Helping Her To Get Rid Of The Voices…

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(An old lady enters the store.)

Customer: “I have calls on my phone and I’m not able to delete them!”

Me: “You want to delete calls?”

Customer: “Yes! They are on my phone and I can’t remove them.”

(I look at her phone.)

Me: “Oh, I understand! You have voicemails.”

(I show her how to access her voicemail and she begins to listen to it.)

Customer: “Oh! Hello! Yes! Okay!”

Me: “Excuse me, ma’am. You know it’s only a voicemail. The person that left it on your phone cannot hear you.”

Customer: *to me* “Yes, yes!” *to the phone* “Okay! See you later. Bye!”

Me: “You know the person couldn’t hear you, right? It’s only a voicemail. It was recorded.”

Customer: “Yes, I know. Thank you very much!”

(She went out happily.)

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The Screen Exploded, And The Customer Is About To

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(I work in a cell phone store. A young client comes in with what I later learn is her legal guardian.)

Client: “Hey, you need to send this s*** to be repaired. It’s not working.”

Me: “What seems to be the problem?”

Client: “Well, it was really cold outside, and all I did was touch the screen and it exploded.”

(I take a look at the phone.)

Me: “Unfortunately, this is not covered, as it would be considered ‘user damage.’”

Client: “What? It’s not my fault; it was the cold and this s*** phone!”

Me: “First of all, glass is non-insulating, so it is not possible that winter breaks your glass. Furthermore, you can clearly see bite marks along the edge of the phone, as well as these scuffs indicating fall damage.”

Client: “But the glass is not the problem! I have trouble touching icons and sometimes it calls on its own!”

Me: “The digitizer—” *pane which registers touch* “—is basically glued to the glass, so yeah, you’d have trouble with it if the glass is broken.”

Client: “But this s*** phone still calls on its own in the middle of the night, even when I turn it off! I turn it off and it calls on its own! That’s why my bill is so high!”

Me: “Let me get this straight. You shut your phone down and it calls on its own, in the middle of the night?”

(Incredulous, I took a look at her bill. Not only was she over her minutes by a large amount, but the calls were all placed during the day. All in all, I ended up finding a plan that better suited her needs, despite her constantly spitting out insults about my person and the phones, my favourite being, “Pawn shops don’t accept your phones because they are crap!” We deal in high-end devices.)

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The True Cost Of Bureaucracy

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My dad told me this story. When I was born, my dad had to file paperwork to get me my citizenship certificate. Unfortunately, he made a mistake in the filing process. Either he misread the filing fee, was looking at an older form, or accidentally wrote down the wrong amount, or something, but whatever it was, somehow the amount he paid ended up being short by fifty cents.

Sometime later, he got a letter from the embassy requesting a cheque for the additional fifty cents. My dad sent in the fifty-cent cheque as requested, but couldn’t help his amusement as he noticed the cost of the stamp on the envelope they had sent to him.

It was a one-dollar stamp.

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A few days ago, a customer was trying to withdraw money from his debit, but was unable to do so. Since it was only a few dollars and he looked like he was having a rough day, I took out change from my pocket and gave it to him. I didn’t give it another thought, since I’ve done this a few times before and no one’s ever returned the favor.

So to my surprise, the same guy comes in today. Since I had forgot about it, I didn’t really remember him. He handed me a twenty, thanking me for the other day. At first I thought he was just paying for gas, but when he smiled and walked away, I remembered him. Gotta love great clients like that. Thank you dear sir, you made my day!

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(I have invisible disability that make walking difficult and stairs are a long pain. I’ll avoid them as much as possible. I have to go two floors up. I don’t know this building, so I arrive at the closest door I was instructed by the original directions I received. I’m trying to find the elevator but I don’t see any. I stop the first person I see:)
Me: “Excuse me? Can you tell me where’s the elevator?”
Person #1: *sigh* “…yeah it’s over there, keep going, you’ll find it.”
(By the tone, and his face expression you can tell he think I’m just lazy. It’s nothing new. I keep walking but after a while I think I must have lost my way, so I ask another person.)
Me: “Excuse me? Can you tell me where’s the elevator?”
Person #2: “Yes, keep going in that direction, you’ll reach the cafeteria, at the far left corner you’ll see [restaurant], it’s just past there.”
Me: “Oh… it’s that far away.”
Person #2: *frowning* “No, it’s just over there, past [restaurant].”
Me: “Okay, thanks.”
(I know what she wasn’t understanding is that, for her who doesn’t struggle with mobility it’s close by, but for anyone who does struggle, it’s far. Notice I’m not even in the same wing I started in anymore. I finally reach the elevator. There’s a neon pink sheet stating “Taking the stairs is a good way to make your thirty minutes of exercise a day!” and the elevator is locked. Good luck to everyone in a wheelchair, with a walker, on crutches, using a cane, or is injured, in pain, pregnant etc.!)