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(This story didn’t happen to me, but rather to one of my colleagues which I overheard most of. To clarify part of this story I work in a popular sports fashion shop in the UK, a lot of our shoes have an exclusive tag on them letting the customer know that only we provide this kind of shoe, a lot of customers don’t understand exclusivity)

Colleague: Hi, can I help?

Customer: Yes, actually, could I get this *hands shoe* in a (customer’s size)

Colleague: I’ll have a look if we have any in store for you. *Uses radio to ask for the shoe from the stockroom*

Colleague: … Unfortunately it seems we don’t have your size available in store, if you’d like we might be able to order it for you?

Customer: No thanks, I’ll just go to another shop and try and get them there.

Colleague: Just so you know, those are actually exclusive to our store.

Customer: I’m sure (nearby shoe shop) has them. *leaves store*

Me: Did they just leave to go get that shoe in another shop?

Colleague: Yep…

(about 30 minutes later, the customer comes back in)

Customer: Can I order (the shoe they wanted in the size)

Colleague: Did (shoe shop) not have it?

Customer: No they didn’t, not sure why though…

Colleague: Because, as I already mentioned, these are exclusive to our store.

Customer: Oh… I didn’t know that…..

Making A Point To Pay

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(I’m planning to make a new set of arrows and go to my local store to get all the parts. Unfortunately, they don’t have the points I want in stock, but they refer me to a nearby competitor where I’ve never been. This happens in the second shop. There is one employee inside and no other customers.)

Me: “Hello, I’m looking for [Brand] [size] points. Do you have any?”

Employee #1: “Here.” *hands me the points, wanders off to the back before I have a chance to pay*

Me: “Um…”

(I try to call for the employee but no answer. Figuring I have time, I look around the shop for a while. About ten minutes later, another employee walks in from the back.)

Employee #2: “Hi, how can I help you?”

Me: *holding up the bag I’ve been holding for ten minutes and walking to the till holding my card* “Hi, yes, I just wanted these [Brand] [size] points. Your colleague got them for me, and then disappeared.”

Employee #2: “Yes, those are the correct ones. Is there something else you need?” *looks at me with confusion*

Me: “So… can I pay for them?”

Employee #2: “Oh…” *wanders off to the back room but returns shortly*

Employee #2: “I have no idea where he went…” *looks lost*

Me: “How much for these?”

Employee #2 “Oh, yeah… [price].”


(Total time to get points: fifteen seconds. Total time to get cashiers to let me PAY for points: fifteen minutes.)

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(Closing time hits and we start cleaning, restocking, and setting up the displays. One man is looking around 17 minutes after close. My manager intervenes)
Manager: “Excuse me sir but I will need to escort you out. We closed about 15 minutes ago and we can’t count down the registers until every customer is out.”
Customer: (Throwing a fit) “I am only giving you business. As long as I buy something you have to let me stay in here.”
(The customer’s hands are empty)
Manager: “Well, are you buying something right now or not?”
Customer: “No.”
Manager: “Then I am escorting you out.”
(My manager walks the man to the front, unlocks the door and is letting him out.)
Customer: I’m going to complain to the manager!”
Manager: I will give you his personal cell phone number, sir.”
(My manager gives the man a number to call, only to have his phone ring. He picks up and answers his phone and tells the customer “I don’t care.” The customer walked away angrily.)

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I usually start work early in the morning doing the delivery shift. As we are there until the store opens, I usually have to open up and act as front door security while putting out stock at the front of the shop. The first customer of the day walks in. She’s a white middle aged lady…
Customer: “Excuse me, can you show me where the baseball caps are?”
Me: “Of course.”
I point out the caps which are close by. A few minutes later, she returns to me.
Customer: “Sorry to bother you again, I just want to know if you have any that are not made by nike or adidas?” *Before I can answer she quickly rattles off” “I can’t buy there products as they support the KKK.”
Me: *Taken aback and trying not to chuckle* “Certainly ma’am. They should be mixed with the other caps in that area.”
She leaves 10 minutes later with what I swear was a nike cap.

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(I worked in an independently owned sporting goods store that also does custom apparel on site. We order custom hockey equipment for several local leagues including helmets. On  this occasion, I am the only one working on the apparel side as it’s 15 minutes to close.)
Customer : I’m here to pick up a helmet.

I go through the motions and look through all of the helmets but can’t find his. I go through all of the paperwork for each individual order and when I find his, it says it’s been picked up.
Me: I’m sorry but it appears someone had picked it up already.
Customer : Not possible, I’m here now!
Me: I’m sorry but I don’t have one with your name on it and the paperwork states is been picked up.  Let me see what I can do.

I go out and find the size and colour helmet he ordered but it doesn’t have the cage attached that he paid for.

Me: we do have this one that I can have a cage put on for you.

Customer : No! I want the one I ordered! This one is different! I paid a lot and I want what I ordered!  (note they actually got a really good price on the equipment)

Me : I’m sure we can sort it out for you. We can order you another one of you don’t want this one.
Customer: How long will that take?!
Me: I’m  sorry, I don’t know, I don’t order the equipment.
Customer : You’re not being very helpful! I don’t want to keep hearing ‘I don’t know’, I want what I ordered!

At this point I am upset as I’ve tried everything I can to appease him. I literally throw my hands up in surrender as he keeps yelling and the situation is getting our of hand.
Customer : Don’t you dare throw your hands up at me!!
He then storms off to find the owner of the store. Meanwhile I go back to running the embroidery machines. I’m flustered and not paying attention, I end up getting a needle through my finger and spend hours in the hospital. A few days later I go in to have a piece of needle removed that had broken off in my finger.  They put in stitches and when they wrap it up it looks ridiculous. I am at work later that day and the same customer comes back to get the helmet we had to reorder.
Customer : (sees my wrapped dinner) what happened to you?
Me: embroidery machine needle went through my finger right after you left the other day.
Customer: (looking sheepish) Oh, that’s too bad.
He wonders off to get his helmet.  The kicker? He originally ordered the wrong size and it wouldn’t have fit anyway, even if we had it!