A Broken Toilet Seat Has Painful Implications

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My mom and brothers have started going camping. My mom saw a toilet seat online that attaches to a bucket to make a portable toilet. The store we go to doesn’t have just the seat for sale. If you want the seat, you buy the bucket, as well.

My mom is testing the product to see how the toilet seat comes off.

Me: “Mom, maybe buy it before you break it.” 

Mom: “No. [Brother], come and help me with this.”

Brother: “Mom! You’re going to break it. Then we have to buy it.”

Mom: “No, they have insurance against this sort of thing.”

I Googled it later. A lot of stores have a “You Break It, You Buy It” policy that you agree to by entering the store. I wasn’t able to check if that store had the policy, but chances are, it did. If my mom had broken the product, she would be using a broken toilet seat on a camping trip.

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(I worked in the apparel section of a Sporting Goods store. Our corporate merchandisers always gave us specific instructions on how exactly they wanted the clothing to be hung, which we had to abide by. I had just been talking to a customer who hadn’t given me any problems up to this point when suddenly she snapped her fingers at me to call me over to the fixture of pants she was looking at.)
Customer: “Let me ask you something. When they were hanging these pants, did they think about how difficult it would be to check the tags on them?”
Me: “No ma’am, but our corporate office controls how we are meant to be hanging clothes.”
Customer: “Okay well I’m turning these all around for you.”
(She proceeds to start flipping every pair of pants around on their hangers, and it looks horrible, might I add. But my years in customer service told me that it would be useless to try and reason with her.)
Me: “Uh…okay. Let me know if you have any other questions.”
(When I came back later they were all flipped around and I had to spend fifteen minutes fixing them. It still astounds me how self-righteous some people are.)

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I was working at the registers when the fire alarm sounded, and a manager announced over the intercom that everyone would need to evacuate the building.

Me: Ok. Let’s Go. *Turns off light and takes a few steps toward the door.

The other cashiers are either staring at each other or continuing to work as if nothing had happened, and twenty-some customers are still standing in line.

Me: Come on! Do you all here the fire alarm and the announcement? We have to go, now!

Customer: What do we do with our stuff?

Me: Leave it your cart or put what is in your hands on the floor, and you can come back and buy it later!

Coworker: How do we know that wasn’t a false alarm?

Me: Did you not here the announcement?

Coworker: No.

Me: Well, there was an announcement, and I am going to leave. You all can do whatever you want.

I walked toward the managers who were standing near the front door. It took a painfully long time for my coworkers and customers to follow. We were allowed back into the building about an hour later. It turned out there had been an electrical fire that started in a speaker, and it burned itself out before doing too much damage,

Opposite Of A Think Tank

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I work in a store that sells sport items.

Customer: “Hi, I’d like to see clothing to go to the gym.”

Me: “Oh, sure, here they are.”

Customer: “Do you guys have tank tops?”

Me: “Yes, we have these three types.”

He looks at the items I pointed to.

Customer: “Okay, because I don’t want a tank top.”

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(I’m working on the sales floor when I notice two rambunctious little boys without a parent in sight I watch as they unfold the clothes on various tables, run around playing tag, and try hiding under different displays. When I begin refolding one of the tables and ask them to stop, the older boy turns to me.)

Boy: It’s YOUR job to pick that stuff up!

(I’m left speechless as the two boys run off again out of sight. A few minutes later, I notice that they’ve climbed up on one of our display treadmills and are being pretty rough with it.)

Me: Hey guys, that isn’t a toy. Could you please get off so you don’t get hurt?

(At that moment, their mother suddenly appears, looking very unhappy.)

Mother: I told them to stand on that so I could shop!

(She grabs them both by the hand and leaves toward the registers in a huff, muttering about how rude I was to her and her sons.)