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I am a volunteer at a non-profit sports league for children that is associated with the local church. We a partnered with a large chain of sporting good stores, and they provide us with two day a year where we can go in and “gear up” for each season. We have a table in the front of the store’s location, where we are handing out 20% discounts to all of our league’s members, and 20$ off to all our coaches in addition to the 20% off. I am in a neon yellow shirt with the nonprofit’s logo on it, as it is worn by all the referees during the times we volunteer. The day has gone smooth, and before I leave, I go out to buy myself a whistle for the upcoming season with the discounts I was given. As I am looking around, someone with her two kids approaches me. I am and look far too young to be legally employed.

Her: Hi, where are your restrooms, my kids have to go.

(Note, I am still in my neon yellow shirt, and all the employees wear dark green collared shirts with the company’s logo.)

Me: I don’t work here, I work with a non-profit sports league that is partnered with [store] but I believe the restrooms are located in the back by the firearms.

Her: Thanks.

This had happened to me at least twice, and God knows how many times to my coworkers and boss, all of whom at least appear to be working age.

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(We sell very small propane tanks where I work, and we ask for a date of birth even if the person is clearly over 18. We are the only store in the area that does this.)
Me: (Rings up propane) “Date of birth please?”
Customer: (50 something year old man)”Why?”
Me: “For the propane sir. (somewhat jokingly)We have to enter a date of birth since there is no ‘over 18 button’.”
Customer: “That’s ridiculous!”
Me: “Well sir I can’t sell you this propane without a date of birth.”
Customer: (Angrily)”Why not just take today’s date and take away 20 years?!?”
Me: “Well 1: You aren’t 20 and 2:That is fraud.”
(Customer starts getting louder and more belligerent)
Me: “Sir I’m going to need to see some I.D.”
(Customer throws his license at me, buys propane, and storms off.)

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(This happened a while back, way before the days of crazy gun control laws, when me and my father were in Oregon on a fishing and camping trip. We are from California, but come up to Oregon once or twice a year for a boy’s trip. My father is obsessed with fishing and stops at every Bait & Tackle Store he sees. We walk into a store and look around.)

My father: “Hi, I’m just looking around.”

Owner: “Alrighty then, my names [Name], holler if ya need anything!”

(We poke around for a while, and my father ends up buying some lures and nightcrawlers. He chats up the owner of the store for what feels like forever before we leave. The next year, we go back to the same store to say hi and peak around.)

My father: “Hey, is [Owner] working today?”

Younger Employee: “Actually, my father is on indefinite medical leave. What can I help you with?”

My father: “Oh, what happened to him?”

Owner’s son: “About a few months back, [Owner’s name] was closing up the shop late at night and heard a noise outside. He got his shotgun and went out to check, and saw a man trying to break into and take the money from the vending machine outside. He shot the man and killed him.”

My father: “Jesus! Wow. Well, uh… wow.”

Owner’s son: “Yeah, crazy right?”

My father: “D*** straight! I take he didn’t go to jail?”

Owner’s son: “Yeah, because it was private property, the police just told him to maybe take a break and go on leave for a while.”

My father: “Crazy stuff…”

(Only in Oregon, folks!)

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(I work specifically in the hunting section of a sporting goods store. The usual uniform we wear is simply slacks or dress pants and a store shirt along with a name tag. Our managers don’t mind us adding anything else. So I’m the only one who wears a bowtie with my name tag and one of two who wears buttons.so I tend to stand out from the rest. While stocking ammunition there’s a man looking around so I proceed to ask him)

Me: finding everything alright?

Customer: we’re on red alert right now.

Me: did you need help finding some ammunition?

Customer: no. We’re just on red alert.

Me: do you need any help?

Customer:(looks at me in disgust) they let you wear that?!

Me: ummmmm yeah.

Customer: then you can’t help me

Me: if that’s what you wish (as I walk away)

(Who knew there were people who hated bowties and buttons)

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(I usually work at the gunbar in the field & stream department. I’m one of few who knows just about everything about firearms and ammunition. An old Man comes up to me with four different boxes of defense .380 acp bullets.)

Old Man: I need you to tell me the difference between all four of these boxes, they’re all .380, theyre hornady made, and they all are 99 grains.

Me: Well let’s take a look at each individual bullet.

(We open them and take a bullet out of each box and line them up.

Me: Well the 1st bullet has a steel casing which isn’t exactly ideal since some pistols are picky. The 2nd and 3rd ones look the same but one of them have a boat tail bullet which explains the price difference.

Old Man: whats that?

Me: its a where the rear of a bullet is tapered to decrease drag and increase velocity.

(I illustrated an example to him)

Old man: Well which one is the boat tail? They both look the same.

Me: its impossible to tell since they’re both seated inside the case.

Old man: then tell me what this zombie max is.

Me: its exactly the same as the other rounds.

Old man: but it has a green tip like the others.

Me: its just like the others, it just has a different packaging.

Old man: I don’t understand

Me: Companies make this ammunition for “zombies” which appeals to those who want to be in the “apocalypse” and they drive the price higher than the others to make a big profit. So its basically the exact same as the others except it has different looks.

(Side note: I apologize to all zombie lovers by the way)

Old man: alright then (walks off mumbling) dosent even know what he’s talking about.

(A second customer who was listening the whole time heard as well and we looked at each other and confirmed the same thing. What the hell?)