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2022 Roundup: The Highest Voted Stories Of The Year!

| Right | December 15, 2022

Dear readers,

Once again we approach the end of another year, where some of us will be saying “didn’t we just have one of these last year?” and the rest will be all “thank God!” To bow out 2022, we’ve rounded up the highest-voted Not Always Right stories from the 2nd half of the year (Click here to see the top-voted stories in the first half of the year!) so we can look back on some of your favorites. If you don’t see some of the feel-good stories you were expecting, don’t worry, that end-of-year roundup is coming!

Enjoy the stories, and a happy holiday season to all!


A Long Overdue Overhaul – To all the guys who tell women to “smile more” and “have a sense of humor” – PLEASE READ THIS!

Dogs Know How To Make Their Own Fun – We don’t deserve the ‘treat’ that are dogs.

A Bad Influence – Influencers: you’re not as influential as you think you are.

Sour Candies, Sour Stranger, Sweet Ending – Read what happens when an entitled mom gets called out!

This Lesson Really Deals It Out – Never… judge… books… by their covers!

Don’t Mess With Manager Pinkboots – Manager Pinkboots is here to make sure bad behavior does NOT get rewarded!

Proof That [Team Lead #2] Has A Heart – You are about to fall in love with [Team Lead #2].

A Little Pizza Justice – Shocking! Parents teaching their children that bad behavior has consequences!

Your Next Destination: A Lesson In Manners – No one will stand for manners this bad.

A Thief With A Heart Of Gold (And Candy) – ‘Mug Returning Day’ will now be considered a national holiday… in the NAR office at least.

Getting Exactly What You Asked For – When you don’t be a jerk and get upgraded to the Karma suite!

Swollen Ankles Off The Stern, Captain! – You’ll never look at pregnancy or submarines the same way again.

Just Your Friendly (Sort Of) Neighborhood Roofer – Workers like these make us wish we could advertize businesses.

Way More Exciting Than Your Average College Party – More reasons why the “free if it’s late” policy for deliveries should be banned.

We Can’t Imagine How Good That Must Have Felt – When a retail worker is about to snap… take a step back.

Maybe His Bark Is Worse Than His Bite? – You f*** with my dog? My dog will f*** with you!

Good Thing This Eye Doctor Has Good Eyes! – This story is terrifying and relieving in equal measure – you have been warned!

Well-Aged Wine – A story a hundred years in the making.

Junior-Level Deception – How to ‘quiet quit’ before you’ve even got the job.

If You’re Going To Lie, At Least Do It Well – To all employees (especially those with emotionally volatile bosses), document everything!

Those Who Can, Copy – Today’s lesson will be about karmic coincidences!

This Is Why You Don’t Give Your In-Laws Keys – Staying home is a family ‘affair.’

We Hope That Date Stood Her Up – Calling this customer a b**** is an insult to female dogs.


We hope you enjoyed our Highest-Voted-Stories Of-2022 roundup! Want to send in your own story and try for next year’s list? Submit your story here!

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