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Way More Exciting Than Your Average College Party

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My roommate and I, along with a handful of other guys at the dorms, couldn’t figure out what we wanted to do on a Saturday night. We’d only been in school for about a month and some were in the mood to party.

Half of the group was begging to have us go out and find parties, but the other half of us didn’t want to. We were all freshmen, so we were only eighteen or nineteen years old and not old enough to legally drink. The handful of parties that had been going on since school started had been pranks on underage students. Basically, people old enough to buy alcohol would set up a party, invite freshmen and sophomore students, and let people get their drink on. A few hours into the party, all the people that lived at the house where the party was taking place would leave and call the cops and get all the underage students busted.

With that in mind, we all eventually just agreed not to bother with trying to find a party. None of us wanted to eat at the dorm cafeteria; the food was okay but not something we all enjoyed eating every day.

We decided to order pizza from a local pizza place about a mile away. The pizza place had a deal where you get your pizza in thirty minutes or it’s free. We put in an order for four large pizzas, and once the order was placed, we started a timer.

The pizza place was usually pretty fast, and you’d see your order at around the twenty-minute mark. Twenty minutes came and went, and there was no pizza delivery guy yet. Then, twenty-five minutes and still no delivery guy.

Some of us were getting excited; it might be free pizza night if the delivery guy didn’t show up in the next five minutes. We all went outside to wait.

When the pizza place had three minutes left, some random student came from around the corner of the dorm building, laughing.

Student: “Come look at this pizza guy running up the street!”

We all went around the corner and, sure enough, there was a pizza delivery guy holding up a bag of pizzas and running up the sidewalk at a full sprint.

One of the guys in our group started a countdown to the thirty-minute mark when there were only thirty seconds left. The pizza guy came around the corner of the dorm building as fast as his feet could carry him. He stopped in front of the building, took a second to catch his breath, and belted out:

Pizza Guy: “I have a delivery for [Student Who Ordered]!”

Countdown Guy: “That’s for us! You only had seven seconds left before the thirty-minute delivery time was up!”

Pizza Guy: “My car wouldn’t start, and I only had about five minutes left to get the pizzas to you, so I just started running!”

We were pretty impressed that he had run almost a full mile in about five minutes, all while carrying four large pizzas. We didn’t have much money between us, but we ended up tipping him about an extra $20 for the hard work he put in to get the pizzas to us in time.

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