Karma Is Cat(ching)

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My mom works as a city hall archivist, and as we live within walking distance of it, I frequently meet up with her at the end of her work day to help with shopping and the like.

I’m heading inside, and as I’m passing a few dumpsters, I’m greeted by a kitten — weaned and old enough to be on its own, but by no means an adult cat. Being a cat person, I obviously stop to talk to it. The kitten is friendly and healthy, though attention-seeking. My home town has had a serious problem with stray cats, but this one doesn’t seem to be that. It seems more lost and desperate. I spend a few minutes with it, and something about the situation just doesn’t seem right with me. There’s not much I can do, though, so I head inside and inform mom and her colleagues about the cat, even pointing it out to them.

The next day, mom comes home from work and tells me the cat was a pet, and they managed to track down the owner! Turns out, however, that this wasn’t just a case of a lost pet.

The woman who owns the cat lives in the neighbouring town, which is about ten kilometres away. She’d recently brought the cat home, but her boyfriend didn’t like it. Rather than dealing with this issue like a sensible adult, he takes the cat for a drive while his girlfriend is out of the house, and dumps it so far away it wouldn’t be able to find its way back. It’s his deservedly bad luck that I found it and figured out something was wrong. Also, in his haste to get rid of the cat, he neglected to remove the collar, which had the owner’s phone number.

In the end, the cat was reunited with a loving owner. As for the boyfriend, I have no idea what happened to him… though he certainly deserved getting dumped.

Reaching High But Aiming Low

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My brother is searching for a job. He sent me a text informing me of the progress, which read, “I know job searching!” Attached to the text was a picture of a Word-document, which read:


+ Know some stuff

+ Is Mom and Dad’s favorite child

+ Reaches high places

He’s 26 years old. (And almost 6’3″).

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(I’m visiting my parents for a while. My youngest brother calls me to ask if I want to join him and his girlfriend on a visit to our oldest brother. After having agreed that I need a little more time deciding, the conversation turns to other topics. It’s important to note that my brother mostly calls me when he can’t reach our parents, and that Dad is in the process of installing new flooring in the living room.)

Brother: *as I’m walking downstairs* “Are you home? How’s the floor looking?”

Me: “Yeah, it looks good. Well, obviously; we picked it out.”

Brother: “So no creaking?”

Me: “Don’t think so.” *to Dad* “Hey, Dad, found any creaky spots?”

Dad: “No. Who are you talking to?”

Me: “[Brother].” *to brother* “Nope, no creaking.”

Brother: “Maybe I should come visit soon, check it out for myself.”

(We end the conversation and I sit down next to Mum.)

Mum: “Did we miss his calls? What did he want?”

Me: “No, he actually wanted to talk to me.”

(Cue Mum giving me a surprised/confused face.)

Me: “I do have normal conversations with my brothers now and then, you know.”

Mum: “Yeah, but mostly with the other one.”

Out Of Lane And Out Of Line

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(I work at a retail store in a calm, family-oriented part of town, where most people know each other and are genuinely nice. A buddy of mine comes in and stands last in line for my coworker’s register and I open a new one to relieve her. Said buddy notices first and comes to me and I start ringing up his items. The woman who was before him in coworker’s register suddenly sees me ringing him up and runs over:)

Customer: “I WAS FIRST!”

Buddy: “Excuse me?”


Buddy: “Sorry, but maybe you would’ve noticed if you weren’t so consumed by your phone. Besides, I have less stuff than you, so please calm down.”

(At this point I’m just standing there quite dumbfounded really.)


(She then suddenly grabs her items from her cart and literally THROWS them upfront over my register, over his groceries, down behind me, and on me. Then she fixes her coat and storms out clicking her heels like she owns the place.)

Buddy: “Yeah, besides your green cucumber outfit, this place ain’t so bad!”

(I finished his purchase and apologised for not doing anything but he just hushed me and bought me a chocolate I couldn’t say no to. Never saw that customer again.)

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