over)

Wife: This little girl can write her own, name and knows what age she is.

Parent: She is just so clever, I hope she doesn’t make the (looking at my daughter) …other children feel bad.

Me: (I look at my wife, i can tell she has had enough) Wow! that’s great, hey (my daughter) what’s 2 + 2?

My daughter: (without looking up) 4 daddy.

Me: How do you spell.. dog?

My daughter: D.O.G

Me: What about cow?

My daughter: C.O.W and they say moo, that’s M.O.O. because an OO is and ooh sound.

Me: Very good! (to the parent) Looks like they are both ahead of their class.

(thank fully we had a much better time with the other parents.)

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My direct boss handed in his notice, unfortunately he didn’t get on with his boss (my manager) . This left me in a difficult position now directly reporting to someone who didn’t know what I did, and assumed I was like my old boss.

After multiple attempts to get in his good books, my review came around.

Manager: Ok so I have to tell you something, if you want to get in on this company you have to stop wearing your coat so often. I noticed (old boss) did that a lot as well.

Me: Err ok, I do get cold often. But if you think that is a problem I will change.

Manager: Good, and you need to be more visual, I don’t see your work.

Me: Ok that’s fine. However I need more input from you. Apart from my day to day stuff that you don’t see, I would like more support getting involved in bigger projects. I have been trying for months, but coming from you it would help.

Manager: Oh ok. Oh and your hair you need to sort your hair.

Me: I’m sorry?

Manager: Look around the office, no one here has long hair. You need to cut it.

Me: Err (manager) has long hair.

Manager: But that’s different, trust me.

(Bemused I tried all I can to get on with my manager I worked harder and longer, and kept coming back for more work all to a high standard. However he still treated me the same when it came to redundancies I was first in the list to go.)