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(This was back when a very popular video rental store was still in business, and before our store was required to have at least 2 people on the floor besides the manager for night shift. It was Halloween and I had been seeing kids and some teens in costume, and if they had a costume or mask on they could get a piece of candy. It was about midnight, we closed at 1 am, when a guy with a Darth Vader mask walked in. My manager was in the back counting down some of the tills and I was alone at the front.)
Me: Dude, cool mask.
The guy nods and then lifts up a gun.
I laughed (not thinking he was going to rob me) and tell him he needs to have a lightsaber to go with the mask.
He then proceeds to shoot out a ceiling tile which makes me realize it’s a stick up.
He then lowers the gun and I tell him I can’t open the registers. (This is actually true, once 10:30pm hit only the managers can open the registers with their key and code, it won’t let you try open it any other way.)
I tell him I have to call to my manager in the back and to just chill for a second. When I call my manager he is aware of the guy with the gun and tells me to stall the guy cause he’s busy calling the police.
I tell the guy to grab a soda and candy bar because it’s late and it will take him a minute or two to get up here.
After about 5 minutes I see the plain clothes cop come in the door and I try to keep the guy’s attention.
After all that, that was when my manager decided to come back up front, commending me on my bravery.
The cops made sure that I was ok and made my manager send me home (I was a bundle of nerves and basically was ugly crying)
The next day when I came in, I found that the cops had actually talked to our corporate and now we were required to have at least 2 employees on the late shift.

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